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Yeah, you may say: From the moral point of view, it does not seem right. You are not choosing a pair of shoes. And yes, a girl with serious intentions may not like the fact that you are planning to meet more than one potential match. On the flip side, girls should understand that you are venturing a lot. If a girl does not get it, send her an email genuinely explaining her your situation. Send a couple of emails to each girl. In the first email, introduce yourself and suggest that you have a 5 to minute video call let's be frank, there is not much to talk about when you don't know a person Follow up that call with your second email.

In it, tell her when you are planning to be in her city and ask if she is interested in meeting you and if so, when? I do not advise that you write too many emails to a girl for reasons mentioned above. All this might be an absolute scam, and someone is just sucking money out of your pockets.

So, the less money you spend before you meet a girl in person, the better. If a girl agrees to meet you, contact the agency's representative better via email, so you have their response in writing and let them know the dates and IDs of the girls you would like to meet and when.

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To date or not to date a Ukrainian girl? The first 5 reasons for not dating Ukrainians are: The second 5 reasons for not dating Ukrainians are: The 5 reasons for dating Ukrainians are: Beauty Loyalty Contribution in relationship Well educated Less interested in superficial looks.

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Best of luck finding love in Ukraine! Learn Languages Like an Expert! Learn Languages with LingQ!

The Women Of Odessa Paying To Meet Wealthy Foreigners

Buy the Glossika Mass Sentence Method! How to speak languages! You have now the opportunity to meet them in a pleasant way and in the right setting. You can have also influence on who is coming, because you can invite ladies on our website to come to the dating evenings. You will stay in the four star hotel named Ukraine Hotel. It is a hotel of quality and is situated at an ideal location. The stay includes breakfast. And based on your staying alone in this room, you do not have to share your room with someone else.

If you do wish to share a room with two persons, this would be possible as well and would give you a corresponding discount on your travel price. If you want a room of higher quality, you can request this. It will depend on the availability and the extra costs will be for your account.

The hotel has been built architectonically and offers many facilities. It is located in the heart of Kiev, on the centrally based Independence Square. A unique place which gives home to the culture, politics and entertainment of the city. It is just steps away from, among other things: Would you like to read more information and to see some pictures of this hotel, take a look at our travel website Ukraine Traveler.

We recommend you not to wait too long to book your airline tickets. Because, as time progresses, the tickets can become more expensive and the choice more limited.

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The expenses of booking your airline tickets are on your own account. We can assist and advise you when you book them, so you can make a good choice. To give you a good overview and to show you how valuable this trip could be for you if you participate. What is included in the dating trip: What is included during the dating evenings: What is not included?

The remainder is not included, and is for your own account. For example, think of your airline tickets, taxi rides, interpreter at a 1 on 1 date, but also your lunches, dinners, drinks and snacks outside of the dating evenings and farewell dinner. It is therefore necessary to have some pocket money from about 75 Euro with you for expenses during your trip. Are you interested and would you like to have more information? Click then on the button below, and subsequently fill in your contact information.

We will contact you then ASAP. Click then here please.


You will automatically be sent a confirmation. You will see the most beautiful places of Kiev, and get to know Ukraine and its culture. You will hang out with a group of like-minded men, who are looking for a Ukrainian woman, just like you, and with whom you can share your experiences and be friends. But the most important purpose of the trip, you will meet a lot of Ukrainian women.

And the opportunity exists that you will meet the woman of your dreams. If this would not happen immediately, you still have the opportunity to succeed indirectly. You will take this home with you, and it will make you better in this. At the same time you will start to understand what you are personally looking for in a lady and in a relationship, which will help you to make better choices and will direct you to your goals.

You will not only have a fantastical time, it will also be an investment in yourself and in your future. In which your chances in finding a relationship will be increased both directly as indirectly. Founder and owner of the dating agency's DatingWomenUkraine. The path to marital bliss. Visit Ukraine with UkraineTraveler.

Meet many women on our dating trip to Ukraine. Are you looking for a fun, tender, caring and beautiful woman for a warm and loving relationship? Then join us on our Dating Trip to Kiev!

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This will be a fully guided and extremely valuable trip of five days! You will get the opportunity to meet many ladies in a comfortable atmosphere, enter into interactions, plan dates and…who knows, it might be the start of something beautiful between you and a gorgeous Ukrainian lady… Yes! I want to go to Kiev, what now? When you notify us that you want to come, and you have secured your place, then you receive the following: As kick off you get some very important webinars as preparation for your trip!

Ronald and Aleksandra will share the utmost important information with you, which will contribute to a larger success in Kiev.