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I was inspired as s best Match. Planning to Country Area United States Anywhere in which they must travel alone, nonstop and details. Scammers are usually men pretending to be women who have seemingly fallen head over heels in love with you, or they have some terrible story of woe and they prey on your sympathy in order to persuade you to send them some money. Be very wary of people who send you their contact details on their first contact with you.

Also be very wary of giving them your contact details.

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Report any members to Admin if you feel they are not genuine or have acted in a way that you feel is inappropriate. We can and will delete them! This is true of online contact too. Trust your instincts and tread carefully until you have got to know them a bit better. Join us today to meet like-minded sailing soul mates. Here are some more winter crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted in the crewing section of the site.

If you are interested in any of them then just log into your Lovesail account and click on the Crewing section at the top of the page. I have a 5 week slot on our Hanse based in Lavrion, near Athens and planning to sail the Aegean, most probably the Skopelos islands. Group is by invitation only, so please send me a message if you are interested in more details. I have a Beneteau , head of comfort and space.

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Adventurous crew required to sail in comfort across the Pacific. Could be up to one year and as far as New Zealand. Hopefully including some land travel in Ecuador and Galapagos. Route to include French Polynesia and the Cook islands. This will be a relaxed, social cruise.

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Join us today to meet other like-minded sailing soul mates and passionate lovers of the sea. Squalls can occur in any hemisphere as a sharp and sudden increase in wind speed. Squalls provide a sustained increase in wind speed but may also have gusts of higher speeds within them. Here are some suggestions:. Stay out of the way — If you can find a safe harbor or coastline that will shelter you from the worst then stay there or get there.

But be careful if you are trying to outrun the oncoming storm — staying in deep water may be a safer option if you cannot guarantee avoiding the shallows they may get choppy — no yachtsman wants to get caught on a lee shore. In difficult conditions it is also sensible to avoid natural hazards, tricky navigation and complex passages. Secure your yacht — Close and batten hatches, reduce or strike sails, secure your dinghy on deck, ensure your top sides are neat and tidy, note your position and your navigation plan. Consider your swinging circle. Fix your wheel or tiller in the centre so that your boat does not swing unnecessarily.

If you believe that an electrical storm is approaching i. Put on your shoes, stay low but never lie down and avoid touching metal, if possible unplug your electronics. Stay out of the water. If no electrical storm is coming you might consider getting the most experienced boat handler to gently motor forward into the wind in order to take the pressure off the anchor. If the rain or sea spray is driving into your face consider wearing swimming goggles. To maintain control you may need to throttle up the face of steep waves and once over the wave slow down to allow the wave to pass beneath you.

This may assist you in avoiding slamming into the waves or hitting the trough on the other side. Motor sailing is possible with small amounts of sail and may assist to steady the boat. Consider reefing your sails or using storm sails. Heave-To — Consider your sea room and visibility first and only if there is no danger from other shipping and there is sufficient space to allow a gentle drift downwind can you heave to.

By backing the jib whilst it is sheeted on the opposite tack and holding the rudder on the opposite lock to the backed sheet the yacht will drift gradually down wind at a very slow speed. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 11 Jul. Join to meet fellow like-minded souls and adventurous sailors. At this time of year it is traditional to cast our thoughts to the colonists who founded America. Although the story of pilgrims leaving Britain is well known it is sometimes difficult to imagine.

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However, in the county of Devon in the South West of England lies a beautiful small town called Dartmouth. Dartmouth nestles close to the open sea amongst the wooded green hills alongside the delightful River Dart. It remains a small but significant historic town of England and was an important trading port for nearly years. In times gone by traders and sailors left Dartmouth to travel and explore the world. It was here, in , that the Mayflower and her sister ship the Speedwell put in for repairs after the latter took on leaks.

The ships sheltered in Bayards Cove, which was the location of the working port on the river Dart at the time. The Historic frontage of Bayards Cove in Dartmouth, Devon showing where the Mayflower put in for repairs before her historic journey to America in After leaving Dartmouth the Mayflower made one final call at the dock in Plymouth and then set sail from there alone on 16th September bound for the New World and America.

The foot Mayflower encountered rough seas and storms and was blown more than miles off course. The ship was headed for Virginia, but was forced further North along the eastern seaboard. After a day voyage, the ship landed on 21st November on the tip of Cape Cod. This is now Provincetown, Massachusetts and it was here that the survivors founded the first permanent European settlement in New England. Bayards Cove with its cobbled quay and its own fort looks out onto the River Dart and the open sea beyond.

When I look out to sea from the cobbled streets of Bayards Cove and I smell the sea air, a tiny part of that incredible story becomes somehow more tangible. In only 5 years time the th anniversary of that historic event will be celebrated in Dartmouth.

Join today to meet like minded sailing soulmates. Here are a few of the Winter Crewing Posts from Lovesail members. If you are interested then just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing section. We will depart from Preveza in Greece on Sept. This trip is offered on a shared cost basis, which means we share costs for food, fuel and any fees no repairs or such though. You can join for the whole trip or individual legs, which are planned as follows:.

We hope this works out weather wise. For centuries the hammock has been utilized as a simple and efficient use of sleeping space below decks. Easily rigged and stowed, the hammock is a temporary structure comprising of a slung fabric or net between two fixed points. As additional security the cocoon like sides envelop the sleeper and prevent him from rolling out.

Allegedly, Christopher Columbus first brought hammocks into European use where they have since proven popular with, sailors, soldiers and explorers. Seafarers have many traditions associated with hammocks. These include being used as an improvised coffin for sailors buried at sea. This was because prostitutes were allowed aboard ships in the 19th Century and showing a leg would quickly enable a watch leader at morning muster to readily distinguish a shapely feminine limb from the much hairier peg of a lazy deckhand.

The use of show a leg as a wake-up call was reported by a previous 20th Century poet laureate John Masefield who was a trainee in the late s on HMS Conway. He recorded the morning call as:. Heave out, heave out, heave out, heave out! Come all you sleepers, Hey! Show a leg and put a stocking in it. Hammocks remain popular today both above and below decks. Regular users often prefer to rest diagonally in a hammock saying that this is the most comfortable position as opposed to lying along its length or across its width. Many allege that the hammock is soothing to those with back and joint problems.

Do you need to find someone to occupy a sea-going hammock? Why not try www. The hammock as an icon of America herself: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 10 Jul. Take a look and join us to meet up with fellow sailors and soulmates. Here are a few of the summer crewing posts from members of Lovesail. If you are interested in any of the posts then just log into your Lovesail account and click the Crewing Posts link for more details. Looking for 2 crew to sail to Brazil, and further south, september onwards. The boat is pretty independent, Solar and Watermaker is installed.

If interested please drop me a message. Opportunities vary from a few hours sailing after work on short races, to weekends away around the channel to longer trips to Scillies, Ireland, South Coast France and beyond. Competency levels from absolute beginners to seasoned sailors.

Amid the back drop of very attractive sailing on offer in the crewing section, I can offer an easy to get to. For you, if you live near or can reach the Medway Towns. This is a passage event from our base on the River Medway to the far side of Sheppey and then back over the weekend. In company with several other boats, we try to organise gorgeous weather and a decent sail. Happy to answer any questions, and later in August hoping to organise a cross-channel trip as I have promised one crew the option, still room for a couple more.

Many of the members will post non professional crewing opportunities for other members.