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In June , activists Eric O'Keefe and Dane Waters formed a group called Delegates Unbound , which CNN described as "an effort to convince delegates that they have the authority and the ability to vote for whomever they want. The committee then made the opposite move, voting 87—12 to include rules language specifically stating that delegates were required to vote based on their states' primary and caucus results. The Platform Committee met for two days of open hearings on July 11 and 12 [58] [67] to draft a party platform , which had to be ratified by the full convention.

The Credentials Committee handles disputes on the eligibility of convention delegates. The Committee on Contests reviews contested delegates; if the Contests Committee recommends that a delegate be de-certified, the Credentials Committee considers the recommendation. The Committee on Arrangements handles the scheduling and logistics of the convention. The platform committee adopted its platform on July Hodges , the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, by a constitutional amendment.

Rachel Hoff, a District of Columbia delegate who is the first openly gay member of a Republican platform committee, offered several amendments to soften or offer language inclusive of the LGBT community, but each proposal failed. The amendment was opposed by conservative delegates such as Jim Bopp of Indiana, who termed such an amendment "identity politics" and was voted down. The party's platform language "was strengthened to condemn all types of abortion" without exceptions. The platform did not specify whether the lands would include national parks , national forests , or wilderness areas.

On foreign policy, the members of the platform committee were split between "libertarian-minded isolationists" and "national security hawks. Giovanni Cicione of Rhode Island , a platform committee member, led "a dissident group of Republican delegates" who opposed the anti-LGBT provisions of the sixty-page, committee-adopted platform and sought to replace it with a two-page "statement of principles" that avoided controversial issues such as same-sex marriage.

After the Indiana primary on May 3, , Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee as the lone remaining Republican candidate running for the Republican nomination. Under rules established by previous Republican conventions, most delegates were bound on the first ballot according to the results of the primaries.

On the afternoon of July 18, , a group of delegates sought to force a roll-call vote on the proposed convention rules package adopted by the Rules Committee. That morning, a petition for a roll call vote was submitted with the signatures of a majority of delegates from ten states. Steve Womack of Arkansas, did not recognize delegates clamoring for recognition over the rules package for the convention.

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Womack first declared the previous question was ordered by unanimous consent despite loud cries of objection. The rules were then adopted by voice vote , prompting loud cries of protest from delegates demanding recognition for a roll-call vote. With loud cries throughout the convention hall, Womack abandoned the podium for several minutes, allowing RNC and Trump whips to work the floor and collect withdrawal signatures from the petition for a roll call vote. A second voice vote was taken. Womack then recognized the leader of the Utah delegation, who requested a roll call vote.

Womack denied the motion, ruling that there were insufficient signatures to compel such a vote, [94] and announcing that while there had initially appeared to be nine state delegations that agreed to the roll-call vote, enough signatures had since been withdrawn to cause three states to fall below the threshold, thus missing the required seven states needed. Jeff Sessions , U. All of the delegates from Iowa, Alaska, Utah and the District of Columbia were recorded and counted for Trump, despite the fact that Trump lost all three contests, and most of the members of those delegations had voted for other candidates.

The Alaska delegation challenged the award of votes to Trump by the RNC Secretary and the Utah delegation booed when its delegates were awarded to Trump, but was reminded by the RNC Chairman that the rules for these two states required the votes to be awarded to whichever candidate was still in the race for the RNC Nomination for President, and that Cruz, Rubio, and the other candidates that had withdrawn from the race had forfeited these delegates based on the RNC nomination rules.

In April , Trump vowed to bring "some showbiz " to the convention, criticizing the party's convention in Tampa, Florida , as "the single most boring convention I've ever seen. A number of figures that Trump said he would invite to speak, including boxing promoter Don King , former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady , were not included in the lineup.

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Trump sought to bar those who have not endorsed him from addressing the convention, making comments aimed at the former primary rivals who have declined to endorse him — Bush, Carly Fiorina , Lindsey Graham and George Pataki. Governor Kasich did not enter the convention hall or speak at the convention, despite overtures from Trump allies Priebus and Newt Gingrich — who, along with Chris Christie , lost the running mate job to Pence — and top Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort.

I don't think that's the right thing to do. On July 17, , the convention planners released the convention's official schedule of events and speakers, along with themes. Of the 19 speakers billed as "headliners," six are members of the Trump family: Trump himself, his wife Melania and four of his children, Ivanka, Don Jr.

Melania Trump's speech [] "almost immediately came under scrutiny when striking similarities were discovered between her speech" and Michelle Obama 's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Trump's speech, various media outlets reported similarities as alleged plagiarism. Melania's immigrant experience and love for America shone through in her speech, which made it a success.

Reince Priebus , chairman of the Republican National Committee , described the speech as "inspirational" but said if plagiarism were found, he thought "it certainly seems reasonable" to fire the person who wrote the speech. He later said "to think that she would be cribbing Michelle Obama's words is crazy", adding "This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, she seeks out to demean her and take her down.

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It's not going to work against Melania Trump. David Lauter of the Los Angeles Times stated that while these allegations are unlikely to cost Trump votes, the distraction is unhelpful, referring to it as a "lost opportunity" for the campaign. On July 20, , the Trump campaign issued a statement by Meredith McIver which included the following:. In working with Melania on her recent first lady speech, we discussed many people who inspired her and messages she wanted to share with the American people. A person she has always liked is Michelle Obama.

Over the phone, she read me some passages from Mrs.

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Obama's speech as examples. I wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately became the final speech.

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In the second night of the convention, Governor Chris Christie gave a speech in a style of a mock trial. After a series of accusations against Hillary Clinton to which his audience responded "guilty", the crowd chanted "lock her up". The crowd's reaction has received widespread coverage following the speech. In the third night of the convention, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas gave a speech in which he did not endorse Trump for president, and instead urged listeners to "vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

Cruz's speech sparked a backlash [] [] [] [] and elicited negative reactions from prominent Republicans supporting Trump. King called Cruz a "fraud" and a "self-centered liar. He didn't get there. McCaul, a representative for six terms and chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, has not yet made a decision but likewise has not yet ruled out a possible Senate run.

Peter Thiel , a billionaire PayPal co-founder and Silicon Valley investor, delivered a manifesto for tackling the greater issues of the day, focusing on technology, the economy and small government.

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Trump, having been formally nominated as the Republican presidential nominee on the second night of the convention, spoke on the fourth and final night of the convention. Trump's speech was leaked hours in advance by Correct the Record , a liberal-leaning Super PAC , though Trump had already given copies of his speech to the network press pool.

The George Harrison estate complained about the use of this song, which his family said was "offensive and against the wishes of the George Harrison estate. Trump spoke for 75 minutes, making his speech the longest since at least the Republican National Convention and one of the longest acceptance speeches ever in major-party convention history. Philip Rucker and David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post found Trump's speech to be "relentlessly gloomy," and observed that Trump painted himself as an agent of change, while he cast Clinton as a defender of the status quo.

Niall Stanage of The Hill argued that Trump's speech brought stability to a turbulent convention and showed Trump at his "most comfortable and energized. This is the highest "less likely to vote" percentage for a candidate in the 15 times Gallup has asked this question after a convention.

According to FiveThirtyEight, poll averages suggested a post-convention bounce of 3 to 4 percentage points for Trump. The number of demonstrators was significantly lower than expected, and according to Cleveland records, three of five officially permitted protests planned for the first three days of the convention did not occur. Lower-than-expected was attributed to a variety of factors, including "fear of violence from the police and fear of violence from the Trump supporters"; Cleveland's relatively small size compared to cities such as Chicago or New York; and a heavy police presence. On July 18, the convention's first day, dueling anti-Trump and pro-Trump demonstrations took place at various places in Cleveland, attracting several hundred demonstrators each.

The demonstrations were peaceful, [] with just two reported arrests. On July 19, the convention's second day, peaceful protests continued. Demonstrators included those from groups such as the antiwar organization Code Pink and from the West Ohio Minutemen, a militia group. On July 20, the convention's third day, seventeen people were arrested, and two officers sustained minor injuries.

The International Business Journal reported: On July 21, the final day of the convention, Donald Trump's acceptance speech was briefly interrupted by Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin. The demonstrations were generally peaceful. Some demonstrators expressed disappointment at the low turnout. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

President of the United States. Business projects in Russia Election interference timeline Links of associates with Russian officials Steele dossier Trump Tower meeting Wiretapping allegations Classified information disclosure Special Counsel investigation Republican Party presidential candidates, ; Donald Trump presidential campaign, ; and Republican Party presidential primaries, Stop Trump movement and Delegates Unbound. Results of the Republican Party presidential primaries, and Republican Party vice presidential candidate selection, This section does not cite any sources.

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Retrieved April 2, Retrieved July 12, Cleveland Host Committee, Inc.

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Retrieved July 17, The New York Times. Center for Public Integrity. Retrieved December 29, Retrieved March 28, Retrieved July 10, Retrieved April 15, Here's why , The Plain Dealer June 1, Tech, July 12, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved June 18, Retrieved July 20, Retrieved July 14, Retrieved June 19, Creighton sees Ohio's seating as 'punishment' , Massillon Independent July 17, August 8, [August 27, ]. The internet was abuzz with news of a website for Trump supporters called Trump Dating and, well, the temptation to connect with the morally bankrupt fascist of my dreams was too hard to resist.

I sat my girlfriend down and broke the news as best I could: I hope you understand. Whatever your relationship status, however, it is important to believe in the sort of good old-fashioned family values the president so stalwartly represents. Because of those old-fashioned family values obviously. This was disappointing to discover, as I tend to lean lesbian. Nevertheless, I persisted and joined anyway.

Maybe there would be a nice man on the site who would make heterosexuality great again, you never know. If you are a Trump fan looking for a serious relationship, my username is white Also, all the good usernames had been taken. Whitepower had been snapped up, as had Hot4Ivanka and Putin.

Despite my anaemic username, I have, thrillingly, already received one message. I would love to relay the message Gumby75 sent me, but what happens on Trump Dating stays on Trump Dating. While Trump Dating may sound ridiculous, I regret to inform you that the site is not satire. Although, to be fair, most of the new accounts are probably spoofs — if not, someone needs to tell Ivanka that Jared Kushner is cheating on her, stat. No, rather than being a bad joke, Trump Dating is an inevitable byproduct of the sad joke that constitutes our present reality.

Our increasingly polarised political landscape has taken a toll on relationships.