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I guess I have 2 questions: Should it go before the sub-panel or between the sub panel and the tub in which case I'll need 2 switches? Have had too many blank looks in too many hardware stores to last me a lifetime! I don't know why you would need 2 - V circuits for this either but it all depends on the hot tube unit itself. Better have a tub dealer help you with that one.

Hello fellow Coloradoian is that a made up word or what? I'm from southeast Colorado. Like the others, I haven't seen a 2 circuit setup. Check with a hot tub shop for help. You may want to visit Cashway in Denver, I think it's out on 58th, north of downtown, but not sure. There are a bunch of spa web sites which you might want to visit to ask these types of questions. The older style hot tubs had two circuits serving the hot tub. The fist circuit was a 30 amp circuit that supplied power to the inline water heater only.

The second circuit was a 20 amp volt circuit that supplied power to the hot tub circulating pump and any lighting that was in the tub. Usually You were to run a 12 ga.

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Check under you hot tub. The voltage should be on the motor of the pump. The volt heater will require an 8 ga three wire cable to your in line heater. This cable will require a black, red, and a bare conductor in the cable.

What are hot tub installation requirements?

A volt 40 amp GFI breaker will be required to serve this inline heater. The pump should be volt. Confirm this on the name plate of the motor. If the motor calls for volt then also check to see if a GFI is installed under the hot tub for your pump and lighting. If a GFI is installed under the hot tub then the or volt circuit serving the motor and lights will not require a GFI breaker because the GFI has been installed by the manufacturer. A disconnect is required to be at least 5' away from the hot tub, but not more than 50' and in sight of that hot tub.

You can use a 6 ga.

Hot Tub Location – Site Selection

This feeder for the sub panel must have a 6 ga. This sub panel if installed within sight and within the required distances then this sub panel may serve as both a sub panel and a disconnect. Remember to separate the neutral and equipment grounding conductors in this sub panel. Don't forget to use weather proof equipment if mounted outside.

Don't forget to use cables approved to be direct buried if buried. Don't forget to bury cables a minimum of 18" if buried. Don't forget to use conductors that are approved for a wet location if buried in a conduit.

Is Your Portable Spa Installation Location Accessible?

Hope this helps Wg. Thanks for all your help. I've checked inside the hot tub and confirmed it needs 2 x feeds. Curcuit 1 v at 30A takes two lives, 10 and circuit 2 v at 20A takes 2 lives and one neutral, However the tub's wires are 10 and NEC also states that I shouldn't use different guage wire on the same circuit! What guage should I use? Can't see any GFCI inside, only two trips with red reset buttons. Again, thanks for all your help. Circuit 1 sounds like you have an inline heater pulling 30 amps with the resistive load. This hot tub is designed to run for more than 3 hours and therefore considered to be a continuous use equipment.

I suggested the 8 instead of the minimum You can use the 10 meeting the minimum safety standards set forth by the NEC. However with the continuous use of the 30 amp resistive load on a cyclical basis 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to maintain the water temperature you would be money ahead by installing the 8 a size larger than the minimum.

The size larger conductor would show you savings far beyond the extra cost for the life of you hot tub. This will be a large kw consumption on a daily 24 hour basis. The saving and increased safety in my opinion would be worth the investment. The resistive load is a dead load hitting the full 30 amps the second it turns on.

This inline heater uses no neutral but requires an equipment grounding conductor to protect from short circuit entering the water. Therefor you must use a cable that uses two hot conductors and a green or bare grounding conductor, but no white or grey neutral will be required to serve the inline heater. I still advise the 8 hot conductors to the inline heaters. Circuit 2 sounds like your lighting and pump use a volt multiwire circuit. A bathroom fan or venting system installation is a good idea to prevent excess condensation in the room.

The hot tub will need to be placed on a suitable concrete slab or you need to verify that the supporting floor structure will accommodate the weight of the filled spa with occupants. A contractor or structural engineer can help you determine the requirements. Check with the manufacturer for the specifications for the estimated weight load of the filled spa. If you are building a new room for the hot tub, a floor drain is a good plan since water potentially may be splashed from the tub.

Flooring that provides a good grip for wet feet is also a plus. Full sized hot tubs and spas are usually designed to operate on hard-wired GFCI-protected V 50 amp circuits. Some hot tubs with more than one pump may require a amp service. These hot tubs must be wired by a qualified electrician.

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A manual disconnect device for your hot tub is required to be installed at least 5 feet away and within line of sight of the spa for safety according to The National Electrical Code. Make sure there is clear access to move the spa from the truck to the predetermined location. It may require to remove a section of fence, trimming tree branches, move a stack of firewood or any other protrusions that might get in the way.

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Make sure you also have overhead clearance. Make sure you know what kind of delivery is going to take place. Will you need to unload the product off of the truck? Will it be delivered curbside? You may need to rent a forklift to unload a hot tub from the truck. It is your responsibility to move the spa from the curb to the set up location. Some delivery companies will do this for you for an additional fee if arranged in advance. These are available for rental.

Replacing a hot spring spa heater relay board

If you think there will be difficulty moving your hot tub over uneven ground or lawn, prepare a smooth runway with plywood cut into 2ft x 8 ft. Although this is extremely rare, sometimes the setup location of the hot tub is inaccessible by easy means and a crane is required to position it. This actually costs less than you might expect, often just a few hundred dollars depending on the job.

Hot water will not immediately come from the jets. Initially, the spa will take hours to a day to heat, depending on its size and other factors. Nothing is more important in promoting equipment life and healthy clean spa water than making sure your water is balanced and properly sanitized at all times.

Once you get it balanced, the routine is easy to follow. A little advance planning and preparation will go a long way when setting up your new or used Hot Tub. This information is for educational purposes only. Consult with a qualified licensed contractor, structural engineer or local building department for structural and electrical requirements as appropriate.!

What are hot tub installation requirements? | Hot Spring Spas

Your email address will not be published. Our inventory is constantly changing. How to Set up and Install a Hot Tub To set up or install a hot tub or spa, a little advance planning and preparation will go a long way. Make sure to observe the following: The filled spa or hot tub will have considerable weight. Make sure that it is placed on a structurally sound surface that can hold the weight of the spa, water, and occupants in the spa.

The area must be level before filling the spa with water. The surface must be even or you can damage the spa and void your warranty.

Electricity — Plan in advance to have proper access to power sources and circuit panels. Prepping an outdoor Hot Tub location Many people choose to put their hot tubs outside. Prefabricated Spa or Hot Tub Pads Prefabricated Spa Pads are a great alternative to poured concrete, that will provide an attractive base for your hot tub. Gravel Base Gravel or crushed rock is one of the least expensive materials to use for a hot tub base. Poured Concrete Slab A concrete slab is a long-term foundation base.

Paver Stones Concrete paver stones are an attractive base material available in a multitude of choices. Deck Installation If you choose a deck installation, you have to know the maximum load capacity. Indoor Hot Tub Setup Special considerations need to be made for indoor installations. Electrical Requirements Full sized hot tubs and spas are usually designed to operate on hard-wired GFCI-protected V 50 amp circuits. Preparing for your Hot Tub Delivery Make sure there is clear access to move the spa from the truck to the predetermined location.