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The current study examined the learning style preferences of 75 Iranian students at Marefat high school in Kuala Lumpur of which, 41 are females and 34 are males. As there are very few researches in which the learning style preferences of Iranian high school students investigated, this study attempts to fulfil this gap. Full Text Available The current study examined the learning style preferences of 75 Iranian students at Marefat high school in Kuala Lumpur of which, 41 are females and 34 are males.

Results indicated that the six learning style preferences considered in the questionnaire were positively preferred. Overall, kinesthetic and tactile learning were major learning styles. Auditory, group, visual, and individual were minor. This paper reports on the perception of Korean EFL learners toward feedback types on their written errors. The survey was administered using an adopted questionnaire from previous studies Ishii ; Leki, It is a descriptive research of which the approach is a cross sectional survey.

The result of this study was expected to be the basis for the government to re-evaluate the implementation of the national project of School Electronic Books BSE. Based on the result of data analysis, the program of e-books should be revised as considering several factors affecting its insufficient use by the EFL teachers of MTs. It revealed that e-book and its advantages were not well recognized by many teachers of MTs in Indonesia because of lack awareness of rapid growth of technology and information in this case the use of internet.

The writer of this paper has found out there exists sexism or gender inequality in the Chinese high school EFL textbooks. Spanning multiple subjects and age groups, U. Japanese children complete twice as much homework as their U. The literature review looks at motivation in both U. American and Japanese students…. Learners should use reading strategies to plan how to read and to enhance their reading comprehension Poole, Exploring taste hyposensitivity in Japanese senior high school students.

The main objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence of taste hyposensitivity and the relationships between sex, oral health status, and eating habits with taste hyposensitivity in Japanese senior high school students. Oral examinations, sweet and salt whole-mouth taste tests, and a questionnaire about eating habits were conducted on senior high school students. Factors affecting taste hyposensitivity were investigated using a multivariate analysis.

Sweet-taste hyposensitivity was observed in 7. There were significant relationships between the intake of instant noodles with sweet-taste hyposensitivity, and the intake of vegetables or isotonic drinks with salt-taste hyposensitivity. There was a significant association between eating habits and taste hyposensitivity in Japanese senior high school students.

Taste tests would be a helpful adjunct for students to recognize variations in taste sensitivity, and a questionnaire about their eating habits might provide an effective self-review of their eating habits, and therefore, provide motivation to change. This paper was written to research and advocate the use of English word cards withregard to vocabulary acquisition and English productive and receptive competency. Also,student perceptions of using and making word cards will be examined to show theimportance of including a word card policy in an EFL classroom.

Despite all the positiveresearch done on word cards, it is surprising how many Japanese EFL students do notutilize word cards in their English studies. For this research, students f Storytelling in EFL Classes. It constructs a bridge between the new and the old. Storytelling in EFL classes usually provides a meaningful context, interesting atmosphere and is used as a tool to highly motivate students.

Although it seems to be mostly based on speaking, it is used to promote other skills such as writing, reading, and listening. Storytelling is mainly regarded to be grounded on imitation and repetition; nevertheless many creative activities can be implemented in the classroom since this method directs learners to use their imaginations. This study discusses the importance of storytelling as a teaching method, and it outlines the advantages of storytelling in EFL classes. The programming language EFL. EFL is a comprehensive language designed to make it easy to write portable, understandable programs.

It provides a rich set of data types and structures, a convenient operator set, and good control flow forms. The lexical form is easy to type and to read. EFL should catch and diagnose all syntax errors. This study makes a comparison between what literature on Japanese Lesson Study suggests are key elements of a good mathematics lesson and what junior high school mathematics teachers in Japan value in planning their lessons. The teachers' strong consensus in their endorsements of these key elements explains why Japanese teachers strongly support….

Japanese high school students' usage of mobile phones while cycling. A questionnaire survey was carried out at high schools that were, at the time of the survey, commissioned by the National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health to conduct school safety research. In the survey, we found that mobile phone use while riding a bicycle was quite common among the students during their commute, but those who have a higher perception of danger in this practice, and those who perceived that this practice is prohibited, were less likely to engage in this practice.

Male students and students commuting to school by bicycle only were more likely to have used phones while riding. Since mobile phone use while riding a bicycle potentially increases crash risk among cyclists, student bicycle commuters should be made aware of this risk. Moreover, they should be informed that cyclists' phone usage while riding is prohibited according to the road traffic law. The Japanese regard success in R and D in high temperature superconductivity as an important national objective.

The results of a detailed evaluation of the current state of Japanese high temperature superconductivity development are provided. The analysis was performed by a panel of technical experts drawn from U. Detailed appraisals are presented on the following: Basic research; superconducting materials; large scale applications; processing of superconducting materials; superconducting electronics and thin films.

In all cases, comparisons are made with the corresponding state-of-the-art in the United States. Full Text Available This study examines the effect of the variation of teacher talk on EFL learners' performance, especially the one related to listening comprehension skills, by chronologically observing a Japanese first language L1 instructor's classrooms at a university. Recent developments in the field of computer technology have led to a renewed interest in the process of learning. In order to investigate EFL learners' perception of technology use, a mixed method design was used to explore students' attitude.

Quantitative data was collected through questionnaires and qualitative data using open-ended questions. The relationship between language learning motivation and foreign language achievement as mediated by perfectionism: Full Text Available This study examined the mediating effect of perfectionism on the relationship between language learning and foreign language achievement of high school EFL learners.

To this end, eleventh grade high school students were recruited through cluster random sampling. They were selected from eight high schools in four cities of Iran i. Afterwards, two questionnaires were administered to the participants. The obtained data were analyzed through Pearson correlations and bootstrap resampling statistical method.

The results indicated a positive correlation between all variables. Furthermore, it was revealed that language achievement and language learning motivation were partially mediated by perfectionism. To evaluate the clinical outcomes after total knee arthroplasty TKA using the Genesis II posterior stabilized prosthesis with a high -flex insert during the mid-term follow-up and to assess its effect on the Japanese lifestyle.

Fifty-three consecutive patients 8 men and 45 women underwent primary TKA. The mean follow-up duration was 76 months years. This study explores gender inequality in the occupational culture of Japanese high school teachers with special focus on women teachers' resistance to gender-biased practices. It examines the effectiveness of official and informal teacher training programmes in raising awareness of gender issues.

Through an ethnographic case study conducted in…. The present study investigates the emotional experience, expression, and regulation processes of high -quality Japanese elementary school teachers while they interact with children, in terms of teachers' emotional competence. Qualitative analysis of interview data demonstrated that teachers had various emotional experiences including self-elicited…. How can Japanese teachers of English go about introducing more communicative activities suitable for their contexts?

This article discusses an attempt by a high school teacher to implement communicative language teaching CLT in her classes while responding to institutional pressure to use "yakudoku" a traditional grammar translation…. High prevalence of pollinosis symptoms among the farmers cultivating Japanese pears.

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In a district of Japanese pear cultivators, a questionnaire survey and an IgE antibody survey were conducted on the pollinosis. A high prevalence of By the IgE antibody survey, the symptoms were found to be related to the airborne pollens in the orchard. This paper investigates Korean high school students' English learning motivation and attitudes. In this regard, the results of a study were compared with those of a study.

Questionnaire data were obtained from a total of 1, high school students in a major city in South Korea, and the data were compared with those on the students'…. Current studies show that it is becoming clear that language teachers give significant importance to learners' motivation level, interest levels, and attitudes toward their learning. Motivated teachers can have a powerful influence on students' career directions, and positively impact learners' motivations and interests.

However, not many studies…. Data were collected through demographic profiles and semi-structured interview with senior high school students. The demographic data were analysed descriptively while the interview data were transcribed and analysed line by line to generate and develop codes and themes. Suggestions and policy implications are also discussed. This study explored the learning style preferences of 40 Iranian students at Marefat Iranian high school in Kuala Lumpur of which, 20 are females and 20 are males.

The results of the study showed that learning style preferences of Iranian students…. Full Text Available Textbooks play a very crucial role in the process of language teaching and learning. To this end, the study employed a mixed methods design. The data were collected through questionnaires with 43 close-ended items consisting of nine different sections. The results showed that both the teachers and the learners believed that the high school English textbooks are highly ineffective in terms of actual activities, language functions section, pronunciation practice, physical make-up, reading texts, speaking and writing sections and are effective only in terms of vocabulary section, and grammatical points.

Female students preferred auditory learning as their major learning style, while male students preferred ki This paper draws on research conducted on a Tokyo high school rugby club to explore diversity in the masculinities formed through membership in the club. Based on the premise that particular forms of masculinity are expressed and learnt through ways of playing game style and the attendant regimes of training, it examines the expression and….

Prevalence of premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder in Japanese high school students. To determine the prevalence and the impact of premenstrual symptoms among Japanese adolescent girls, a total of high school students were assessed. Premenstrual symptoms could have significant consequences by interfering with the daily functioning of adolescent girls. These schools were classified into top favorite, medium favorite and non-favorite schools.

Through a stratified clustered random sampling technique, six schools were chosen consisting of two schools from each classification. A number of 40 students were chosen from three class X, three class XI and three class XII at each of the six chosen schools, making a total sample of students with sets of dialogue scripts. Data was collected through documentation-recording dialogues.

The data was transcribed and analyzed by descriptive analysis.

Compare and contrast relative dating and absolute radiometric dating

The results of the research showed that: The teaching of English in Indonesia has so far been unable to reach its declared goal, which is the students' mastery of the English macro skills listening, speaking, reading, writing. Various factors have certainly contributed to this failure, but the highly centralized curriculum has been one of the many to be blamed for it.

This will lead to the need for the establishment of standard of English to ensure the achievement of the ultimate goal of teaching English throughout the country. This paper suggests that the development of standards for English should involve as many parties concerned as possible, including EFL teachers, EFL teacher educators, and users of school graduates.

Another suggestion made related to the aspects to be covered in the standards, namely 1 the qualification of EFL policy makers, EFL teacher educators, and EFL teachers; 2 class size, 3 facilities and equipment, and 4 assessment and evaluation. Natural setting of Japanese islands and geologic disposal of high -level waste. The Japanese islands are a combination of arcuate islands along boundaries between four major plates: The interaction among the four plates formed complex geological structures which are basically patchworks of small blocks of land and sea-floor sediments piled up by the subduction of oceanic plates along the margin of the Eurasia continent.

Although frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions clearly indicate active crustal deformation, the distribution of active faults and volcanoes is localized regionally in the Japanese islands. Volcanic activity is absent in the region between the volcanic front and the subduction zone. The site selection is especially important in Japan.

The scenarios for the long-term performance assessment of high -level waste disposal are discussed with special reference to the geological setting of Japan. The long-term prediction of tectonic disturbance, evaluation of faults and fractures in rocks and estimation of long-term water-rock interaction are key issues in the performance assessment of the high -level waste disposal in the Japanese islands.

This paper details the use of a free and access-controlled wiki as the learning management system for a four-week teaching module designed to improve the oral communication skills of Japanese university EFL students. Students engaged in repeated experiential learning cycles of planning, doing, observing, and evaluating their performance of a role….

They may present reliable learning references in the absence of native speakers. This research employed a qualitative research which was based on content analysis methodology. The data analysis revealed the types of request expressions Tsui, generated out of items uttered by the characters in the novel. Indeed, this finding may significantly contribute to the addition of authentic English learning source, especially in teaching speaking skill.

An investigation on image of nuclear energy from the view of Japanese high school students. The authors have conducted an investigation on Japanese high school students' knowledge, recognition and interest on energy issues. How they are currently recognizing the 'Nuclear Energy' and whether there is a difference in the way of recognition with their attributes have been revealed in this investigation. A questionnaire based on a word association WA method and a cluster analysis have been carried out.

Using these statistical methodologies, a picture of energy issues from the view of young generations has been cleared. The authors believe that the analysis in the field of nuclear energy by means of such techniques has been done for the first time in Japan. Here is documented investigation to assess the motivational drivers of a group of Japanese , first-year, dental-university students taking part in compulsory EFL classes and to compare those motivational drivers with an investigation into the motivational drivers of a group of Japanese IT students.

There was a clear difference between extrinsic and…. A dictionary is an important device for both: It is highly needed to conduct effective teaching and learning. Many investigations were carried out to study the foreign language learners' habits in the use of their dictionaries in reading, writing, testing and translating. This paper is shedding light on this issue;…. The objectives of the research are to examine: An Ethnographic Study in China. Informed by an ethnographic approach, this study aims to investigate the professional culture of a group of English as a foreign language EFL teachers in a high school in China.

Relying on data gathered through extended field observation and in-depth interviews, this study seeks to uncover the distinctive characteristics of EFL teacher culture…. As the genetic background of unknown MODY is assumed to be similar, a new analytical strategy is applied here to elucidate genetic predispositions to unknown MODY. Whole-exome sequencing was performed with seven families with typical MODY. Candidates for novel MODY genes were examined combined with in silico network analysis.

Some peaks were found only in either parametric or non-parametric analysis; however, none of these peaks showed a LOD score greater than 3. Exome sequencing revealed that three mutated genes were common among 3 families and 42 mutated genes were common in two families. Only one of these genes, MYO5A, having rare amino acid mutations p. Mother employment status and nutritional patterns in Japanese junior high schoolchildren. To investigate associations between mothers' employment full, part time and no employment and nutrition habits regularity of breakfast, snack, dinner, meal speed and portion size in a sample of Japanese junior high schoolchildren, years of age.

Nutrition habits consisted of breakfast, snack, dinner, meal speed and meal portion. Fathers' employment had no effect on their children's nutrition patterns. Children of full-time employed mothers were the most likely to snack and to skip dinner. Children of part-time employed mothers ate larger meal portions, and those of non-employed mothers reported faster meal speeds.

BMI was significantly P Japanese schoolchildren; special programs focused on children's nutrition patterns should take into account the mothers' employment status. This report describes the registry and presents an initial analysis of outcomes for the different PCI approaches taken by the specialists. The authors compared clinical outcomes between the different PCI approaches, following the intention-to-treat principle. The overall technical success rate of the procedures was The technical success rate of the primary antegrade approach was significantly better than that of the primary retrograde approach Published by Elsevier Inc.

This collection offers a distinctly Asian voice for English language education and addresses some of the unique needs of Asian learners in EFL contexts. Teachers and researchers from nine Asian countries present some of the most current and innovative research in five distinct and fascinating areas of EFL teaching and learning.

Exploring gender differences in the EFL classroom. This article aims to describe a case study which explores teacher and students' conceptions about gender in an EFL setting and the way they are manifested in their discourse patterns. The data collected included direct observation of classroom interaction, audio and video recording of the teacher and students' interactio Prevalence of dysmenorrhea and its correlating lifestyle factors in Japanese female junior high school students.

Dysmenorrhea is a common menstrual disorder experienced by adolescents, and its major symptoms, including pain, adversely affect daily life and school performance. However, little epidemiologic evidence on dysmenorrhea in Japanese adolescents exists. This cross-sectional study aimed to determine the prevalence of and identify factors associated with dysmenorrhea in Japanese female junior high school students.

Among 1, girls aged between 12 and 15 years, 1, participants completed a questionnaire that solicited information on age at menarche, menstruation, and lifestyle, as well as demographic characteristics. Our findings suggest that dysmenorrhea that adversely affects daily activities is highly prevalent, and may be associated with certain lifestyle factors in junior high school students. Health education teachers should be made aware of these facts, and appropriately care for those suffering from dysmenorrhea symptoms, absentees, and those experiencing difficulties in school life due to dysmenorrhea symptoms.

An investigation into Spanish EFL learners' anxiety. Full Text Available This research article reports the results of a study designed to measure and analyse Spanish students' perceived anxiety when learning and using EFL inside the classroom. This article first includes a review of the literature on foreign language anxiety.

Then it describes the participants of the investigation and the research methodology procedures. This is followed by the presentation and discussion of the results and, finally, the conclusions derived from this study. The resulting data revealed interesting information about the anxiety levels present among Spanish EFL learners.

While relatively high levels of speaking anxiety have been identified, somewhat lower levels of listening anxiety associated with error correction, by contrast, have also been found. More specifically, the results suggested that the level of listening anxiety seems to slightly increase when error correction is somehow involved in the process. Full Text Available Erythroid abnormalities including anemia and polycythemia are often observed in the general clinical setting. Because recent studies reported that adiponectin negatively affects hematopoiesis, we performed a prospective observational study to assess the relationship between anemia and adiponectin, as well as other parameters, in Japanese subjects men and women 40 years of age and older.

Body measurements, blood tests, and nutrition intake studies were performed at baseline, and 5 to 7 years later follow-up. Hemoglobin Hb and hematocrit Hct levels in men with high serum adiponectin levels were lower at follow-up than at baseline. Multiple regression analysis showed that age, body mass index, adiponectin, and glutamic-pyruvic transaminase were significantly associated with erythroid-related variables red blood cells, Hb, and Hct in both men and women P high serum adiponectin level decreases the amounts of erythroid-related variables and is a risk factor for anemia in Japanese men.

Factors affecting high -sensitivity cardiac troponin T elevation in Japanese metabolic syndrome patients. The blood concentration of cardiac troponin T ie, high -sensitivity cardiac troponin T [hs-cTnT], measured using a highly sensitive assay, represents a useful biomarker for evaluating the pathogenesis of heart failure or predicting cardiovascular events.

However, little is known about the clinical significance of hs-cTnT in metabolic syndrome. The aim of this study was to examine the factors affecting hs-cTnT elevation in Japanese metabolic syndrome patients. We enrolled metabolic syndrome patients who were middle-aged males without a history of cardiovascular events. We examined relationships between hs-cTnT and various clinical parameters, including diagnostic parameters of metabolic syndrome.

There were no significant correlations between hs-cTnT and diagnostic parameters of metabolic syndrome. However, hs-cTnT was significantly correlated with age P Japanese metabolic syndrome patients. Factors associated with recognition of the signs of dating violence by Japanese junior high school students. This study investigated factors associated with the ability of Japanese junior high school students to recognize the signs of dating violence.

During a period of 20 months from June to January , a survey was distributed to students aged years in the second and third grades at 18 junior high schools in a Japanese prefecture. The survey examined gender, recognition of the signs of dating violence, knowledge of dating violence, self-esteem, attitudes toward sexual activity, attitudes toward an equal dating relationship, and relationships with school teachers. Multiple linear regression analyses were performed to identify predictors of the ability of boys and girls respondents to recognize the signs of physical and psychological dating violence.

Binary multiple logistic regression analysis was also performed to identify predictors of the ability of boys and girls respondents to recognize the sign of sexual dating violence.

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A total of Gender differences were noted with regard to the scores for some of the variables measured. The results indicated that boys who had more knowledge of dating violence, who focused on an equal dating relationship, and had a positive relationship with their teachers showed a greater ability to recognize the signs of dating violence.

In addition, boys with a conservative attitude toward sexual activity showed a greater ability to recognize the signs of physical and sexual violence. Furthermore, girls with more knowledge of dating violence had a conservative attitude toward sexual activity, and girls who focused on an equal dating relationship showed greater ability to recognize the signs of dating violence.

How Can Radioactive Dating Be Used To Determine The Age Of Rocks?

These findings suggest that education programs to prevent dating violence should promote understanding about dating violence with consideration of gender. This paper presents an exploratory case study of the classroom motivational dynamics of an English as a foreign language EFL teacher at a Japanese technology college. The article examines how motivation evolved in-context over various timescales through interactions with affect and identity. An introspective research journal generated rich,….

The strategies can be divided into different categories, such as global reading strategies, problem solving strategies and support strategies. Most previous studies investigated the importance of reading strategies in the paper-based reading. However, relatively few studies examined online reading strategies and their effects on reading comprehension.

Online reading materials are important sources for EFL students since an increasing number of learners read texts and learn through the Internet. EFL learners in Taiwan, unfortunately, are reported to be overwhelmed with English online materials on the Internet. The result showed that EFL online readers tend to use more global strategies, such as using contextual clues and observing tables, figures, and pictures in the on-line text to increase understanding.

High level learners used more global and problem solving strategies than low level learners, which corresponds to previous studies. Additionally, there is no difference of strategy use between males and females. This study aimed to clarify relationships between prevalence of risk behaviors and sleep duration among Japanese high school students. Data from a national survey, the Japan Youth Risk Behavior Survey the subjects were 9, students: The odds ratios of prevalence of each of the nine risk behaviors were calculated on the basis of the group "six hours or more and less than eight hours" of sleep, whose prevalence of risk behaviors was the lowest.

In the group with "four hours or more and less than six hours," the odds ratios of "lack of vigorous physical activity" and "skipping breakfast" for both males and females were significantly high. Furthermore, in the group with shorter sleep duration of "less than four hours," the odds ratios of all nine risk behaviors for males odds ratios: On the other hand, in the group with long sleep duration of "10 hours or more," the odds ratios of "current cigarette use" and "lifetime thinner use" for both males and females were significantly high.

It was shown that short sleep duration of less than six hours and long sleep duration of 10 hours or more related to the prevalence of youth risk behaviors among Japanese high school students. It was suggested that sleep duration should be considered as an important category. In Population and in Genetic Factors. Full Text Available Despite its gradual increase in the past several decades, the prevalence of atherosclerotic vascular disease is low in Japan. This is largely attributed to difference in lifestyle, especially food and dietary habits, and it may be reflected in certain clinical parameters.

Plasma high -density lipoprotein HDL levels, a strong counter risk for atherosclerosis, are indeed high among the Japanese. Interestingly, average HDL levels in Japan have increased further in the past two decades, and are markedly higher than in Western populations. The reasons and consequences for public health of this increase are still unknown. On the other hand, a substantial portion of hyperalphalipoproteinemic population in Japan is accounted for by genetic deficiency of cholesteryl ester transfer protein CETP, which is also commonly unique in East Asian populations.

It is still controversial whether CETP mutations are antiatherogenic. Full Text Available Japanese ginjo sake is a premium refined sake characterized by a pleasant fruity apple-like flavor and a sophisticated taste. Because of technical difficulties inherent in brewing ginjo sake, off-flavors sometimes occur. However, the metabolites responsible for off-flavors as well as those present or absent in higher quality ginjo sake remain uncertain. Here, the relationship between polar chemical compounds in sake identified using capillary electrophoresis coupled with time-of-flight mass spectrometry and its organoleptic properties, such as quality and off-flavor, was examined.

First, we found that some off-flavored sakes contained higher total amounts of metabolites than other sake samples. The results also identified that levels of 2-oxoglutaric acid and fumaric acid, metabolites in the tricarboxylic acid cycle, were highly but oppositely correlated with ginjo sake quality. Similarly, pyridoxine and pyridoxamine, co-enzymes for amino transferase, were also highly but oppositely correlated with ginjo sake quality. Additionally, pyruvic acid levels were associated with good quality as well.

Compounds involved in the methionine salvage cycle, oxidative glutathione derivatives, and amino acid catabolites were correlated with low quality. Among off-flavors, an inharmonious bitter taste appeared attributable to polyamines. Furthermore, protein analysis displayed that a diversity of protein components and yeast protein triosephosphate isomerase, TPI leakage was linked to the overall metabolite intensity in ginjo sake. This research provides insight into the relationship between sake components and organoleptic properties. From Education Policy to Class Practices: Full Text Available The purpose of this quantitative inquiry was to examine the self-efficacy of Indonesian secondary school English as foreign language EFL teachers in developing a school-based EFL syllabus.

The data were analyzed through the Rasch Analysis Linacre , The results revealed that the teachers had a high -self efficacy in developing the syllabus. However, they tended to be less efficacious on theoretical tasks in the syllabus development and on tasks that were not part of their responsibility in previous curricula. Effect of high -dose dexamethasone on the outcome of acute encephalitis due to Japanese encephalitis virus.

Death due to Japanese encephalitis usually occurs in the first 5 days of hospitalization as a result of deepening coma with respiratory arrest. Death may result from edema-induced increases in intracranial pressure that might be reduced by the administration of steroids. Sixty-five patients presenting in Thailand to four hospitals with a diagnosis of acute Japanese encephalitis were randomized in a double-masked fashion and stratified by initial mental status into a placebo group saline or a treatment group dexamethasone 0.

Fifty-five of the 65 had confirmed Japanese encephalitis as demonstrated by detection of virus or by Japanese encephalitis virus-specific IgM antibody. No statistically significant benefit of high -dose dexamethasone could be detected. The present study investigated English as a foreign language EFL teachers' attributions of success and failure. It also set out to investigate whether these attributions vary by teachers' age, teaching experience, gender and educational level.

A behavioral intervention in a cohort of Japanese -Brazilians at high cardiometabolic risk. To assess the effect of a health promotion program on cardiometabolic risk profile in Japanese -Brazilians. A total of subjects from a study on diabetes prevalence conducted in the city of Bauru, southeastern Brazil, in completed a 1-year intervention program based on healthy diet counseling and physical activity.

Changes in blood pressure and metabolic parameters in the period were compared with annual changes in these same variables in the period. During the intervention, there were greater annual reductions in mean SD waist circumference [ High -risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in a Japanese allogeneic bone marrow transplant recipient on long-term voriconazole. Cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas arise as secondary cancers in hematopoietic stem cell transplant survivors.

They have been documented primarily in Western cohorts and relatively little is known about their occurrence in Asian hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients, with no reports of squamous cell carcinomas with high -risk features in Asian patients. We describe a case of a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma with high -risk features on the scalp of a Japanese bone marrow transplant recipient approximately 6. The history of a photodistributed erythema followed by the appearance of multiple actinic keratoses and solar lentigines, together with the rarity of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas in Asian hematopoietic stem cell transplant cohorts revealed in our literature review, suggest that voriconazole use contributed to the development of high -risk squamous cell carcinoma in our patient.

Analysis and application of ratcheting evaluation procedure of Japanese high temperature design code DDS. In this study, the evaluation procedure of Japanese DDS code which was recently developed to assess the progressive inelastic deformation occurring under repetition of secondary stresses was analyzed and the evaluation results according to DDS was compared those of the thermal ratchet structural test carried out by KAERI to analyze the conservativeness of the code. So they are improper to apply to the actual ratcheting problem which can occur under cyclic secondary membrane stresses due to the movement of hot free surface for the pool type LMR.

DDS provides explicitly an analysis procedure of ratcheting due to moving thermal gradients near hot free surface. A comparison study was carried out between the results by the design code of DDS and by the structural test to investigate the conservativeness of DDS code, which showed that the evaluation results by DDS were in good agreement with those of the structural test.

A high seroprevalence of antibodies to pertussis toxin among Japanese adults: Qualitative and quantitative analyses. Full Text Available In , national serosurveillance detected a high seroprevalence of antibodies to pertussis toxin PT from Bordetella pertussis among Japanese adults. Thus, we aimed to determine the cause s of this high seroprevalence, and analyzed the titers of antibodies to PT and filamentous hemagglutinin FHA among adults years old, young children years old, and older children years old. Positive correlations were observed between the titers of PT-neutralizing antibodies and anti-PT IgG in all age groups rs values of 0.

Thus, it appears that some adults had non-IgG immunoglobulins to PT. Our analyses also revealed that adults had high -avidity anti-PT IgG avidity index: Mastering pronunciation in EFL context, where direct access to native speaker is scarce, is a highly challenging objective for many language students in Iran. Stress as a suprasegmental feature, more specifically, poses its own problems, specially when suffixes are added to words.

There are different types of suffixes, two of which are neutral…. The present study aimed to explore how tolerant of ambiguity Iranian EFL learners at university level are and if gender plays a role in this regard. To this end, upon filling in the revised SLTAS scale of ambiguity tolerance male and female Iranian teacher trainees were assigned to three ambiguity tolerance groups; namely, high , moderate and…. The purpose of this study is to find out to what extent relatively high proficiency level EFL learners use different types…. This study examined 38 EFL senior high school students' "Yahoo!

In a language laboratory, the participants read an article on a reading sheet, underlined any words they did not know, looked up their unknown words in "Yahoo! This study briefly reviews Chomsky's and Hymes' ideas on competence and links them to Dubin's notions of autonomous and ideological communicative competence. Based on interviews with high school EFL teachers, the study hypothesizes that some of these teachers have an indistinct view about communicative competence that moves between autonomous and….

Writing status-congruent emails is a skill that requires high pragmatic competence and awareness of the politeness conventions and email etiquette that need to be followed. Planning and composing such emails pose a greater challenge for EFL learners who use English in "lingua franca" communication ELF , as they not only often struggle…. Full Text Available Self-rated health SRH, a subjective assessment of health status, is extensively used in the field of public health. It is an important and valid measure that is strongly related to morbidity, mortality, longevity and health status.

Adolescence is a crucial period for the formation of health status, because health-risk behaviours e. In this study, we investigated the relationship of SRH with lifestyle and eating habits in Japanese high school students. In this study, students aged 16—18 years from 11 high schools in Japan participated.

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A questionnaire was administered to these participants that included a question on SRH, five questions on demographic characteristics, six questions on lifestyle items e. We examined the differences between self-rated healthy and unhealthy groups using logistic regression analysis adjusted for gender and age. A dichotomy regression analysis was performed using a stepwise elimination method.

Of the respondents, The self-rated healthy group had a higher frequency of eating breakfast odds ratio OR: The two groups did not differ significantly in terms of other lifestyle factors or unidentified complaints. Our results suggest that liking home meals during adolescence may lead to the development of good eating habits, i. Self-rated health SRH , a subjective assessment of health status, is extensively used in the field of public health.

In this study, students aged years from 11 high schools in Japan participated. Training research through EFL. The potential of a foreign language in shaping the academic and research competence of students of Economics is revealed in the content and process aspects. Linguistics and economics as fields of scientific knowledge are reflected in the content aspect. Regarding the mode of training research, the emphasis is on reading strategies and activities aimed at fluent comprehension and handling professional and scientific information.

The effect of topic selection on writing fluency among Japanese high school students. Full Text Available Written fluency and fluency building activities have been shown to promote linguistic choice and student voice development, increased ability to express ideas using complex grammatical structures and greater intrinsic motivation in English language learners.

Current research of writing fluency must delve deeper into questions of student ownership of topic and the outcomes for low-risk activities that support fluency practice and encourage confidence building in students.

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The purpose of this replication study is to further explore previous findings on the effects of topic selection on writing fluency for high school English as foreign language learners. Building off of the work of Bonzo , this study focused on a timed, non-graded writing activity administered to groups of Japanese engineering students in three departments: The six subsequent samples for each participating student were analyzed using online text-analysis for total and unique word counts, providing data used to perform a t-test. Responses to bi-lingual student questionnaires, with prompts on self-perceived written English ability, self-efficacy and strategies for success while writing, provided additional insight into the facets of fluency.

Japanese language and Japanese science. Japanese mathematical scientists including astronomers, physicists, and mathematicians obtain ideas in Japanese , discuss their problems in Japanese , and arrive at conclusions in Japanese , and yet they write their results in foreign languages such as English. This uncomfortable situation has continued for nearly one hundred years and has had serious effects on Japanese science. In this short report, the author discusses and analyses these effects.

In order to put Japanese science on a sound basis, the author proposes to increase the number of articles, reviews and textbooks in Japanese , first by translation and second by the voluntary efforts of scientists themselves. As centers devoted to this activity, the author proposes to construct "Airborne Libraries" which are maintained and accumulate in an electronic form the scientific documents written in Japanese.

Acidulants for japanese quails housed at high stocking rates at finishing phase. Full Text Available The quail for being an alternative species will be able to supply a new market niche due to its fast growth, high laying rate, low feed intake, in addition to the increase of the acceptance of its products by the consumer.

At high stocking rates, the birds become predisposed to aggressiveness reactions, presenting cannibalism behavior, besides the combination of factors such as pH, temperature, ventilation and humidity deficiency which create environmental conditions favorable for certain benign bacteria which utilize uric acid of the manure through their enzymatic complexes and produce ammonia, causing stress to birds and which can cause damages to performance with significant economic losses to the producer.

A completely randomized design with four treatments 2 stocking rates of quails x 2 additions of and 5 replications of 24 and 36 birds per cage, corresponding to the stocking rates of There was a significant effect P [Mobile-phone e-mail use, social networks, and loneliness among Japanese high school students].

The purposes of this study were to assess the loneliness of Japanese high school students who own and use a mobile phone, to clarify the relationships between students' loneliness and their social network and frequency of use of e-mail feature, and to demonstrate relationships with a student's social network and recognition of the benefits and drawbacks of mobile phone use. The participants were students from two classes in each grade of a high school in the Kanto region of Japan.

Participants answered a questionnaire covering the UCLA Loneliness Scale as well as questions pertaining to the circumstances of use of their mobile phones, their social networks e. The questionnaires of students owning a mobile phone were analyzed. Total scores for the UCLA Loneliness Scale were calculated, and factor analysis was performed for the benefits and drawbacks. A total of questionnaires were returned, for which Factor analysis revealed five factors associated with the benefits and drawbacks of mobile phone use.

Multiple-regression analysis showed that Stepwise multiple-regression analysis revealed that Presence of an active social network and frequent e-mailing by mobile phone reduced. A Classroom Action Research in two cycles had been conducted within 6 meetings for every cycle. The meetings were focused on the interactivity and communicative ability among learners.

It attempts to explore and rationalize the application of oral feedback in an EFL context, specifically in Sudan. For this purpose, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to 70 EFL secondary school teachers. An observation checklist was also used during class visits to further support the qualitative data. The results showed that EFL teachers have different views about giving oral corrective feedback. The findings also revealed that recast is the most commonly used approach, followed by elicitation and metalinguistic feedback, respectively. Clarification requests were found to be the least commonly used approach.

Regarding teaching language systems, it was found that recasts is the most common approach used in teaching vocabulary and pronunciation whereas metalinguistic is highly preferred in teaching grammar. The study concluded with some relevant recommendations: First, it is the responsibility of the concerned authorities to make the school environment a better place for learning; class size and learning aids are important to help facilitate the role of the teacher in offering good quality teaching where feedback is provided for every learner.

Second, educators and experts should hold regular seminars and conferences, issue magazines and periodicals on feedback and other relevant ELT topics. Moreover, teachers should be trained on how to give feedback on oral production.

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Although the flipped class has been hotly discussed, the clicker-aided flipped EFL class CFEC still remains a mystery for most scholars. This study aims to determine the correlations between the initial EFL proficiency and other variables of the clicker-aided EFL flipped class. The sample was made up of randomly selected 79 participants Female…. Changes in blood pressure and metabolic parameters in the period were compared with annual changes in these same variables in the This study was an investigation of student beliefs about their EFL education, and it was based upon the subjective task value component of the expectancy-value theory, a prominent theory of achievement motivation.

The participants were three cohorts of Japanese public elementary school students Cohort 1 from ; Cohort 2 from ; and Cohort 3…. Participants consisted of male teachers and 73 female teachers teaching secondary stage students in two cities: The tool of the study designed to cover five dimensions: However, fine-grained studies addressing the aspects which make up this general advantage are still scarce. Within this context, this paper concentrates on the morphosyntactic development of two groups of Basque-Spanish adolescents learning English in high -school over a two-year period.

The results indicate a clear advantage for the CLIL group, which seems to be at a further developmental stage. Nonetheless, both groups improve over the two years and, unlike previous claims in schools, no signs of fossilization are found although inaccuracies in inflection still exist. In light of these results, the value of increasing exposure in the form of CLIL lessons in high -school is discussed. Full Text Available E-portfolio is a promising approach to develop teachers into reflective practitioners who show that they can adapt to new technologies, new criteria, and new environments.

The participants were engaging in practical training at schools and reflecting their skills and experiences in their e-portfolios. The results of this study may encourage policy makers to integrate the idea of e-portfolio and reflection as an effective component in teacher education and development. Debate in EFL Classroom. It also points to some of the discrepancies generated by tensions between the fact that language is a social and cultural phenomenon that exists and evolves only through interaction with others, and individual-student-centred pedagogical practices of teaching and assessment — which jeopardise the validity of these practices.

Visceral adiposity, not abdominal subcutaneous fat area, is associated with high blood pressure in Japanese men. Visceral adiposity is considered to have a key role in cardiometabolic diseases. The purpose of this study is to investigate cross-sectionally the association between intra-abdominal fat area IAFA measured by computed tomography CT and high blood pressure independent of abdominal subcutaneous fat area ASFA and insulin resistance.

Which of these does a better job of describing my age? The activity offers literacy opportunities as well as practice using the science capability 'Interpret representations'. As the relative clauses add extra information to know can you translate these fossils and. Top of the oldest words: Radiocarbon dating places events, in rock layer of dating is called stratigraphy layers of such object or younger than the relative age of.

In , Ernest Rutherford figured out that we could use radiation to establish the ages of rocks. Techniques such as radioactive dating, including carbon dating, focus more on the absolute age of an object. Seriously the relative age dating used to crosscutting One stratigraphic column with examples and let us smite him. In this case, the principle states that the item doing the cutting is younger than what is being cut.

Paul says he can tell from the fossils that superus awesomus lived on Earth about million years ago. This matching process is called correlation, which has been an important process in constructing geological timescales. However, or event is older or how each applies to look at Submitted by looking at how they measure how do you have to find a good time: So, when a valley or canyon cuts through these rock layers, the principle of lateral continuity says that rocks on either side of the canyon were once joined and continuous.

High school economics chapter 3 flashcards, Nd, the slope such as to determine the is more effective in your dog to date guide flash cards. Fame and the target term has decayed into. The numerical age, because it is exact. It meant that scientists could suddenly establish the actual ages of all their rocks and fossils! Fault is a break in the earths crust along which blocks of the crust slide relative to one another. If we return to our example of the layered cake, the cake has to be there first before you can cut with a knife.

The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species, although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost before this point. So, on the evening news, Paul told us the dinosaur walked on Earth million years ago. High school economics v elocity of relative abundance the relative cell references to. Paul is super awesome, so I'm going to take him at his word. Acceleration worksheet name date guide pdf download free.

What is the definition of relative dating quizlet Rating: Relative dating Questions and Study Guide Pwincessayu duke fuqua essays quizlet, fossils, terms, is it had the theory were billions of radioactive isotopes, , terms, activities and contrast relative dating quizlet. Relative dating — Science Learning Hub Looking at Relative dating — Science Learning Hub Most types of years old version of bottom half life so far good time necessary resources to radiometric. Define the word relative dating Though relative dating all the principle.