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BlackMagikz, on 10 February - Check out my Minion's voice mod!

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: T21 - What is it good for? Started by Putana , Jan 15 Putana 1 Posted 15 January - This thing is seriously underpowered and unsuited to what its meant to be. Id say I know how to scout. Im not great at it, but I know what to do, where to go, how to move around a battlefield. Love the mobility and hitting tanks from the sides. So I tried to scout. The matchmaker it gets tier 10 means I play with tanks that have MORE viewrange than I do making passive scouting difficult.

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Combined with its size, it making active scouting all but impossible. The T21 is a heavy light tank at 23t. It is slower across soft ground, turns slower, goes up hills slower, has a lower top speed than the other scouts. I struggled to outpace a T44 in one game, trying to get to a scout bush once the game started. Its armour … cough… what armour. Should be made out of paper. The Tier 2 hotchy has more armour! Chaffe and 12t have a better gun, more pen and more dmg.

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It only beats the … JUST. The only positive is the gun depression — which I must say is insanely good. Trying to play as a mediums…. No armour, no HP, poor gun. This tank needs a buff…. I like T21's they go pop nice and satisfyingly ;. NZSnipes 3 Posted 15 January - It's a good tank, but it does not deserve Tier 10 matchmaking.

They goofed up there. If it got up to Tier 8 it would be fine. Skitz 4 Posted 15 January - Great I'm heading down that line now, I'll keep this in mind when I get to this tank. Biggus63 5 Posted 15 January - It's pretty bad, not very fast or agile. I'm half way through the grind and it's hard work, but I have the occasional good game to alleviate the pain a little. TheCount 7 Posted 15 January - It falls into the same category as the Type About the only good way to play is to defend arty.

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I have only one thing to say, it's better to burn out, than to fade away!!! There can be only one!!! Grivyn 8 Posted 15 January - Good thing the rest of the line is worth the effort. However in hindsight I would free xp the T21 completely if was to do it over again.

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  • Has anyone "grind up" the M7-T21-T71 line and happy with it?.
  • Slendy 9 Posted 10 February - But then I worked out that really, all you could do was equip binocs and camo, find a good bush and wait. One game, I sat in the middle of the bushes on the plain in malinkova Spoiler Better late then never!

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    • NaharArkwing 10 Posted 10 February - I can't say the T is bad or not. But its the only route to unlock the autoloader light tank line. I can't deny how low is the survivibility rate or how unsuitable for it to be an effective scout. But i found out that it has a decent top tier gun that have a decent penetration rate. And also having suitable perks for the crew also helps. The worst i can do in this tank is passive scout. The best will be hit and run tactic. Well its up to you guys opinion.

      T-21 and Matchmaking

      But i love to use it. BlackMagikz 11 Posted 10 February - I'm coming off my M7 , this is gonna be a loooooong grind for me. DanLBob 12 Posted 10 February - Well I quite liked it. Couldn't manage better than a class 2 on it though and got no awards at all so I guess I just got lucky with teams. Would run it with cam net and binocs and passive scout until an opening presented itself. DanLBob 13 Posted 10 February - YoJoe 14 Posted 14 February - Kazzad 15 Posted 15 February - I played it like Chaffee Hugs the trees, Clings to the bushes I hope WG fix the input of the traverse speed of this baby.

      At first glance of the traverse speed I thought, "WTH!!?? The speed was not close enough in 58 degrees. Got fooled there I guess. Mick42 17 Posted 23 February - Good for absolutely nothing? I beg to differ. Second time ive been near the top whilst bottom tier. TheCrazyDickermax 18 Posted 04 March - Forced to play it.

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      MessyMix 19 Posted 04 March - Mick42 20 Posted 04 March - Just play it as a distracted tank killer. Once the big tanks engage, engage them. Like opportunist auto loader. Sign In Email address: