When to get a pregnancy dating scan

Often, you can see the screen too, or it'll be turned towards you after a few moments — but not always. And, if the pregnancy is progressing well, you'll also see a clear heartbeat.

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Costs for these vary, and aren't always flagged up in advance, so do make sure you take some cash with you. Your partner or another close relative will always be welcome to come with you but it's totally up to you, of course. Most mums-to-be would probably say it's a good idea to have some company, especially if you're anxious about the scan.

Private providers may offer this earlier, however.

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If you fancy having fun predicting your baby's sex yourself, there are several theories you can try out once you have your week scan photo. In order to get the full results, the findings of the nuchal translucency NT part of your scan need to be combined with the findings of your blood test.

If you haven't had your blood test yet timings of these tests do vary from hospital to hospital or if your blood test results haven't come through in time for both results to be combined into the final result, you'll have to wait to get this result from your midwife at a later date do ask when that's likely to be. You may find that your EDD is quite a few days later or earlier than you thought.

You'll also be told whether you're having twins, triplets or more — though you'll probably have noticed that already on the scan monitor! Of course, you're anxious as well as excited at the idea of seeing your baby. But it really does help to try to keep things in perspective: Even if there is an issue, it may well be something that turns out to be not that serious or something that can be easily managed by the specialists.

And there's always a follow-up with support and advice. I was literally having an asthma attack by the time they called me in. But it was great.

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I saw his little heartbeat I now think it is a boy! It really was great — hubby even welled up!

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A dating scan is best attended at weeks. At this time, it should be possible to see a heartbeat. Your midwife or doctor will refer you for a scan and they will advise you as to the best time to attend the scan. The report will generally go to the person who ordered the scan, and then they will discuss the results with you at your appointment.