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I will explain both. These come in different varieties and all cost the same, so I just use the 1X8 incase of future expansion. Below are pictures of a 1X4 and a 1X8 respectively. You will notice that there are red ports and white ports on the splitter. The red ports pass the 21 volts needed to power the LNB, and the white ports will not.

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The white ports go to any room where there is a SWM capable receiver. As I mentioned there are two different ways to wire the SWM system: The first method is the one I prefer. I have seen numerous service call solved by simply plugging it directly into the wall. Here is a diagram of this type of install. You will have to have a plug in the attic to wire this way.

When using this method you do not need to worry about red and white ports on the splitter. This is because the 21 volts are being sent up directly from the PI. The only thing coming out of the PI and going to the splitter is signal. I tired to keep this as simple as as I could. If you have questions or would like a more technical explanation of anything please let me know.

SWM ODU Only Power Inserter

Originally Posted by WestDC. Thats what I have been searching for, for a long time. I do have one question you show the receiver being hooked in both diagrams to one of the "red" inputs on the PI or splitter. OR I guess how would the splitter look if you were hooking up multiple receivers? Originally Posted by J-Rod. I have the second lnb pictured with 4 lines running to my utility room. From the utility room they connect to a wall plate which has the various lines running to each room in the house. So my question is, with the 4 lines running from the dish to the utility room, is the best way to install this in the utility room to just use 1 of the cables and hook it into a splitter, then from there wire to power inserter, then to the rooms.

Swm is not designed to carry a directv and an off air antenna on the she line.

Dillingham will cause you to loose directv signals. When I go on a trip I simply remove the receiver from the house and install it in the RV and all worked fine. Recently, DTv decided to upgrade my receiver to a D The installer said everything will work the same when I take the new receiver to the RV.

How can I get this receiver to work on my RV satellite dish? I am just wondering why there are so many devices and cords with this system? I have only two receivers and the number of boxes and cords needed for the main box with this swim system is crazy. I have three outlets used just to hook up the direct tv main receiver. The number of cords balled up behind my television is completely unsafe.

I only had one piece of equipment and one outlet needed when I had Dish to run the main setup.

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Why did they add so much extra junk to the equipment? When my contract is up I am going back to Dish because their system is much safer. It is unsafe and unnecessary. Need detailed infro on hooking up a tv antenna for local stations. Someone please that really knows how to wire my antenna up in detail. Moore e mail me at gmoorewm gmail. Had Directv out 3 times for the same issue with in 5 months the last visit only fixed it for 48 hours!!! Before all you haters and trolls start in here is low down.

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No the SWiM has not been moved! NO the SWiM is not plugged in to an outlet controlled by a wall switch. Now I must wait how long? Screw this I am done. I have a whole home hi def system with a single feed swm. I want to take a swm dish, power supply and 1 of my receivers camping. How do I reconfigure my receiver to work? I have great signal after tuning the dish, but the receiver shows no signal. Hi there I got a question on my direct tv hook up I just moved into a house with a swm hd satellite there and I have a hr dvr receiver on do I hook them together.

I do not have a SWM box. The cable comes directly off the dish, and attaches to a splitter for 2 receivers. I have spent hours on the phone with Direct TV reps, and now have an onsite appointment for July 16, which means no TV for 2 weeks. I still get the A code. I have 6 recievers and a 8 port swm, 3 are dvrs, so I removed 1 reciever and they all work.

Swm odu hookup Hook Up Receivers Run shorter cables from the wall outlet to the swm odu hookup on your entertainment center. Any other ideas how to correct this?. If you do not see this cable connected to a multiswitch connection already, you may have to cut the cable and add a connector. Keep this switch inside your home rather than outside, in order to protect this switch from possible corrosion, weather events, wind,and animals.

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Swm odu hook up,

Now you can expand your viewing options with other cables that can go to multiple rooms of your home. Attach these cables to the special outlets. Attach a coaxial cable to this end. They should each be at least 50 feet long, so you have adequate length to hokkup whatever room you want. I had called tech support 16 times over this issue and they finally admitted that they had problems with the software. Secure the swm odu hookup to the wall with two screws that go into the plastic box or a metal latch that sits within the wall. It seems Bell has not come out with the right fix software so that you can use.

Make sure these outlets fit into rectangular holes made in your wall.

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Connect this coaxial cable to the.