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She was just poor, literally.

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And she used the dates to get free dinners that she wouldn't be able to afford herself. Back then, what my mom was doing may have been called smart or maybe conniving, depending on how you feel about someone using another person for free food. But now, we have a name for this behavior: The term gained new life when a woman named Sarah explained that she has no regrets about sneating with her Tinder dates.

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When the New York Post told Sarah's story, they claimed that sneating "feeds on chivalrous men. But not everyone believes that.

The conversation around sneating is two-sided: Some say that going out with someone purely for a free meal is manipulative and rude. Some say that the men and it's usually men who end up paying for the date knew what they were signing up for, and the women because it's usually women who benefit don't owe them anything.

I just assumed all of those people were awful parents. Another agreed, citing the fact that her preferences often get dismissed as one of her biggest gripes: And when it IS for dating, they treat it like speed dating of some sort.

Smelly people, mullet lovers, and millionaires—there’s a dating site for everyone

You will have one conversation, maybe not even that, then go on a date or they're out. Cover Video Pranking at high school Boy slide tackles another boy from behind causing him to fall over. Cover Video 'Aerial Art': Air Force Photography These jaw-dropping pictures represent the best of U. Does it really exist? Air Force Photography Cover Video 0: Someone who you are dating regularly and getting to know on a deeper level seems to fall off the face of the planet, avoiding calls and in-real-life contact, before re-emerging just as you think you are over them and acting as if nothing has happen.

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