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Jack Jimmy's car and speed away. After Niko calls Vlad, drive to the car wash, and then drop the car off in Vlad's lockup. Head to the depot and follow Ivan as he tries to flee. Once you catch him to him, he'll go up some ladders and onto the rooftops. Pursue him, taking car to jump whenever he jumps.

Eventually, he'll slip on a ledge, and you'll be given the option to kill him or not. Alternatively, if you have a gun, you can just shoot the dude as he jumps across the rooftops. First, you'll have to head over to an alleyway in Willis. Kill the three drug dealers however you like -- running them over works, so does shooting them. After this, take Jacob to Meadows Park to start the second half to the mission. Take cover by the door and waste the dude who comes down the stairs, as well as anyone else in sight.

You will have to move to the window to take out the rest of the drug dealers. If you took significant damage, there's a med-kit on a table in the house. Drive Jacob to the cafe to end the mission. Follow him on foot, trying to say one turn behind him so you don't spook him. Eventually, he'll duck into an apartment building. Head up the stairs all the way to the top floor and take cover by the door. Shoot the door to open it, and take out the three guys that are inside.

You might have to switch which side of the door you're on -- you can do this by tapping RB and moving toward that side. You can now do his Courier missions. Apparently, Mallorie's been cheating on Roman, and that's not cool. Head to Comrade's Bar the bar right across from your safehouse , and enter to watch a cutscene with Vlad.

Vlad attempts to flee, so take out his guards and get into a car as soon as possible to pursue him. Watch your HUD and stay as close to Vlad's vehicle as possible. At the end of the chase, Vlad will crash. Get close to him to start another cutscene. To execute Vlad, target him with your weapon and fire once the reticule flashes.

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The mission ends once Vlad is dead. Completing this mission nets you the Fed the Fish achievement 5G.

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None Roman will call after this mission. Meet him on Tulsa St. While Roman recovers from his gunshot wound, you get to do some dirty work for Faustin. Use your cellphone to dial and press 1 for the cops. When they show up, jack the car, which will give you an easy-to-lose one-star wanted level. After calling Dimitri, check the HUD, which now had three red blips.

These correspond to the vans that you need to pull over. One of them contains the TV that Faustin wants, so pull them over until you get the lucky van. Jack the van and take it to Faustin's lockup. You can now do the Vigilante and Most Wanted side missions. Shoot the dude in the leg with free-aim half-hold the left trigger, or full-hold and aim down. After the pornographers agree to pay up, head to the gun shop on Dillon St. It's not a huge deal if you don't just a one-star rating , but it's just as easy to slow down.

Once you reach the subway station, head up the stairs to trigger a cutscene. If you can, pop with him your weapon as he heads down the stairs, as this will make the mission about ten times easier. If he gets to his car, try to take out one of his tires. If you can't even manage that, then you'll have to kill him in his car. Either do a drive-by, which will cost you a bunch of ammo, or ram him off the road.

Once he's dead, Dimitri will call and let you know that you probably made a big mistake. Don't argue with me. This is a fact. This mission is also a waste of time. Drive to the TW cafe, talk to the assistant, and log-on to a computer. Check your e-mail, respond positively to active your account, and then leave the cafe.

None Roman will call after this. You can now steal cars for Brucie by checking your e-mail. See the Side Missions section. If you can, take him out with a drive-by. You can either hit his tires or hit him; either one will suffice. If you can't do this, he'll meet up with some other bikers in a park. At this point, you should get off your bike and start gunning people down.

Make sure the biker dies before he escapes, but you'll have to take out everyone to complete the mission. Take it across the bridge to South Bohan, making sure not to alert the police, because the bomb you're carrying is sensitive. Park the car in the garage and sprint away. Once you're out of range, you're rewarded with a pretty awesome cutscene. You can now go see Brucie for some work. Dimitri will text you.

He has a mission for you too. This isn't necessarily difficult; just call and get the cops to come. As long as you don't kill a cop, it's only one-star. Go to his apartment, making sure to park your car somewhere where you can easily return to it. As soon as you head in to the apartment, Rivas will bolt, and you will have to pursue him. The pursuit isn't any different than any other one. Stay on him as best as you can, and as soon as he slows down, ram the hell out of him.

When he flees the car, chase him down on foot and blow him away. Some cash Brucie will text you about his next mission. Once you jack it, three other cars will start to pursue you. You can try to get out of the car and kill the people following you, but you're better off just hauling ass to Brucie's lock-up. It shouldn't be too difficult to get there, so just keep moving. Drive to the Perestroika club, making sure to be well-stocked on shotgun and micro- SMG ammo.

Dimitri will text you to inform you that there's some body armor near a dumpster behind the club. Watch the cutscene and immediately whip out your weapon. Take out everyone in the room as quickly as possible, then take cover by the doorway that Faustin ran through. Take pop-shots at the guards in the alleyway, including those on the rooftops. You can use the dumpsters in the alley for cover, and you can even hit Faustin a few times. He will eventually flee to a dead end, so follow him there and listen to him beg. Once you've had enough, execute him.

Pick up Little Jacob and head to the warehouse. Make sure you have body armor and a sufficient amount of ammo. The key to this mission is patience. You will need to take cover at all times, and only come out to shoot when an enemy exposes himself. If someone is close to you, use blindfire. There is a med-kit in a room on the right side of the warehouse if you need it. Everyone you need to kill is marked with a red arrow, so just move through the building systematically, keeping an eye on the ground floor and the rafters.

Once everyone is dead, you get to deal with the cops. Take out a couple of the cops that are right outside, and make a dash for one of the cop cars. You have a two-star wanted level, so just lose it as you normally would. Take Jacob home to end the mission. Pick him up on Hopper St. Drive to Roman's apartment, and watch it burn down, then drive to his taxi depot to watch it suffer an identical fate. At this point, you need to flee to South Bohan to meet with Mallorie. Watch the cutscene and listen to Roman be an emotional twit. Completing this mission unlocks the Lowest Point achievement 5G.

None You know have a safehouse in south Bohan, though your safehouse in Broker is now gone. You will not get it back, though you can still use the parking spot outside if you'd like. Use this profile to set up a meeting with French Tom just follow the instructions on the screen.

After this, you'll have a few hours to kill, so save the game, do some side missions, go on a man-date, whatever. When it's time to meet French Tom, drive to the diner that's across from your old safehouse. Listen to Tom complain for a bit, then stand up and blow his head off, or stab him a few times. Once he's dead, the mission is over, though you might have some police attention.

The race is fairly simple as long as you're patient, but there are some tricks. You can get a running start if you speed to the starting line and hitting the car that's in the front of the pack. You can do drive-bys at the beginning, but only aim for tires hitting the body of the car will end the mission. Slow down before corners and take them safely. Ram the other cars off the road if you can.

In any case, you get to keep Steve's car if you win, as well as some money. That's it for Brucie for a while. Don't get too close, or the guy will get spooked. Just stay behind by about a block and watch your HUD. You will eventually arrive at a warehouse, but the door will be locked. From here, you can shoot out the door, or you can throw a brick through a window. The best entry, however, is to go around the right side of the building and climb some stairs.

There should be an open skylight. If you have some molotovs or grenades and drop them down. Pull out a weapon and drop down, taking cover as soon as possible. From here, it's just a matter of moving from cover to cover, killing all the drug dealers. Exit out the front door to end the mission. You should see a garage with some drug dealers and a car. Deal with the car first by taking out the driver, or at the very least, take out the tires.

If the car gets away, kill the people in the garage first before going after the car. Chasing the car is the same as any other car chase. Ram the car, do some drive-bys, whatever you need to do to kill the driver.

The mission ends once everyone is dead. In an interesting way to complete this mission is to call the cops to come to you at the garage, and then fire a couple of shots off at the gang members before the cops actually arrive. When they get there, they will start attacking the gangsters, leaving you to go get the car. Some cash Mallorie will call you after this, opening Elizabeta's missions. You will also get a call from an unknown contact following this.

Drive Packie to an apartment building on Juliet Ave. Go up onto the roof and grab the rifle. Watch the deal, just like you probably did in "Guardian Angel" way back in Vice City. Take out the pricks who are trying to kill Packie, especially the guy who actually grabs onto him. The last guy will try to get into a van -- shoot him through the window, or just get him before he actually gets in the van. He will start to drive away, but you should able to nail him. Make sure you have plenty of ammo and armor before starting. Drive to Dukes and follow Playboy X into the apartment building.

Watch the cutscene, and then start blasting your way out. Take out any cops you see and start heading up the stairs. When you go up, free-aim to make sure that you can shoot any cops before they see you. Eventually, you'll get to the roof, and there will be more cops there. Take them out one-by-one and continue onto the next roof. Head down the stairs of the next building and pop anyone who gets in your way. If there are any cops waiting outside, ignore them and jack the first car you see.

You will have a two-star wanted rating, so lose it and drive Playboy X back to his apartment in Algonquin. Yea, you just unlocked the second island. This might seem difficult; however, the train follows the major roads in Broker for the most part. Just keep an eye on your HUD and see where the train leads. There is one point where the train goes over a dead-end alley, so just go around to the right and you'll be fine. When the train stops, look for a staircase leading down. Ideally, you can pop the targets as they come down -- a couple shotgun blasts will do the trick.

You can also shoot out the tires of the car they'll get into, or you can toss a grenade another their car when they get in. As long as they die, you complete the mission. However, it also has about ten different ways to complete it.

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  5. I'll go over the best methods that I found. Start off by grabbing a car or bike and heading over to the old hospital, making sure that you've plenty of ammo for the ensuing gunfights. A sniper rifle would be keen, an assault rifle would help, and an SMG is a must. Once you arrive, immediately take out the two enemies on the left side of the building.

    You now have a couple of choices as to how to enter the hospital. You can either head in through the front door, or head around the back. The front consists of the only doorway by which people can enter.

    First Date (GTA IV)/Walkthrough

    You can make use of this fact by blocking it with a vehicle. If you choose to go around the back, there is a ladder that you can head up. Before you go in, you should also plan your escape. The most obvious method of escape will be the Bobcat that's parked out front. However, that pickup handles like a greasy pig, so if you want to by land, find a car in the parking lot or street. A taxi will suffice.

    You can also exit by sea, and this is the preferable method. Look for some docks around the back of the hospital; there should be a boat. If not, continue around the island and you should eventually find one. Park it at the docks. Anyway, if you enter from the front, just utilize cover and take out dudes as they appear. Watch for guys up on the rafters. There is a health pick-up along the way if you need it.

    Coming in from the back, you'll see a few barrels scattered about. Blowing them up is certainly not a bad idea. The advantage of coming in the back is that you don't have to kill all of the gang members, and I'll explain why that's awesome in just a second. Towards the south side of the building is a room containing two dudes, some body armor, and a lot of cocaine. If you didn't kill all of the gang members, they will be quite distracted, assisting your escape.

    Regardless of whether you are leaving by land or sea, don't sit around and wait for the fuzz to flood the building. Bust ass out of there, taking out only what stands in your way. It's pretty much smooth sailing from here if you planned your exit. If you're in a speedboat, just watch the HUD and avoid any oncoming cops. Head out to sea, and you should watch your wanted level disappear quickly. On land, just escape the cops as you normally would. Get some distance on them, take corners, head down alleyways, find a Pay-and-Spray, whatever.

    The best thing you can do is get into a tunnel without being in the line of sight of a cop and then change vehicles. This should allow you to avoid being spotted. Once you lose the wanted level, head to Jacob and watch a cutscene that involves you getting thoroughly screwed. All you have to do is drive across the bridge to Broker and drop off the dead body. Just make sure that you pay the toll and make sure that you don't hit anything. If you do, get out of your car and press LB to close the trunk. The cops should never notice you, and you should get to the dropoff point without any problems.

    He wants you to follow him up to the roof, but this isn't necessary, especially given that the lift takes literally a minute to get up to there. Just snipe the three lookouts from the ground. If you do go up, take the time to kill as many other goons as possible. Once you're in the site, whip out your AK and get behind cover. Note that most of the enemies don't have pretty red arrows, so you need to pay attention.

    Use the automatic targeting to find enemies and wait for them to pop out, then blow their heads off. Once everyone around is dead, proceed to the nearest union leader, as depicted by the red dot. Head up the stairs and continue to power your through. Again, make ample use of cover, and feel free to toss some grenades -- you have twenty of them. You can cook grenades by holding down the right trigger before tossing them. If you hear a beep, throw the thing before it goes off. As you head toward the last union leader, keep an eye on your footing.

    There are some holes that could lead to you falling to your death. Once the last leader is dead, the mission ends. It has a camera on it and customizable wallpapers and ringtones. Head to the basketball court where three guys are hanging out and take a picture. It doesn't have to be a great picture; all three of them just have to be in it. Once Playboy calls you back, immediately try to gun the guys down. If you're good with a sniper rifle, that'll be great; otherwise, just use an assault rifle or grenades.

    If the target gets away, you'll have to chase him down, which will probably be difficult given that he's in a Patriot. Some cash Playboy X also wants you to pay Dwayne a visit, so go see him. Head to the arcade in Chinatown and watch the cutscene. You can either kill Cherise or not -- if you don't, she'll have some missions for you. Hop on a bike and chase down the boyfriend. He'll bob and weave through traffic, but eventually he'll crash and you can take him out. When I did this mission, he killed himself. You can try doing a drive-by, but it will undoubtedly attract police attention.

    You will need lots of ammo and some armor. First, you need to go to the Triangle Club and walk around, listening on conversations until you get all three blips. The first guy is in the room marked "private" left of the entrance. The second guy is chatting with a stripper in the club. The last guy is in the back getting a private dance. You can take out the first squatter by knifing him, and no one else will be alerted.

    Next, head to the back and take out guy getting a private dance. If you are fast enough, you can get to the remaining guy before he gets into his car. Otherwise, continue sprinting and pursue him in one of the cars from the parking lot. If you don't have enough health or protection to deal with the hail of gunfire, just fight your way out, using cover and taking shots when you can. You have to be a little quick about it, because the target can escape if you take too much time. You can also just kill the bouncer out front and alert everyone inside. They will pour through the only entrance in a single-file Reward: Some cash Go see Playboy again, as he has a mission for you.

    Later, Dwayne will contact you, and you are left with the dilemma. I will solve it for you. If you kill Dwayne, you get some cash and then Playboy X refuses to talk to you. If you kill Playboy X, you get some nice benefits. Killing Dwayne is easy. Just head over to his apartment and cap him. He doesn't put up much of a fight.

    Playboy X has some bodyguards, so just take cover and take them out with an assault rifle. Once they're dead, head out to the balcony and look for Playboy -- he'll probably be on an adjacent rooftop, but he may try to make a run for it and go down some stairs. You should be able to cap him before he gets to his car. Reward if you kill Dwayne: Dwayne will also call later, and he becomes you friend. Accepting this call triggers this one. Honestly, there isn't much of a strategy for this.

    From start to finish, all you need to do is utilize cover and use your assault rifle like it's your best friend. You will need a ton of ammunition for this mission; I almost ran out after starting with shots. You should start off by tossing a grenade and taking out as many guys as possible. From there, stay behind cover and take out everyone on the first floor.

    Once you've gotten them, sprint across and get behind something on the opposite side so you can nail the guys on the floor above. There is health on the southeast side of the building on the first floor. Continue up the stairs, using grenades when you need to. Don't be afraid to use a lot of them, especially since Little Jacob will sell them if you have a high enough friendship rating.

    You will eventually get into the room where Roman is being held, and an interesting scene will develop. Stay behind cover and pull out your assault rifle. Click the right stick to zoom in slightly, and aim for the guy holding Roman's head using free-aim. Squeeze the trigger and he should fall.

    Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough

    Climb down the staircase and jack a car, then drive Roman home. None After this mission, Roman buys an apartment in Algonquin, giving you a new safehouse. Walk down to the pier and look for a guy on a phone -- he's wearing a black and yellow poofy jacket.

    If you can't find him once, call him again. Once you find him, take him out a few shots. Grab the object he had, escape the police, and head to Francis. As far as I can tell, you will always attract the attention of the cops, even if you beat the guy to death. Once you submit the resume, it'll be a few hours before you get a text message from Goldberg's office. Wait until the appointment time and head over. If you don't yet have a suit, you can buy one from Perseus, which is right across the street.

    Have the receptionist buzz you in and then follow her into Goldberg's office. Listen to him for a second, then put a bullet in his head. Knifing him will not prevent the ensuing fight. If you have a full health bar, you can escape by shooting out the windows and jumping out. If that doesn't work for you, you'll have to shoot your way out. A shotgun and an assault rifle will do just fine. You'll want to rush out of the building as fast as possible, because once the cops arrive, the mission becomes a lot harder.

    If you only kill security guards, you'll just have a two-star rating, which is very easy to shake. If you start capping cops, you'll have a three-star rating on your hands -- a horse of a completely different color. In any case, as soon as you're out of the building, jack a car and flee. If you don't, it's one of the hardest missions up to this point. Drive to the apartment complex where Clarence lives.

    He should be marked out with a red arrow. Go across the street, find a good vantage point, and whip out the sniper rifle. Blow his head off. If you're stubborn, you can do it the long way. This involves you going up a staircase and then systematically moving through the entire apartment building. You will have to kill scores and scores of gangmembers, so hopefully you have a lot of ammo and some armor. Proceed to the red dot on the map, and then go up some more stairs, where you will meet Clarence.

    You can either kill him or not -- I don't think he even offers missions if you spare him -- it doesn't matter. After dealing with Clarence, the cops will arrive. You will have to kill a bunch of cops as well, although you can leap off the third balcony and still live if you don't want to deal with them.

    Regardless, by the time you make it out of the apartment, you will have three, possibly four, stars. Do as you've done in all of the previous missions and lose the cops -- a Pay-and-Spray will help considerably. Just drive to the point on your map and take the stairs up to the roof of the building across the way. Once you are there, whip out your sniper rifle and aim into the dude's window. You can either call him on your phone, shoot his satellite dish, or shoot his TV. In any case, he will get up and come to the window.

    Shoot him in the head. Inspect the laptop that's chilling conspicuously on the table and use it to check his e-mail. Click on the top e-mail and logout. After talking to the U. Paper guy, you're given a new destination. Head to it, but first, make sure that you have a fast car, because this mission has yet another chase sequence. Watch the cutscene, then haul ass after Oleg. His car seems to be pretty much indestructible, but if you're feeling lucky, go for his tires. Other- wise, you'll just have to stay on him.

    When you get close enough, ram the car until gets out, then kill him. Use LB to get to the computer, and use the Search by Photo option to find the guy shown in your recently received text message. Head over to the spot on your HUD and a score of enemies will appear on the radar. The best method here is to go across the road and pick off the enemies from afar. You probably won't take any damage this way.

    When you can't get to any more, get an assault rifle and move in. Be patient and move through cover, taking out any stragglers that survived. You should reach a ladder, and naturally, you should climb it. On this level, there's more cover for the enemies to utilize, so just keep being patient and using the combat system to its fullest extent. When only one blip remains, it's time to take down your target. Climb up some boxes to reach the roof of the building; kill your target however you see fit.

    Following the chopper isn't difficult -- just stay on the main roads. If the helicopter veers off to the side a bit, don't worry; you don't need to be directly under it. Make special note to not enter the tunnel, as obviously, you'll be unable to follow the helicopter from there.

    When it lands, drive up next to it and hop out. Take out the guys guarding the helicopter with an assault rifle and jack the chopper. If you feel like being extra safe, you can do this from farther back with a sniper rifle. In any case, once you have the helicopter, take it to airport in Broker and safely land it.

    Just fly over the point and ease back on the controls so you hover, then descend with LT while making slight adjustments. The status of various inquiries can be found by checking your e-mail at a later date, where you'll either get a counter-inquiry or a downright rejection. Try to press the various girls on the site for dates, but keep in mind that there are some girls that you can date and others that won't date you no matter how hard you try.

    So now that you know how you can potentially score a date with one of Liberty City's beautiful single females, what should you do when you're on a date? How do you prepare for a date, and what are some of the things to keep an eye out for while on a date and perhaps most importantly after the date has concluded? Below are five tips to keep in mind before, during and after any given date to make them sure successes. Other than subjecting your date to vehicular homicide or in some other way murdering and dismembering her, few things will ruin the vibe of a good date from the very get-go more than being late to pick up your special lady friend.

    When a date is made, therefore, you want to be on time. Usually, from the point of cellular contact, you're going to have an in-game hour to get to your date before she gets miffed for standing her up. The date can still go on to a certain point even if you're late, but it's definitely not the way you want to get things started. If you don't think you'll make it even remotely on time, be sure to call her up to cancel the date.

    She'll likely be pissed, but not as pissed as if you just don't show up at all. Niko and his date should have a good time from the get-go, so bring your girl to a local eatery or other place of amusement and have an awesome time. Usually, this will involve a burger at Burger Shot, or perhaps some beers and darts at a local Irish pub.

    There are a lot of possibilities. Regardless of what it is, try to diversify each time you go out with a girl, and be especially mindful to listen to their feedback as you walk around and drive around at all times. Please do not be rude, what may be obvious to you may not be to others. Nov 24th Guest How do u have more then one girlfriend. Feb 28th Guest how to go into michelle's house. Oct 28th Guest Really frick you.

    Feb 18th Guest How do u go on love meet to get Kate. Jan 1st Guest I know kate im the the game im going to hunt u in your dream when I get out of jail hehehe. Dec 30th Guest Songbird Sffsgdhdyfryzsg rd staff dismissed Scholl traffic. Feb 14th Guest Do you know Joshua. Nov 21st Guest The right thing to do is keep Roman cuz he is family an plus if Roman dies Kate blames you for it and doesn't dates you anymore.

    So keep your cousin let the girl go. Nov 2nd Guest Mitchell dumps you and your a free man you can go out with who you want but Kate still calls me with a ghost which is weird because she's dead and I'm dating Alex. GTA5 is a giant waste of money and even less waste of time, because you will drop the game within 10 hours or less once you get to Spoiler: May 31st Guest This game lame I like grand theft auto 5 better. Dec 27th Guest Who is Mitch??? Sep 3rd Guest How do u marry Alex.

    Aug 14th Guest i dont think u can marry any1 u can only date. Aug 10th Guest I think I'm going to do revenge.

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    Kate never even really thinks of you as a boyfriend anyways. I think keeping Roman alive is better. He DID just get married and his wife is pregnant. Roman is also your cousin. You'll make plenty of money elsewhere. Jul 25th Guest hey guys i did the deal with dimitrie then with outt i think u shouldnt do it cuz then if u do then roman dies and his wife is havinng a baby and then the baby wont have a father so take my advice.

    Jun 24th Guest i need help with those three girls after I finis killing D And P I don't know what to do now plus help me. Jul 7th Guest Kille p yboyx. Table of Contents Close. Los Angeles Fable II.