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There are many choices out there, but not everything is enough to make you feel satisfied with them. In order to know better about the app, we need to get it reviewed properly.

February 5, at Varies with device MD5: Sure, you need to make conversation before you can build serious relationship with your partner. However, even before that, you will have to find your match first. Fortunately, finding match has never been much of a hassle to do with this app. It has advanced matching algorithm to be used for free.

With it, you can view your matches. Almost all are of the same ethnicity -my ethnicity. All well and good normally except I'm in a very mixed town, I know there are other ethnicities because they appear on my other match lists, and our chemistry simply does not match.

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What's the point in this if you're just going to push one type of person at me!? I get blown up all day by fake profiles asking me to pay for some scam sex site. Very simple to use, you just have to put yourself out there. I wish they would automatically hide user profiles after a user is inactive for at least 6 months.

I know it's the users reaponsibility, but this is getting old. Having issues filtering location, I don't want messages from all over the country. No not met any one long term! I am not the only one who has this problem. Although there's an amazing amount of people to connect with, there's an amazing amount of con artists as well. The site itself is very user friendly. The issues I had was it took a long time to load profiles on the app, and someone I was messaging reported only receiving the first halves of messages. I've tried everything, but it seems even the website is down often, which is poor for business.

This will lead to me deactivating my account unless this has been fixed. Just really over all these people that apparently want to "meet me". Ive got a head liie a smashed crab and ive got models chasing me?

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And if i spend money to upgrade i can meet them? An option to turn ut off would be nice.

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So many fake profiles that constantly are added daily and this site does nothing to prevent it. Also the Meet Me search for swiping needs a lot of work. If you swipe left on someone you never see them again ever. The issue with this is that only new accounts or spam bots pop up to swipe and the locations of the legit accounts to swipe on keep getting further and further away from your location which is counter productive. Account Options Sign in.

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Free dating app NoBluffDating. From people who always bluffing meaning not showing up for a date or playing games unlike others app which is. Design just for fun meeting that mean u do not know what u getting your self into or being at risk this app is for people who feels the. Same way not wanting your time wasted or heart play with but most importantly not wanting to deal with a bluff date or a bluffing person.

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If u for the games and drama this app is not for u but to those that can relate i hope u enjoy thank u for being apart of my company i built just for u. If you are really serious about meeting new people, then NoBluff dating app is what you need. NoBluff dating app brings the experience u need into finding a date, meeting new friends or just meeting and socializing with people.

Many things change with online dating so this app is a good way for you meet some nice loving people. There are so many features in this app which will make u come check over and over again for sure.