Dating your customers

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This could be activities such as clicking an email link, requesting a demo, attending a webinar, etc. Your interest criteria generally reflects a level of engagement a prospect has taken to learn more about your solution. A business or personal relationship will not work if there is not both fit and interest. Even though Brad Pitt meets all of my firmographic requirements for a husband, being that he has no interest in me let alone has no idea who I am , my fairytale wedding is probably never going to happen.

The same goes for that prospect you keep emailing and never responds.

What this means for your business:

Stronger content such as case studies, ebooks, testimonials, and videos can provide more real-world and relatable examples on how your customers are using your solution. I am ready to be a grandmother!

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  • A Guide to Dating your Customers.
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We all know it is cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one , which is why it is critical to start the relationship with confidence that everything is going to work out. During these opportunity stages, it is important that marketing and sales are nurturing the prospect through the decision-making process, providing tailored resources ensuring that your solution is the best choice, as well as using tactics to create urgency such as a discount or additional functionality to help move the deal across the goal line sooner.

As positive reviews are left in the comments, your brand becomes more trustworthy.

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It can be time consuming to craft and send messages to all of your customers asking for feedback. If they rate the experience as four stars or above, they are asked to leave a review on Google or Facebook. If they rate the experience as three stars or below, the customer is directed to a feedback form where they have the opportunity to expand on their concerns without going to a review site.

This helps decrease the amount of negative reviews posted on your directories. The best part is that you can start improving your online reputation today. Foster your relationship with customers using the advice mentioned above, and watch your reputation grow!

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  8. If you want to learn more about managing or growing your online reputation, reach out to our account executives for more information. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can adjust your cookie settings at any time if you wish. Here are four more statistics that prove the value of a positive online reputation: Do this by asking yourself these questions: Are there enough current photos to accurately portray my business?

    Managing your online reputation… it’s a lot like dating. | VGM Forbin

    Taking the next step: What can we help you with? They found a new app and they live on it. They check it in the morning when they wake up. You, as a smart marketer, decide to add it as a part of your overall strategy. Then you hit an unexpected roadblock: They give it a try along with some estimates on when everything will be up and running.

    High Peak Marketing - Date Your Customers

    A few weeks go by. Then a few months. You basically have given up on the project when a year passes. And that app integration finally gets finished. Your customers have moved on to something new and the whole process starts over again. What do you do?

    What dating has to teach you about marketing communication

    You devised the plan. You were ready to execute. But the timing was off and the IT department was busy probably more than you will ever know.