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She didn't reply, so I sent one more saying guess so, to take care and that i'd see her around. Any suggestions for damage control or what I should or shouldn't do? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. TruthBTold Send a private message. Ok I'm going to help you, but I aware to God, don't screw this up again.

I understand where you were coming from, but if it's all going well up to that point, why try to get some clarification on the future? She's looking for someone to be a friend first and a lover second.

Seven Things You Should Be Looking For By The Fifth Date

Based on what else you posted I don't think she was friend zoning you first. She may just have a plan for dating and that part of her plan. You jumped the gun and assumed it was a negative statement. And it worked, since she looked at you like you lost your damn mind. But you screwed up by sending that text about hoping you didn't scare her away, then again with the guess so message. You should have dropped it with just the text to check on her and letting her know you had a great time.

Call her Don't freaking text her and tell her don't ask her that you made some plans for the two of you better think of something on such and such day and that you'll be there to pick her up at such and such time.

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It can only go two ways from here. She can say hell no don't come here I don't want to see you then you may can ask why, even though we all know why and move on or she'll be down to go with you.

Top 15 Tips And Advice For The Fourth Date

The etiquette here is to let the relationship find its way into sex, don't force it. A lot happens after that, and you need to make sure you guys are ready for all of the complexity. A date after sex means this thing might have some legs to it after all. Make sure you stay up on your toes, and keep your head clear. Are you in the same place? Did one of you just get out of something serious? Is a relationship on tap, or is this a rebound?

You should be in the same mindset. The fourth date is the time to assess the situation. Is one of you a cosmopolitan and the other aching to move to the country one day? Couples need to want their lives to look the same way. Active athletes who want to hike, ski, swim, and rock climb every weekend might not match well with artists who enjoy museums, music shows, and art films. A post shared by Luxury Travel Influencer luxuryworldtraveler on Oct 4, at 3: So, you like your date. You really want to take it to the next level. The fourth date is time spent together with barriers down, true, but that doesn't mean go too hard.

It's only the fourth date; remember that. Take a deep breath, smile, and go.

You still have a lot to learn about this person. Use the fourth date for just that intention.

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Do you feel like barriers have come down a little bit? If not, think about why, and on this date, try to keep it lighter, less formal. In early dates we can intuit traumatic instances that are better left unsaid. If they come on too strong too early then this is a red flag. There Are Shared Interests: By now you should have an understanding of what your date is into and what they do in their spare time.

You don't want to share an interest in everything, as you will need your own pursuits if you get into a serious relationship, however you should have at least a couple of shared interests.

Seven Things You Should Be Looking For By The Fifth Date - the Urban Dater

These will be needed to sustain the relationship later on, so they are quite important. It can be anything and everything from sport and fitness to travel to cooking to the type of movies you like. There Are Shared Values: You will find it much easier to date and find a partner if you know what your values are and you know what values you are looking for.

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  4. Do they share some, most or all of your values? If your date is following the advice above and not coming on too strong, then you probably wouldn't have had a big discussion about this. That's fine, because you don't need to. As long as you pay attention to what is mentioned in passing and in casual conversation, you should be able to tell whether this person is at least potentially compatible in terms of values.

    If they are blatantly incompatible in this regard then you may need to think again.

    You can handle different values while the infatuation period continues, but once those rose-tinted glasses come off then this is an issue that will become much more important. Get your free 3-day dating trial now. One of the most important things to have in a partner is someone who is able to have a frank and open discussion about their own flaws and shortcomings.

    If the relationship progresses conflict will inevitably emerge at some stage and both of you will need to be humble enough to accept that you are not always right and that you have flaws. Again this is not something that you should be discussing early on during dating, however you should have a good feel for whether the person you are dating has any humility or not.