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Honga Man , Jun 4, Jun 4, 8. I'll save the silliness for the Bad Dog Cafe. Jun 4, 9.

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Well I am not worried at all about it, I am only a little puzzled. However, if I am reading your post correctly your examples show that an earlier serial number can be on a guitar made at a later date which I fully understand. What still puzzles me is getting a later date example at an earlier time, i. I guess they had already made necks with serial numbers for the new year, and one somehow got on an earlier guitar maybe inadvertently. Jun 4, Maybe they ran out of '07 stickers before the year was over and had to start using s? I don't claim to be an expert - just tossing out some ideas.

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I thought it was similar to cars, releasing a model in sorta thing. The '69 version has two standard Telecaster single-coil pickups , string-through-body bridge, and a choice of an ash or mahogany body. Later a '72 version was introduced based on the Fender Telecaster Deluxe with two Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups. This guitar features two MP pickups, similar to the Gibson P and a mahogany body.

The Fender Custom Shop has produced a variation referred to as the "50's Telecaster Thinline" with an ash body, maple neck and a Twisted Tele neck pickup matched with a Nocaster bridge pickup. The first edition of the Telecaster Custom was produced between , and featured a double-bound body but otherwise-standard configuration. While the guitar was known as the Telecaster Custom, the decal on the headstock read "Custom Telecaster".

Fender Telecaster

Later editions of the Telecaster Custom were popularized by Rolling Stones ' guitarist and composer Keith Richards , featuring a Fender Wide Range humbucker in the neck position and a single-coil pickup in the bridge. To distinguish this model from the mids Custom with body binding, the market generally refers to the guitar as the " Custom", indicating the year this model was released.

This model includes two Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups and was originally produced from to and has since then been reissued. Designed to restore Fender's reputation after a group of employees led by William C. Schultz took over ownership from CBS in the early s. The pickups used in early models were dual humbucking Red Lace Sensors in the bridge position and a single Blue Lace Sensor in the neck position. These instruments were discontinued in with the advent of the American Deluxe series. The guitar has a humbucker in the bridge, a Stratocaster style single coil pickup in the middle, and a Telecaster covered neck pickup.

The Fender Tele Jr.

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It uses a Telecaster body shape, scale length, and electronics controls albeit, with a reversed control plate. However, many of its construction and electronic features—for example its set-in neck and P -style pickups—are similar to those of a Gibson Les Paul Junior and Gibson Les Paul Special electric guitars.

It is similar to the regular Telecaster Deluxe, but it features three Fender "Enforcer" humbuckers and a chrome pickguard. The Cabronita and Custom Shop variant La Cabronita is a model that is distinguished by the use of Fidelitron or the more expensive TV Jones Classic humbucking pickups, which look like the original Gretsch humbuckers.

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The La Cabronita is an American-made, custom-built-to-order instrument. It typically has one TV Jones Classic pickup in the bridge position although being custom built, in can be ordered in any configuration. All Cabronitas can be distinguished by use of a smaller pickguard that covers the lower horn only, similar to the pickguard used in the original prototype for the Telecaster in The versions built in Mexico offered either a solid body or Thinline body, with both featuring two Fender Fidelitron pickups, a volume knob and pickup selector. They both have maple necks, While "Cabronita" isn't a proper Spanish word, it roughly translates to English as "little bastard" [5] or "little devil".

The Modern Player Telecaster is offered in two distinct styles: The Plus utilizes a pine body, a standard Telecaster pickup in the neck position, a reverse wound single-coil strat -pickup in the middle position and a humbucker in the bridge position. It is equipped with coil splitting and a five way switch to provide seven different pickup combinations. The Modern Player Thinline adopts a pickguard similar to the Deluxe models and a Stratocaster style bridge, without tremolo. It features a mahogany body, two P style single-coil pickups, individual volume and tone controls and the three-way pickup selector in the upper horn position.

Both use the standard They are manufactured in China and at the time of their introduction, represented the least expensive Telecasters under the Fender brand. In keeping with other models Fender distinguishes product lines manufactured in different locations. The American Deluxe Telecaster introduced in ; upgraded in , , and features a pair of Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups and the S-1 switching system.

Other refinements include a bound contoured alder or ash body and an abalone dot-inlaid maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard, 22 medium-jumbo frets, rolled fingerboard edges, and highly detailed nut and fret work. The HH model sported an ebony fingerboard, quilted or flamed maple top and a pair of Enforcer humbuckers with S-1 switching discontinued as of As of March 23, , Fender updated the American Deluxe Telecaster with a compound radius maple neck, N3 Noiseless Tele pickups and a reconfigured S-1 switching system for wider sonic possibilities.

The new model now sports staggered, locking tuning machines, which provide a better break angle over the nut for increased sustain and improved tuning stability. The Thinline version has been introduced in Fender discontinued the American Deluxe series in The American Series model used two single-coil pickups with DeltaTone system featuring a high output bridge pickup and a reverse-wound neck pickup.

Other features included a parchment pickguard, non-veneered alder or ash bodies and rolled fingerboard edges. These models were discontinued in As of , all American Standard Telecasters came with a redesigned Tele bridge with vintage-style bent steel saddles, and a bridgeplate made of chromed brass instead of steel. In March the American Standard Telecaster was updated with Custom Shop pickups Broadcaster in the bridge, Twisted in the neck ; the body is now contoured for reduced weight and more comfort.

In the American Standard Telecaster HH was introduced, sporting a pair of Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickups open-coil with black bobbins in the bridge, metal-covered in the neck. Controls include a dual concentric volume pot for each pickup, a master tone and 3-way pickup switching. Ideal for country bends and steel guitar glisses, this Tele is available only with a maple fingerboard.

The American Series Ash Telecaster is based on the '52 vintage reissue.

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Fender discontinued this guitar in The Custom Classic Telecaster was the Custom Shop version of the American Series Tele , featuring a pair of Classic and Twisted single-coils in the bridge and neck positions, as well as a reverse control plate. Earlier versions made before featured an American Tele single-coil paired with two Texas Special Strat pickups and 5-way switching.

Discontinued in and replaced by the Custom Deluxe Telecaster series models.

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The version of the Custom Shop "Custom Deluxe" Telecaster featured a lightweight Ash body with contoured heel, Birdseye maple neck, and a pickup set that included a Twisted Tele neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop BG stacked humbucker in the bridge position. The Highway One Telecaster introduced in featured a pair of distortion-friendly alnico III, single-coil pickups, super-sized 22 frets, Greasebucket circuit, satin nitrocellulose finish, and s styling font since Limited colors from previous years down to at least satin nitrocellulose Crimson Transparent, honey blonde, black, daphne blue and 3-color sunburst.

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The Fender Highway One series came in both maple and rosewood fretboards. In , the American Special Telecaster was introduced. It's sonic blue, urethane, routed as SSS and in the pocket has a date of and the number Inside the pickup cavity is a barcode tag with C None of these numbers match up with Fender. I guess it doesn't matter if it is a Malmsteen or not, but the hardware on it at least the saddles is Mexican and now I'm wondering if I got ripped of on the rest of the deal?

The neck is from a 62 reissue, so the SN is of no use. I thought that all the Mexican Strats had the bathtub route for the pups?

Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

Any strat experts here? I am certainly no expert, but I have an early 90's MIM strat body that is routed s-s-s. I think the bathtub route was only around for a few years - someone else will certainly confirm this I just wanna kick in his little face. Originally Posted by Poltergeist it sounds like a pitbull is eating the Universe. Did the Mexican strats have a signature and stamped date in the pocket too? Sounds like it could be a MIM classic player 60's body.