The do and donts of dating after 50

The do's and don'ts of dating after 50

A few guys at the bar swiveled around on their barstools to check out the newcomer. One by one, they turned back. All except the man in the pink shirt. He commented on those great photos of you in Montmartre, your favorite Paris neighborhood. An open mind is a wonderful thing to tag along with you on that first meet.

It tends to protect you from an overactive sense of entitlement. Entitlement thinking is not beneficial to your psyche.

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Be cautious about thinking you deserve tall with hair, no bellies, please, and financially well-endowed, thank you. I know because I used to have a list. I thought that writing well translated to articulate, fun and super smart.

2. Don’t Date Like You Did In the ’60s & ’70s

Once I started dating, it became obvious that a profile is a tiny piece of the whole man. He may love flea markets, live theatre and Diana Krall as much as you do. Or a little rumba and a happy hour. Having an open mind means you approach your meet knowing you will have fun. Not blowing it with a fixed idea of how he should dress, down to his brand of loafers or his rolled-up jeans.

The French waiter and the stellar bottle of Pinot Noir may come later. This is a first meet, not an anniversary.

Online Dating for People Over Do's and Don'ts ~ Guide for SeniorsGuide for Seniors

Lots of folks leave their manners in the dumpster when it comes to internet dating. A male friend of mine works for a company that invents and sells new devices for surgeons. Smile, keep the conversation light and be genuine.

Ask most women what they want in a man and a type similar to Richard Gere's character in "Pretty Woman" comes to mind. Having been spoon fed on fairy tales as a little girl can jade you to who a great guy might be- often giving you unrealistic expectations of who "Quality Men" really are. Stay open to dating all kinds of men with all kinds of looks, backgrounds, and interests as long as they are economically self sufficient, meaning they can hold their own and won't be financially dependent on you. Of course, its nice to think of having a rich handsome man sweep you off your feet but what you really want is a man who is going to be there for you through the ups and the downs of this journey called life.

There is no doubt about it, without the right skill set and support in place, dating can be hard.

The Don’ts of Dating over 50:

I teach women all the time how to create a Finding Love after 50 Dating Blueprint that gives them their next step for finding love because I know how easy it is to get bogged down by all there is to know about dating at this time in their life. You can always take a look at the next steps down below to get some ideas if you're feeling stuck. And instead of quitting when a date goes bad, chalk it up as being one more man closer to the real man you are looking for. The problem with that is men don't relate to the language we speak and hear and they aren't triggered by words like we are.

The Dos of Dating over 50:

It took being told by two men that I wasn't letting them be a man before the bell went off and I realized I was doing something wrong that was pushing men away. Once I learned the language that men speak and hear, my relationship with men changed for the better both in my love life and professionally.

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Men can't find you when you're hiding every night at home. Start going out at night and on the weekends. Go to restaurants with friends. Men are always there. Men are there checking out books and movies every day.