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If you don't have the screw frog adj, its a Type 9, BUT, keep in mind that Stanley used up its parts bins before switching fully to new type. Somewhere between Type 9 and 10 they went thru a series of changes with the arch sizes. Changes in casting necessitated by a different foundry?

Feedback improvement from users? No one seems to know it … yet … The Type 9 frogs are predominantly found with the higher arch, should not be too difficult to find?? Good luck and thanks for stopping by Bob. Friday, July 22, Bob's illustrated Type study of Bailey bench planes. Part 2 The user's models years.

Notice orientation of Pat dates, was vertical before now horizontal. Notice the small size of the central rib and the B casting mark. Same location were the nib or the S mark was. Pic from my No 7 Type 9. Notice bigger center rib. The original type study doesn't mention this - It's about this time that the brass nuts used to secure the knob and tote to the rods undergo a change. They now have a waist to them whereas the earlier ones are cylindrical over their length.

The original plain cylinder brass nut for the knob and tote. If the frog is not lined up with the bottom casting, the blade. Frog forward, mouth fully closed. With the frog forward, the back bottom of the blade is left unsupported and is more subject to chatter. Difference between low and high knob.

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Notice the un-tapered bottom part of the knob. Type 9 on left Type 13 on right same as Type This isn't in the original type study - Some of the lever caps can be found with the outline of the sweetheart logo cast into the backside. I've only noted one of these planes, a 5, with this lever cap. Its iron is stamped with the first sweetheart trade- mark. Another tool pal of mine, from longuyland, has seen one before.

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These two examples are the only ones I know of in tooldom. So far, that is. Again, not found in the original type study - it's about this time that the backs of the cap iron are no longer blued, but are just finished like the fronts, with nothing. That bluing that Patrick Leach is talking about look like a mat greyish blue coating.

I suppose it was there to help prevent rusting between the blade and its cap iron? The original type study doesn't mention it, but there are several treatments of the lever cap, where its finish and the background color of the notched rectangle follow what seems to be a 'style du jour'. I can't date accurately when each of these lever cap treatments occurred, but I can list the order in which I believe they were made: The lever cap is machined and finished as before, with the notched rectangle's background japanned.

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I believe this to be the earliest since the earliest Bed Rock planes have lever caps of the same treatment Bed Rock lever caps always had some embossing on them, and the earliest ones have the japanned background. My experience tells me that this lever cap treatment is rather uncommon.

The entire lever cap is entirely nickel plated, including the background of the notched rectangle. The lever cap is nickel plated, but the notched rectangle's background is painted in Stanley 's trademark orange color. For a short period, with the lever cap nickel plated, the notched rectangle's background is decidedly reddish in color. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy It Now.

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Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Has a nice clean blade. Tool is clean to the touch and has been used. No cracks to the wooden handles. With one original cutter, paper and box. Everything unique and eclectic. We're human, and respond well to respect. The plane is in good shape with no cracks or breaks. They have been sharpened and ready to use. Up for sale is the blade for a Stanley 92 shoulder plane. Blades have nice cutting edges.

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A lot of original Japan Black finish remains. Great addition to a collection or tool box! You can see the entire Plane needs a good cleaning but should clean up nicely. Marked on the plane is B. The plane has the throat opening design. Marked on the lateral arm are 3 patent dates -- , and Adjustable blade angle, brass nuts turn freely.

Minor surface rust with no pitting to the bottom. FREE scheduling, supersized images. Has the original fence as shown.

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Has one blade at the rear with another space for the front one. Has been used but is clean to the touch. I am not able to. I had taken it apart for the buyer to study which type and variation The original blade is missing All else complete The large handle was glued at the middle still usable , functional see last picture. There is a lateral arm. The plane has the short knob. Japanning is in very nice shape, very shiny. There a a few spots that should show up in the photos, particularly near the knob.

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They are made in France. Stanley Bailey hand plane type 14, I believe, in great user condition. This is the model No. No marks on the blade. A new reproduction blade set for the stanley 66 hand beeder 9 cutters. All three sections slide freely on the shaft. This has been used but is quite clean to the touch.