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The result is a startlingly clear snapshot of the lexicon of each presidency, containing a mix of historically topical keywords and rhetoric unique to each president and the time period during which they served in office.

Red, Blue Online Dating Maps Riff on Politically-Themed Election Year Maps

For me, data-driven portraiture represents a way to address the questions of who we are, how we talk about ourselves and those around us, and how we are preserving distinct cultures in the face of rising homogenization. Culling data from over 20 online dating sites, the work is organized according to the same heuristics as the U. Census, sorting dating profiles by Congressional District and subjecting the imagery and text to statistical analysis.

Online Dating: Maps Show Where Happiest, Kinkiest People Live

In the same series, DuBois also designed maps of the entire U. Britney, , a video work that runs on a 60 minute loop, DuBois takes all of the extant Britney Spears videos and singles and subjects them to a computational process that locks her eyes in place, allowing the video frame to pan around Britney, keeping her in a fixed position akin to an Orthodox icon. Her image is stabilized and blurred, creating a constantly shifting halo or aura around her face, reflecting back our gaze.

Luke DuBois is a composer, artist, and performer who explores the temporal, verbal, and visual structures of cultural ephemera. He holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University, and has lectured and taught worldwide on interactive sound and video performance.

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Hindsight also toured the U. Like Silver, he has a keen interest in politics.

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Nearly everything was up and running — video screens flickered, music moaned. The activist answers them in a minute video interview.

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Themes such as race and education arise, and are listed on one side of the screen. As McKesson addresses them, recent tweets from his Twitter feed touching on those topics scroll down the other side. Culling through the stuff of our shared media — tweets, Google searches, YouTube videos, and more — DuBois captures in-the-moment, constantly evolving snapshots of American culture.

Can big data make for great art?

Then he realized the imagery could more closely reflect the content of the music, and vice versa. He wrote a string quartet using casualty statistics, sorting the data stream into six movements: But a volunteer military skews to a particular socio-economic group. A lot of us had no skin in the game, and the data visualization is anesthetizing.

A viewer can spot developments and trends in filmmaking, such as tracking shots.