Nigerian dating scams in malaysia

He claimed to her that he told the lady he would pay the RM10, now and then transfer the rest when he was in KL. But the lady refused, saying minimum RM16, was needed upfront. The woman then helped Derry by trying to speak to the lady, who identified herself as Siti Aisyah. During the call, Siti was adamant that she needed an additional RM, and wanted it banked into her company driver's account, under name of Abdan bin Munir with Maybank account no.: Derry begged her to help otherwise he would miss his flight and he had no more money to stay overnight.

He claimed he was very tired staying in Miri and he wanted to meet her badly. He told her that he had plenty of cash in his room in KL and could pay her back straight away. At this point, while the suspicion of scam grew even more on her, she, feeling sorry for him for his condition, eventually caved in and banked in RM4, of the RM6, that he had claimed he needed.

She hoped that that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. Later that day, Derry called and said he had further problems as he met a man named Kaiser who he thought was a customer at the shipping company, so Derry told this man he only paid RM10, plus the smaller sum she had backed in. The story became that Kaiser was actually Siti's business partner who was angry that Siti agreed to accept only less than half the full payment of RM36, Kaiser then took Derry's passport under pretense of wanting to photocopy it, but did not come back with it.

Derry called her again and told her he now was being forced by Kaiser to make the full payment of RM36, or else he would not get back his passport, but he had no more money. He also gave her Kaiser's number to try and talk to him, which she did but he refused to negotiate, according to the blog post. He then told her he would try and pawn his watch which, he claimed, was worth RM9, When she called him later, she claims she heard background noises as if he was in a car.

While it seemed like a stressful situation and he had missed his flight, he showed concern for her, asking if she had had her dinner. Although he did not directly ask her for money, she claims she made the next mistake of deciding to help him further as she felt even more sorry for him.

So she contacted her bank and learned that she could increase her daily transaction limit to RM10, However, she only transferred RM3, as she was not willing to give more than one month of her salary.

Later that evening, Derry told her that he had pawned the watch and paid Kaiser RM9, However, he claimed that he still did not get his passport from Kaiser as there was still a large outstanding balance to be paid. The next day, she tried to test Derry by saying she had no more money and lied to him, saying a friend of hers can help pay but the friend wanted to see evidence such as emails to clients, photo of the receipt he got for pawning the watch, shipping documents, etc. She claims after which Derry got angry and said she was insulting him.

He tried to make her feel guilty for not trusting him.

Nigerian Love Scammers Busted in Malaysia!

For her, this was another big sign that he was lying as he reacted in anger rather than try to send some evidence. Later in the afternoon, he claimed that he managed to get RM7, from his clients and just needs another RM3, from her. However, she refused, claiming she had no more money. He got angry again and claimed he was doing to meet the guy and fight for his passport if needed to, but she still refused. She again tried to test him through SMS, claiming that since he had no WiFi access, all her friend wanted the password to Derry's email address to verify what work he was doing, only after which her friend would be willing to pay.

In response, Derry got angry again.

Al B sets the Record Straight on Nigerian Dating Scam

Eventually, sensing Derry's elaborate scheme, she called him around 7. When he picked up, she heard dramatic background noises like he was fighting with Kaiser to get the passport back.

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After that the line went dead and his number has been unreachable since. However, she still sees his profile as active on OKCupid, where they met. But Derry Johnstone does not answer her messages now. While she has made a police report and has also reported to Maybank, as expected the system is slow to act. A digital scan of the police report is with SAYS. She was called on 5 May, several days after the incident, to provide a statement.

Authorities in Malaysia, Singapore Thwart $M African Online Dating Scam

However, the gap during the incident day and statement effectively enables the criminals to change their contacts, take out the money, close the account and become untraceable. In the meantime, Maybank says it cannot do anything to transfer the money back to her, even if she has records of her transfers. She claims they won't even provide the details of the account holder Abdan bin Munir, unless asked by the police. However, she hopes that her story will help others be aware of how sophisticated these scammers have become.

In part 2 of this two-part series, read how she is trying to unmask her scammer:. She hopes her story will help others be aware of how sophisticated the world of fake romance has become. Get highlights of hottest news and must-share stories every day. Get our latest updates Follow saysdotcom Instagram YouTube. KL Romance Scam Pt. But she never thought she herself would fall for such trickery. The story of how she met 'Derry Johnstone'. He sent a few photos of the items he bought: How Derry then went on to gain the woman's trust.

It was a very flashy looking BMW convertible: Then came the lead up to the money scam.

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More excuses to get more money out of her. The hurdles she faces now. In part 2 of this two-part series, read how she is trying to unmask her scammer: Sadho Ram View all stories.

'Are You Real?' — Inside an Online Dating Scam

More stories to read. Unfortunately, online dating scams are very common in Africa today. The organization said this type of crime has proven difficult to deal with since the culprits have perfected ways of exploiting the emotions of their victims who are usually made to believe that they are in a genuine romantic relationship.

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