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How to Hook Up on Spring Break

And do today's college kids still get psyched about a week of sunburn, hangovers and fried shrimp specials, or have they moved on to more respectable choices? Let's start with some history. Turns out you can trace the roots of Spring Break all the way back to those crazy Ancient Greeks.

Dos And Don’ts Of Spring Break Hookups

Apparently, it could get stressful inventing democracy and Western philosophy all day, so the Greeks liked to blow off some steam each spring with a three-day "awakening" dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. But the real start of spring break as we know it was in the mids, when a swimming coach from Colgate University in frigid Upstate New York decided to take his team down to Florida for some early training at a brand-new Olympic-size pool in sunny Fort Lauderdale. The idea clicked with other college swim coaches and soon the spring training migration became an annual tradition for swimmers nationwide.

Since you can only swim so much wrinkly fingers are a real thing , the college athletes also excelled in partying. Word got back to campus that Florida wasn't a bad place to spend Easter break and the flow of northern college students to southern beaches started to pick up through the s and s.

But the uncontested landmark moment in spring break history was the publication of a little book originally titled "Unholy Spring," but smartly changed to "Where the Boys Are. Back then, hooking up was called " playing house " and Swarthout witnessed enough house-playing, beach cruising and beer-chugging in Fort Lauderdale to fill his breakout novel, published in MGM quickly turned "Where the Boys Are" into a blockbuster romantic comedy that made spring break in Florida seem like paradise -- or at least a version of paradise where you sleep 20 people to a hotel room but the cute guy has a yacht.

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After "Where the Boys Are," the spring break floodgates were officially wide open. Seemingly overnight the numbers of college students visiting Fort Lauderdale over Easter vacation went from 20, to 50, By , an estimated , students mobbed Fort Lauderdale during spring break. In response, the town passed tougher public drinking laws and the mayor even went on " Good Morning America " to tell spring breakers to take their balcony-diving, drunk-driving antics somewhere else. The latter became the shooting location for MTV's first-ever spring break special broadcast in By the mids, MTV's annual skinfest had become a cultural institution, showcasing live musical performances and lots of Carmen Electra in a bikini from spring break destinations like Cancun, Jamaica and for some reason Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Around the same time, another spring break tradition was born far from the beaches of Florida or Mexico. In , some black college students in Atlanta, Georgia, organized a picnic for kids who were stuck on campus over Spring Break. This was a few years after the number-one disco hit "Le Freak" and Rick James' "Superfreak" was still big, so the organizers decided to call their picnic gathering Freaknik. What kinds of advice does a guy hear when wants to have a Spring Break fling?

Spring Break Flings: A Great Thing, or The Greatest Thing?

These girls are generally much more down to earth and therefore more down to sleep with you. You might be asking yourself, what level of drunkenness is most appealing to the male Spring Break hookup-seeker? If you can get to them before they lose consciousness you can keep them from drinking more, ensuring they are uninhibited enough to sleep with you but not so drunk they pass out or throw up. On the site ItsGuyCode.

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