Ex girlfriend dating ugly guy

OMG! I just bumped into my ex tonight. F-UGLY is her new bf!!!!

She calls herself a diva. I truly want to know. Because I know at least three or four of my girlfriends to whom this happened to recently. And yet, my boyfriend dumps me and turns around two months later and is Facebook-official with another girl. He brings her knick-knacks, and he spends time with her family.

When he and I dated, he never made the relationship official, but I never pushed it because I wanted him to come to make that move. But seriously, can I get insight on why men will breakup with a great girl, and then turn around and date someone who is several steps down? Is it possible he is dating her to get back at me? Maybe in a few months. Also, he just recently hid the fact on Facebook that he was in a relationship with her. I can see it on her page but not on his. Any insight into what this all means? What bothers me more than the utter nastiness of your attitude toward the new girlfriend, a total stranger, is the seeming contradictions in the two situations: Why did he break up with you?

Why is he so frustrated? The most plausible explanation is that he wanted an FWB and you refused; good move on your part. His current relationship reads loud and clear as a rebound attempt, even when we look at it from a neutral perspective i. You already deleted his contact from your phone and his Snapchat dick pics and all that newfangled jazz; now you have to take the real plunge: Diablo Your letter tells me more about you than your ex or his new girl.

Just on principle, that is unattractive. We are all a mixture of qualities. We are all perfect for someone. You need to do some work on you, starting with the unfortunate idea that you are better than anybody. Have you considered that he may actually like the girl, and enjoy her company? Please do not repeat anything you said in this letter to another human being. You are better than this. Whatever the fuck that means. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. You talk about how amazing you are, so you should have guys lining up around the block, right?

Its good to know that my ex girlfriend is dating an ugly skinny mexican

Why the laser focus on this guy? Maybe his privacy settings on Facebook are different than hers. TheRascal September 11, , 1: Get over yourself, please. Does it make you feel better to harbor all this negativity?

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Are you trying to soothe your own hurt feelings by putting someone else down? Sunshine Brite September 11, , 1: Wow, maybe people prefer divas over the wicked witches. Lyra September 11, , 2: Glinda always got the guy!!!! Amanda September 11, , 1: Amanda September 11, , 4: Let me try to give some advice here. Eradicate that mindset, seriously. Unless said person is a murderer or something, but I digress.

You may have a better job but she may be more concerned with spending time with her child.

Neither of these make either of you better than the other. So knock that shit off. Maybe he just is using her to get laid and will dump her in six weeks. The relationship is over. Cry to your friends. Eat too much ice cream. And nobody wants to date that. Jenny September 11, , 1: If you want to attract a great person, then BE a great person. Stop saying such ugly and hateful things about other people. Get a fucking hobby so you stop worrying about Facebook so much.

His Take: “Why Do Guys Rebound With Girls Who Are a Step Down?”

MsMisery September 11, , 1: OK, I am going to take a different approach. Frankly, no one answered your question. Usually, if you see someone with a bunch of culturally bad baggage low earning potential, weight issues, bad past relationships, ect they make up for it with being really grateful to be in the relationship.

They show how much they appreciate the guy. They fawn over him and make him feel needed. Also, maybe she is crazy in the sack. RedroverRedrover September 11, , 1: She is over analyzing her breakup. She is looking at her replacement. Judge away, but at the end of the day picking apart the person your ex is dating does nothing for you. And honestly it sounds like she has terrible self esteem because she really wants to potentially date this guy again?

So I agree unless this kind of search leads you to personal growth.

When my SIL got divorced, she really looked at what she contributed to her breakup. Even though he cheated, she processed everything and is a better partner in her new relationship. She would have acted the same had she learned nothing from that. Jenny September 11, , 4: A bit harsh, sure, but not mean. I think as far as the internet goes, DW commenters are pretty kind. I just get super frustrated with a woman being nasty to another woman over a crappy guy. I just think that no one actually answered her question, they just judged her for the way she asked it.

I know that there should be more female solidarity and I appreciate your anger. Learning that reason can better help you the next go around. Jenny September 11, , 5: Nobody but the guy in question can answer that question for her. Besides, she barely told us about her relationship with him.

Does it matter why he chose her after you? Maybe instead of questioning why people date someone else after they date you, you should ask yourself why your relationship ended. Maybe work on judging other people less and honestly this guy is not a catch. Do you really want to talk to him in a few months? Focus on yourself more and on other people less. Height, weight, hair color, eye color, job status, social status, religion, and every other detail is all over the place.

The only connecting thread is that these were all guys who I enjoyed spending time with and found easy to talk to. Attraction is obviously important to a relationship, but physical appearance is just one of many factors. I actually think that happens a lot. Then again, maybe this is a rebound. But as every single one of the guys said… who the fuck cares? Brian Fairbanks September 11, , 2: Then why is he still clearly interested in her? HmC September 11, , 2: Perhaps you are not on as high of a step as you seem to think. Addie Pray September 11, , 2: The guys are all wrong.

He recognized your beauty and strength but was too much of a coward and was not strong enough to be the man you deserve. Miss MJ September 11, , 2: Why is he in a relationship with a new girl? Oh, and her family is total trash! Why would he date someone like that? Seriously, LW, I hope the responses you are getting to this letter make you do some real soul-searching and self-improvement because your current attitude is just sad and unspeakably ugly.

SasLinna September 11, , 2: Honestly your ex probably just has a different taste than you. Diablo September 11, , 2: See, now I feel sorry for the LW. LW, sometimes there are no reasons. Sorry if my response was hurtful. Addie Pray September 11, , 3: Ah man, now I feel bad too. But… I dunno, she has a lot of nasty nasty-nast for the new girl. That is making it hard to sympathize with her. TaraMonster September 11, , 1: Last February my ex and I had this conversation: Yeah, my friend lectures at high schools about social media: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat- Me: Bittergaymark September 11, , 2: September 11, , 3: Why does he like her?

Although, I must take anyone to task who calls herself a diva. You need to just forget about it and move on with your life. Simonthegrey September 15, , 7: I would also like to say that I love when Guy Friday answers things, not only because his answers tend to make sense to me, but also because I get to see his magnificent avatar. Maybe he purposely sought out behaviors and characteristics that are different than you because he wanted a change. Maybe it was subconscious. Maybe it was neither of those reasons. I do feel bad for you LW, we are taught to hate the people that replace us, because if you were so wonderful he would never have left you, right?

Use the time to find more hobbies, new people, and new places. Lynn September 11, , 3: I think a lot of people have asked this question. Budj September 11, , 3: Diablo September 11, , 3: Lucy September 11, , 3: I am a whisker away from busting out the c word on this LW. It will not take much to push me over the line. This girl was the definition of white trash. They are apparently still together, over 3 years later, and the way I look at is trash begets trash.

Lily in NYC September 11, , 3: Of course I am generalizing, but they just want a person who makes them feel good about themselves and accepts them for who they are.

Who know why he picked her? Maybe you were critical and tried to get him to change. And you sound like a gossipy mean-girl. Skyblossom September 11, , 4: Men and women are often looking for different qualities in a partner. You said that he accused you of lying. Could he have found out something about you that made him feel you were dishonest?

None of these things has anything to do with income or physical attractiveness but they can make or break a relationship. I think this is a legitimate question, maybe just worded the wrong way. LW is seeing a pattern of ex-boyfriends of herself and her friends moving on with girls that are much different. Or am I just a horrible person? I mean, seriously, who has never silently judged others? This girl just happened to write it down and send it in anonymously to an advice column, wanting to get some insight on her thoughts. Lily in NYC September 11, , 4: I think the difference is self-awareness.

When I have silently judged someone, I always know it comes from a place of anger or insecurity. This was the latter. So, I judge people. And it might not even be superficial. Maybe that person was sportier.

Always go after the Ugly Girl

Or maybe they just had more in common. They like who or what they like. For me, I was a pushover. It makes sense to me now, but at the time I was thinking about superficial things. Your letter comes across as very insecure, and lacking awareness. Carol September 11, , 4: I agree with pretty much every thing shared here. Sue Jones September 11, , 5: Sometimes a guy rebounds on the first easiest thing that comes along. Perhaps this girl was low hanging fruit.

I had a guy do this to me. And all of the women he cheated on me with were overweight with low self-esteem and had nothing else going on in their lives… they all seemed to clean houses for a living. Molly September 11, , 6: Maybe he has better chemistry with her? Maybe she has some inner qualities that he enjoys? Maybe that is the case here?

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OP, the former low earning single mom that married a great catch, my first instinct is to rip your ass apart; however the bread winning, calmer me is going to answer your question. She likely makes up for her short comings. She is claiming him, integrating him into her family, etc, instead of expecting him to do all the work and make all the moves. And that is why he chose her, dear. Norabb September 11, , 7: Funny wins me over every time. LW, What stuck me about this letter was how gossipy it felt. How on earth do you know fact from fiction? Everything you mentioned except for the weight sounded like middle school rumors.

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