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I am sorry you are no longer together, divorce is always hard, but I think he can see her if he wants with no problem. I think that your ex's brother would be absolutely shattered if he found out. They're both adults, I get that but this has the potential to cause massive upset in their family. Run, do not walk to the nearest exit. Don't be tempted to tell people about it, you don't want to be responsible for the heart break it could cause to her mother and stepfather. It makes me feel icky when I think about it.

If they really, really love each other, it's alright. Love is love, even if it makes people squick sometimes. It's their own free will. It doesn't affect you anyways, unless you make it affect you by making their business, yours. Why do you even care about your ex, anyways? Are you only angry because you broke up, and she's the one who kind of make you guys break up?

No its not morally right at all, but that doesnt seem to bother some people these days. If there is no blood relationship, it is perfectly fine. Related Questions Is this Right? Uncle and Niece dating? Can i date uncles step-daughter? Is it wrong to date your step-dads niece? Would it be normal if i date my step dads niece? Answer Questions Why do teenage girls cry so much? My sister is mad at me? Home Self Help Relationships Need advice regarding relationship with step niece.

Need advice regarding relationship with step niece. Okay, so i recently got back from a visit to my brother home.

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He just got married almost a year ago, to a woman who is 7 years older than him. He on the other hand is 6 years older than me.


She has 3 daughters, from a previous relationship, the oldest is 4 years younger than me. Over the past year me and my step niece have gotten real close, and we started having feelings for each other.

Well during my last visit, our emotions came to a head and we kissed, and it was magnificent. I have never felt something so right in my life, it was the most natural kiss i ever experienced. So we kept doing it, in private, over the course of my stay there. But now my brother and sister in law found out, and are pissed and want to keep us separate.


When my brother found out he wasn't as upset about it as i thought he would be, but he isn't the one I'm really worried about. His wife is the one who is unpredictable because she is just so weird in a lot of her beliefs and ways about her. Like the fact that she still wants her girls to have a relationship with their biological father, who is nothing but a dead beat, thug, and, as i call him, a sperm donor, as he has like 8 kids from like 5 different women.

I haven't really spoken to them since they found out.

Need advice regarding relationship with step niece.

I only spoke to my brother for a few minutes, and he assured me that their marriage was fine, but that I would probably never see the girls again. It was a very bitter sweet conversation, as I was happy that I didn't mess up their marriage, but i was devastated that I would not be allowed to see the person i fell in love with. So i need your help trying to figure out what I should do, about this situation. Please don't be too judgmental, I have had feelings for her for about 3 years now, and in all that time I have not been able to get rid of them, they just wont go away, and I'm normally really good at detaching my self from my emotions, but i just can't do it with her.

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The thing is, I actually like being in love with her, but at the same time, when i think about my brother, and sister-in-law, and how it could affect them, i get depressed. ReallyThanks for the articleage is realy nothingas long you love and respect each otherlife goes onKranzgmaildot com.

However here I am months deep in a relationship with a year old.

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Need advice regarding relationship with step niece.

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