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In the older days, meeting someone to go on a date with required more effort. This is, of course, if you are using a smartphone and you have installed a dating app on it. Tinder, for example, saw an increase in usage with messages going up by 5. Similarly, the average time spent on the app is 90 minutes — breaking every other existing record of online dating.

The Dating Industry By Numbers

So, how did these sites and apps become so popular? And how can developers working on new dating sites and apps get into the market and steal a share from dating brands like Tinder? The secret lies in the market trends and the methods used to promote dating sites, apps, and brands. No single post or article written on dating sites can properly analyze the current market without at least mentioning Tinder. This is mostly on account of the fact that this app has effectively destroyed the social stigma that was commonly associated with dating online using mobile phones. As such, the app has created a great opportunity for the mobile dating market.

More likely than not, therefore, affiliates will have the time of their lives promoting the latest entrants because of the global audience dating attracts. It also shifted the focus from the old boring programmatic matchmaking to a more casual and majorly entertaining process. Additionally, Tinder ranks among the first mobile phone apps that successfully integrated gaming into the dating scene. So, how can you capitalize on this new opportunity?

How can you use an affiliate network to grow the audience for the dating platform you wish to market? Consider the following tips and tricks:. This feature simplified the use of dating apps while simultaneously making the process playful. To this end, dating app developers should consider doing the same with the applications they roll into the market.

On the affiliate part, it is imperative that you market the dating apps in your list by focusing on their gaming capabilities. Everybody likes a good game. Dating sites and apps are still using the personal information of users to locate the best matches, encourage engagement and provide suitable content. OkCupid and eHarmony, for example, both ask their users to share their preferences and interests. When you go out there to talk about the latest dating tool you are marketing, consider talking about the new features that users will be able to unlock simply by filling out the personal information the site or app requires to provide a better service.

It is almost impossible to imagine how dating sites and apps would work without the photography capabilities they come with. Blume app, for instance, allows its users to get in touch with each other right after they have exchanged selfies. Therefore, users have a better idea of what the other party looks like which also leads to a more trusted and fun messaging.


Whether you are developing dating sites and apps or working on promoting these sites and apps via affiliate marketing, you should consider mentioning this crucial and awesome feature. In the same way, the niche you are talking to will be interested to know how the people they will be communicating with look like. This will help them make better decisions about whether or not to schedule a date.

When you market dating sites and apps through affiliate marketing, ensure you add sections of content about the photo capabilities of the software. By so doing, you will generate a much greater interest among online daters. Today, niche dating is greater than it ever was. Tiny URL Links All four types contain the same information and work the same way, they are simply displayed differently. SubIDs are a feature in LoveRevenue that allows affiliates to group and organize incoming traffic statistics, allowing for more specific tracking of offers and campaigns.

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