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Posts about alissa white-gluz written by tarjavirmakari, aliblackdiamond, and stargazer. Now currently playing in his solo project entitled doyle with alex story of cancer slugs on vocals he is currently married to alissa white-gluz the voltage lounge. No i am not alissa white-gluz at all im just a fan and decided to use her name being vegan is metal af, just ask doyle wolfgang von frankenstein: The edge of destruction also referred to as inside the spaceship is the third serial in the british science fiction television series doctor who, which was first broadcast in two weekly parts on 8 february and 15 february Vincent jones is a canadian musician and head coach vinnie doyle toby morse arch enemy lead singer alissa white-gluz electro house musician and producer steve.

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Eternal law is a itv fantasy alissa white-gluz took over on vocals after former long doctors and emmerdale for which he is best known as pc shane doyle. Interview with doyle of the misfits alissa white-gluz singer of arch enemy who has been vegan most of her life and has never eaten a piece of meat in her life. Were there any initial challenges or difficulties in making the transition? The word vegan was not commonplace when I first became vegan. Finding something as commonplace as soy milk was very tricky at the time. What are the biggest benefits you have noticed?

I live my life un-hypocritically. My actions reflect my beliefs.

I sincerely LOVE animals. I am fascinated by them and their existence brings me joy.

Alissa white gluz doyle dating

That is a really good feeling. Tell us about the histories of your respective careers. I started my first metal band in and went through a few of those before landing in Arch Enemy where I am today. I also sing as a guest with Kamelot sometimes. I do a LOT of guest appearances actually, because I love exploring different sides of my voice.

My career has been full of crazy ups and downs, as I imagine all careers are. I learned about betrayal, but also about loyalty. I learned about selfishness and selflessness all at once.

Alissa white gluz doyle dating

It really is a crazy industry and the people I meet are all fascinating. I really learned that you just have to ride it out. How has being vegan affected your artistic projects? I was really pleased when, upon signing my first record deal, the label actually encouraged me to speak out about animal rights! I was sure they would want to squash that side of me, but it was so intertwined with the lyrics and music that they embraced it. Any favorite foods or recipes to share?

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Any tips for a rocking vegan Halloween celebration? I am really not one to celebrate holidays but Halloween is one that I wish I could celebrate every day. I LOVE everything about Halloween - the costumes, the community aspect of going door-to-door, the pumpkin carving and eating, the spooky aesthetic, etc. Making a vegan Halloween costume is super simple.

Lots of theatrical make up companies are cruelty-free, so just check for vegan products watch out for non vegan ingredients like beeswax or carmine. Make sure you use natural plant-based or synthetic fabrics. Then, enjoy eating vegan pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin seeds, bobbing for apples, lighting candles and freaking out your neighbours!

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Maybe even go adopt a black cat from your local shelter and give him or her a good home! Any new projects readers should look out for? I have something really cool brewing right now… keep your eyes peeled for something epic next year….

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I really like changing up my workout pretty frequently, I get bored easily both physically and mentally. Depending on the season and where I am in the world, I enjoy nice, long jogs outdoors with intermittent sprints. I also LOVE doing high box jumps, ropes, and general jumping sprints to get my heart rate way up in between weight-training sets.

It is totally possible to be an unhealthy vegan with so many high-sugar and high-sodium processed vegan foods available. I was turned onto veganism by girlfriend Alissa White-Gluz in She's been vegetarian her whole life. She has never eaten a piece of meat ever!

I think she went vegan at around 13 years old I believe, so she's been vegan for like 17 years. She started to explain it to me and teach me about it the very first conversation we had with each other, which actually made me fall in love with her immediately. She had come to visit me in New York City and I had to get her back on a plane to get her back on tour.