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I LOVE to travel, shop and spend time doing absolutely nothing. I drink wine like a fat kid loves cake. I have a very sarcastic personality, but I mean well Thanks for stopping by! Another iconic place to take the love of your life: Hop onto a gondola for a delightful ride through its canals. An essential addition to your relationship bucket list. Animal lovers should definitely jump on this, as taking care of pets is a fun and bonding experience.

27 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Couples | Date Night

Pick your brand of scary! How about volcano boarding in Nicaragua? These are great options for unique and fun things for couples to do. Share your memories with your S. One of our favorite things to do as a couple is see wildlife. Petting kangaroos was definitely one of the best things we ever did. Ibiza is the epicenter of European party life. Oh, what is better than a couples road trip?

If you really want to boost your relationship through some challenges, campervan together around Australia or New Zealand. If you have a bucket list for travel, perhaps snuggling one of these precious animals is on it. Find a responsible wildlife provider and let your dreams come true. Do you trust your partner? Put their driving skills to the test in a place that drives on the opposite side of the road. At some point in your relationship, climb a mountain together before dawn so you can share a spectacular sunrise.

2017 Summer Bucketlist

Cruises can offer some fantastic destinations. Do it together, wearing a dirndl and lederhosen of course.

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A dream trip, for sure. A safari in Africa is sure to be endlessly thrilling with plenty of romance as well. As part of your relationship bucket list, take turns cooking for each other. One of the most phenomenal experiences for us in was the total solar eclipse that crossed the USA in August. We were honestly utterly in awe at this miracle of nature. You should absolutely plan to witness an eclipse with your sweetheart if possible.

A pretty breathless experience, to be sure.

Summer Date Night Bucket List

Pick an insanely beautiful beach. Ride an insanely beautiful horse. Be hoity-toity and talk about the merits of each piece of art. Push your boundaries and touch an impressive peak. Everest would be good, but any mountain will do! As a child you no doubt wanted to live in a tree house. Cute llamas, towering green mountains, insane gorgeousness…what more do you need? In the winter time, one of the most romantic activities for couples is ice skating, especially if its on a natural pond or lake!

Bucket list travel ideas: A fabulous road trip is a must for your couples bucket list. Witness the stunning coastal formations along this amazing route. Crafting a delicious meal together is a terrific way to laugh, learn, and eat…plus it will give you meal prep skills for the future.

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Reel in a big one! This is perfect for romantic things to do with your boyfriend, husband, or literally anyone who gets a thrill from catching huge fish! If you can make it happen, nothing would be more memorable than this! Teamwork makes the dream work…. One of the most memorable things couples can do together is to see a lame tourist icon, and laugh about it together. Looking for romantic things to do with your girlfriend? Dancing is great exercise, of course, but is also undeniably romantic.

Stay out all night as you sway to the rhythm of the music. Pick a book and take turns reading it loud to one another. Or, check out multiple copies from the library and then discuss a chapter each day. On a rainy day, stay inside and bring back your childhood by building a blanket and pillow fort in your living room. Backpacking is a classic travel bucket list item, and SE Asia is an outstanding place to do it.

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You could also consider backpacking through Europe or another part of the world. Dinner is all about the company…and the view. There are some amazing restaurants out there, and some luxury hotels with fab views. Go ahead, be sappy. A county fair is so laid back and full of sights, sounds, and smells!

27 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Couples

Ride the rides and eat a gigantic funnel cake. Have you seen those gorgeous overwater bungalows in tropical places? Being only steps away from the tea is utter paradise. Always be safe and be courteous! A private outdoor space is definitely recommended!

Scotland is intrinsically romantic. Travel the mystical highlands together, indulge in whisky, and fall deeper in love. Iceland is a hot destination, and the Blue Lagoon is one of the most romantic spots of all. Go soak with your partner and reap the benefits of the healing, soothing hot springs. At one time or another in your relationship, one of you will get sick. Taking care of your significant other is an act of love that will bring you closer than ever before.

No matter what adventures you take with your partner, be sure to pursue the most amazing adventure of all: Amy is one half of the Two Drifters travel couple.