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Your reward for this is a special type of armor. I have never worn it myself, so please do not concern yourself with that. Please accept your reward. Oh, I went to volleyball practice, things got kind of crazy.

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All this running around behind my back is so irritating! Things just got worse and worse from there. Who do you think you are!? Or did you all forget about that!? I bet everyone else is gonna quit, too.

Rio was going way overboard, though all those girls who ran out were being jerks too. Can you keep an eye on Rio?

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Nice to meet you. Sorry, but I want to be left alone right now.

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Not gonna do it. Mitsuru had something she wanted me to look into. It seems some of the equipment in the command room is malfunctioning. Could you take a look into it? I asked Akihiko and Iori, but judging by their responses, I doubt they were taking me seriously. Family and friends are overjoyed that they are returning to normal. Tune in next time, for Action News.

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She wanted one of us to check on it. Are you good at tech stuff? If you are, could you go look? All I know how to fix is a TV. You just smack the top and voila! Your character is the only one in the game that can create and utilize multiple Personas, while other players are stuck with Personas that are a reflection of their own personality in some way.

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Your character being able to possess several Personas is a nod to the fact that you, the player, are one of several billion possible people. Building relationships in the simulation portion of the game gives you greater power when it comes time to dungeon crawl. The stronger your relationships, the stronger your Personas are.

The better your friendships, the better your mental health, and the more self-actualized you can afford to be. You know that you have help if you need it, and that lets you push forward. To summon their Personas, the characters place a gun, called an Evoker, to their heads and pull the trigger. Rather than a spray of blood, what looks like broken glass erupts out of their skull and the Persona appears. Aside from being a cool visual, I think this represents something more. You risk being ostracized, embarrassment, and most of all, failure.

The gun represents a tool to engineer the death of yourself, of your ego, and that allows your Persona to appear fully formed. Maybe you like to sing at karaoke, but it takes six shots of tequila to get you there. Those shots are your Evoker. The gun is the equivalent of pausing, taking a deep breath, and stepping forward. Going to high school requires making friends.

Making friends makes you stronger, and more reliable in times of danger. Being stronger allows you to protect those friends. The act of protection forces you to open up and embrace your skill. And so we return to begin again. Everything is related, and all of it is more easily mapped to growing as a human being, than growing as a fighter or magician or whatever.

Animation is kept at a minimum, and dialogue is still spoken, but the visuals are near-static images, and events are explained via stage direction. Rather than seeing someone slam a door, you hear the sound and you read the little caption box. More than anything else, P3P reminds me of radio plays. Everything hinges on the actors involved and your own imagination. While comic books give you most of an image and let you fill in the blanks, P3P works more like an illustrated novel. Physical action is left entirely up to your imagination, while the look and personalities of the characters is given to you.

Strangely, this makes it even easier to be drawn into the game. The tradeoff between the specificity of animation and the freedom of imagination means that you have much more invested in the story. You create significant portions of the game as you play, and what you create fits into what is already created like a lost puzzle piece. This is largely done unconsciously and entirely on the fly, but it helps make your playthrough yours , rather than something you watch.

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In P3P , you are the ride. The characters move and think as you want them to. P3P is full of things to do. In P3P , you can pick it up and go out and work on your friendships. Maybe you want to finally hit a certain rank with the Gourmet King, or begin dating Yuko. You can get short interactions with them or longer, more involved conversations. Or you can run through a few floors of the dungeon. Each set of floors is themed, enemies vary from floor to floor, and there are lost souls or treasures to be found in each section.

These quests give you bonus items or cash, and provide short-term goals in long-term gameplay. Part of the high school simulation is building your stats. You have Academics, Charm, and Courage to worry about. These can be increased by studying, doing dangerous things, drinking coffee, getting answers right on a test, or any of a dozen things.