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There have not been any effective strategic cooperative efforts, which would increase global competitiveness of Life Science. Current programs and projects - BusinessOulu.

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Matchmaking 2014 oulu

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Mitzi Benutzer Inaktiv Eingetragen: This will allow these decision-makers to tap into unstructured and unconnected healthcare data to better inform policy, reduce costs and improve health and wellbeing of the population. The MIDAS platform will investigate connecting patient data from European health authorities with individual data collected from apps, sensors and social media.

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Complying with the highest standards of data protection and ethics, the data will be analysed on the MIDAS platform, which provides a tool for policy makers to benchmark, simulate and forecast outcomes of healthcare policy decisions. Co-Created Health and Wellbeing is a 6Aika project that develops the role of companies to operate as a co-developer of health and wellbeing services with cities, research organisations and other partners.

This project aims to unite existing different development methods and to create concrete procedures for the businesses development as part of the co-creation of the health and wellbeing services. The project focuses especially on the service development of a proactive and active wellbeing. Key focus in Oulu is within piloting mobile solutions for health and welfare area. Currently, a significant proportion of stroke patients suffer a decline in health and wellbeing post-stroke and require additional support to achieve their optimum level of recovery.

The MAGIC project is focused on transforming the delivery of health and social care services for patients who have experienced a stroke.

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In response to the inability of services to keep pace with demand, MAGIC will run a European-wide pre-commercial procurement PCP focused on the development of ICT based solutions that improve the well-being and independence of stroke patients and optimise the opportunity for recovery post stroke. ODA — Omahoito ja digitaaliset arvopalvelut Self care and digital value 1.

The ODA project aims to acquire and implement digital, device-independent service package including electronic well-being check-up and training, smart diagnosis, estimates about need for services, and electronic well-being plan. The ODA service package will be integrated with electronic patient records and another electronic services e.

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Smart combination of data from different sources provides fluent, automated self-care service chains and guides the user to receive timely services. The ODA service package maintenance and development will be implemented as agreed in national management model.

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Insights and Business from Data project aims to find out how big data can be utilized to create new services and business. New ideas and insights related to tourism and senior residential environments are searched for by data mining. These ideas will be refined to new services by utilizing the innovation platform developed in the project. In addition, IT companies are trained to exploit data analytics and service design.

Good long life work package, carried out by University of Oulu researchers, intent to find out what big data can reveal about the risks of depression and memory disorders and design health promoting residential environments.


Digitalization of biological samples and generation of big data will create great opportunities to develop new forms of treatment, targeted drugs and health services. In the Digital Biobank project, a new infrastructure is built, which enables tissue sections in glass slides in the hospital pathology departments to be scanned into digital format and connected to other electronic health data. Due to the sensitive nature of clinical information, privacy and information security have played an essential role in the designed logical reference architecture for managing biobank information content.

Moreover, use cases have been defined and material has been collected to research pilots, where methods and tools are developed for managing digitized tissue samples. The goal of the multidisciplinary Digital Health Revolution project is to enable the utilization of health and wellbeing data about the individual as part of personal, preventive services. The approach is based on the MyData principles: The project outcomes include technological solutions providing easy access and portability of personal health data, as well as open environment business models, value chains and user-oriented service concepts in the healthcare sector.

Collaboration between actors from different organizations is essential for innovations. The Innovation Process in Health Technology Ecosystem project is one of the efforts put together for promoting effective innovation actions in the OuluHealth ecosystem. The target of the project is to accelerate commercialization of health technology innovations. A co-operation model for university, hospital and companies is developed and tested in practice with the Proof of Concept PoC cases funded by the project, and collaboration between actors from various backgrounds is promoted by organizing matchmaking and networking events.

The project is funded through the European Regional Development Fund. Nordic university hospitals and hospital test beds vary in their methods and practices related to service production. The Nordic Test Beds NoTeB project will strengthen strategic and operational level cooperation on a Nordic level by creating an international collaboration network and providing companies access to 5 Nordic university hospital test beds.

Companies are supported to test their health care solutions in realistic Nordic cross-border test bed environments together with care providers providing valuable feedback. During the project a practical guide about the best operation practices related to healthcare product testing in the Nordic countries will also be created.