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It aims to determine the number and demographic profile of internet users and to learn about the ways in which they use the net: Online Population Age groups Men Women.

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On average, Lithuanian smartphone users spend more than eight hours per month on the dating site Ieskok. Check out the latest Gemius ranking of pages which Lithuanian smartphone users spend the most time on. Furthermore, Lithuania itself is now richer even if lagging behind the West somewhat thus a British or American working-class salary no longer seems to be miraculous to the Lithuanian girls. If one would like to date a Lithuanian girl for the aforementioned stereotypes, he would perhaps have more luck somewhere further east instead, where economic conditions are worse e.

For foreign women , dating a Lithuanian man may often be difficult. The expectations for a female beauty, dressing style and attention to girlfriend's looks a "regular" Lithuanian man would have may be unattainable for somebody overweight or unwilling to regularly dress up. Likewise, to a Western girl, some of the qualities some Lithuanian guys are so proud to possess may seem rather dull. Their "great cars" will likely be "just regular" by the Western standards and the same would go for their salaries. While the overprotectiveness could get to the nerve of a Western girl.

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For such reasons, the couples with a foreign man and a Lithuanian woman are much more common than those with a foreign woman and a Lithuanian man. Of course, all these are just stereotypes that only work for some half of the population however, this half is disproportionately represented in the dating scene, for example, nightclubs and "Tinder". If one's expectations and qualities are different from the stereotypes, finding a right person may be harder, although, if you do, the probability of a successful long-term relationship is higher. This for Western women can be highly frustrating.

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  4. The balance of beauty is completely disproportionate. For the rest nice article. In such relationships, men are not expected to be handsome or dress up, while women, in turn, are not expected to have careers as good as those of Lithuanian men nor do physically difficult tasks. I think, however, in this sense the traditional dating practices in the West and Lithuania are somewhat similar: Click to learn more about Lithuania: Out of all the nations within the Baltic States, I would say the Baltic girls from Lithuaniahave the thinnest bodies.

    Personality From my experience interacting with various Vilnius Lithuanian women, I perceived them to be quite westernized. By the way, Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. Doing so will set off her romantic vibe and brightens her mood.

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    As a result, she may get all horny and who knows, you may just get lucky at the end of the date! But I thought you should know thatthey are more interested in a relationship than casual flings. This is good news for foreign guys who are seeking long-term relationships, but what about those who are keen on one night stands, or casual hookups and dates? Should you cross Lithuania off your list of potential dating tourism destinations?

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    Oh no, of course not. They can mostly be found when the Lithuania nightlifescene comes alive. And Vilnius happens to one of the best places to enjoy her nightlife.

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    With a variety of exciting clubs bringing the night to life, it is worth devoting some time to check a few of them out as they are packed with potential dates or hookups. Some of the clubs that I would highly recommend you stake out are Opium , Loftas , and Salento.

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    Bix is also another awesome club which plays rock and metal tunes. You know, I almost hooked up with a dark-haired Kerli an Estonian singer look-alike when I was hanging out at this club.