Cs go matchmaking failed your connection is not reliable

I've tried all the suggested fixes, including reinstalling both Steam and CSGO, but nothing seems to work. I used to get this error very occasionally maybe once a fortnight , but simply restarting Steam would fix it. Hey guys, just letting you know I finally got this working by playing a competitive game on my computer with my friend's account. After that finished, it seems to be alright. Im still having this issue. I was able to play 1 game today and yesterday but kept happening in between.

I'm getting the same issue. It just started today as well. I'm located in NYC. Ping measurement has been active for 5. Sending what we have to GC atl: Communications with routing cluster 'pww' have been disrupted. Communications with routing cluster 'pww' restored. This seemed to fix it for me https: The last few times I had this issue, restating steam in administrator mode usually fixed the issue. Do not have access to my PC now, so cant guarantee that it would work.

Been getting it for weeks, usually after playing a non valve server first then trying to find MM game. I have to exit and login to Steam to fix it, it has worked every time i reopen steam but never if I relaunch csgo. Only fix I knew was to completely close steam and re open it as administrator. Kinda off topic but this happens on Insurgency for me constantly. Seems like a problem with the engine.

But still, anyone having this problem, try this.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribe , readers 7, users here now Submit a banner! Nemiga [Train] Map 1 Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Huge thanks in advance to anyone who will help, I'm really worried.


Have a great day and good time playing! Want to add to the discussion? Loaded default network config file. Loaded revision 98 OK Loaded cached network config file. Data contains revision 98, not newer than current revision 98; ignoring. Starting ping measurement Got network config from CDN. Telling Steam it is safe to update the app Failed to communicate with routing cluster 'tsnt'.

Communications with routing cluster 'tsnt' established.

Ping measurement completed Pretty sure this isn't the way it's supposed to look in my console, before it pinged different server locations, now I get none. Communications with routing cluster 'pww' established. And if you look at my ping for PWW, it's: One works fine the other doesn't. How is it on my end? Fortunately this doesn't happen to me. Have a great day. Something is happening behind the scenes here. I also tried the ip config stuff, didn't work for me.

Literally the 2nd day of this Im not a happy customer anymore. Im sorry for some kind of bad english here. What's going on here? But glad to see I'm not the only one.

"Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable" is back ? : GlobalOffensive

Restarted steam and reset ipconfig settings in CMD. Wilhelm View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Double T:.

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Then run it as administrator. After launching steam, assuming you're using Windows , open CMD and type in the following commands: Originally posted by Tim Wonnacott:.

Mind View Profile View Posts. Start a New Discussion. Are you running your connection through a proxy? It could be a proxy you're using, your ping cap, or even an unstable or weak connection itself. Not very helpful I know, but with this information there's not much more to suggest. After launching steam, assuming you're using Windows , open CMD and type in the following commands: State of the Stack A Year in Review. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled.