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Dating has no influence on time. Dating can be one night, but also it could last for several times, for one it ends and they break up or go in officail marriage. Marriage however has his influence on time, it is if Allaah wills for this life and the herafter Dating is having no responsiblities In Islaam everyone has his responsibilities. It isn't about following your own desire, but making the other happy. Isn't that with dating the opposite? Dating is searching a woman that can please your desire, if you don't like her or she can't please you, you dump her and get to the next girl in line? Careless how she feels about it, crying and heartbroken?

And a woman is the half of the soceity and she will give birth to the other half of the soceity. This to avoid and protect one agianst the harm that result from dating: When one person knows the way to illegal relationships, he will also know in the future. How would they trust each other? It is not permissible for a Muslim man to date a non-mahram woman and go out with her, because Allaah has forbidden the believers to do that as He says interpretation of the meaning: The food slaughtered cattle, eatable animals of the people of the Scripture Jews and Christians is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them.

Lawful to you in marriage are chaste women from the believers and chaste women from those who were given the Scripture Jews and Christians before your time when you have given their due Mahr bridal-money given by the husband to his wife at the time of marriage , desiring chastity i.

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And whosoever disbelieves in Faith, [i. Related Questions Why dating is consider Haram in Islam. In that case how would a man and a woman going to know and understand? Is dating haram in islam? If Dating is haram in Islam, How can you get to know eachother and get married? Characteristics as per birth date According to Islam, is it haram to celebrate Islamic holidays at a separate date? Answer Questions What does the word hoejabi mean?

Why is dating considered haram in Islam? | Yahoo Answers

Do people give gifts on Ramadan? Sex may be part of sexuality, but sexuality is more than that. Sex can also be separate from sexuality e. The sex act of rape is not related to that person's sexuality or desire or their identity. The Qur'an states that variety in appearance, language, culture, and even religion were created as part of Allah SWT's plan and wisdom.

Perhaps you think that all that diversity was created by Allah SWT but not sexual diversity.

We know homosexuality exists among human beings, the only creatures with free will. But homosexuality also exists among animals, and they do not have free will, and they are only obedient to Allah SWT. The Qur'an even mentions sexual diversity. These men have been gay or asexual, but they certainly were not heterosexual men. The Prophet pbuh even knew people who fit that description of "men who are not in need of women". There are studies of early Islamic literature showing that the Prophet accepted men called mukhanath.

These were men who were "acting like women", so perhaps gay men whose sexual orientation was seen as making them "act like women" or transgender people. The Prophet pbuh even recognised these men as different than others. His wife, Umm Salama, had a male friend named Hit who was one of these mukhanath.

He was allowed to enter both the men's space and the women's space. The Prophet pbuh even trusted him enough to let him enter the private women's spaces. As a side note, after Hit was caught describing a woman's body to another male, the Prophet pbuh forbid Hit from entering the private women's spaces again, but there was no punishment for being mukhanath, but rather for violating privacy. The Prophet pbuh never punished anyone for homosexuality or homosexual acts. After the Prophet pbuh died, his companions once discussed whether to punish a person for homosexuality.

If the Prophet pbuh had ever done so, his companions would have simply followed his previous decision. Since they didn't know what to do, it's clear that the Prophet pbuh had never punished someone for homosexuality or given an example for those companions to follow. The Qur'an does not have a word for homosexuality within it. There are several other words used to talk about sexual behaviour though.

This can include other activities that are not sexual. This is used to describe the mind of someomone doing something that is not allowed, so someone comitting fahisha. Some scholars do try to connect those three terms with homosexuality. This connection between fahisha and fusuq with homosexuality is not clear from the Qur'an though, and the Qur'an simply does not make a connection between zina and homosexuality.

Human jurists have made that statement, but it is nowhere in the Qur'an. While the Qur'an spends most of its time in discussions of relationships discussing heterosexual relationships, that does not meant that homosexuality is wrong. It is simply more unusual. The Qur'an does discuss people who are intersex with signs of being both male and female as well as the aforementioned "men who have no need of women" who may have been gay, transgender, or asexual.

This is a very succinct approach to the story of the Prophet of Lut pbuh. Men were not the only ones punished in the destruction of Sodom. That does not seem to be a reasonable conclusion. A thematic reading of the story of Lut can be found in the Qisas al-Anbiya classical stories of the Prophets. They were showing that they could take what they wanted from others.

In that way, people became afraid to raid the city. This showed aggressiveness, stinginess and greed—all things that would justify their punishment. This is clear from the context of the story of Lut, which is placed among other stories with the same theme. Once again, the behaviour of the men of Sodom was not an expression of sexual desire. They wanted to have sex with the visiting angels by force.

The people of Sodom were punished for the transgression of rape, greed, and stinginess. It would not be haram for you to marry a woman, but it would probably not be the most fulfilling relationship you could be in, nor would it be compassionate or truthful to your spouse who deserves someone who would love her in many ways, including sexually. If you are gay and you meet someone with whom you would like to commit your life to, to support and grow in a marriage, then go along with that. If you're gay, that person would be a man.


If not, you do not need to be married to be a good Muslim. There are many more resources you can use to learn more about homosexuality and its place in Islam. This is a simple explanation. Further reading includes Homosexuality in Islam: Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why is homosexuality a sin if Allah made me this way?

Curious Fwa Curious Fwa 1 2 3. Please have a look at Dr Tatianas Sex Advice to All Creation , and educate yourself about some of the remarkable 'sexual deviancy' in nature.

Why is dating considered haram in Islam?

She's an evolutionary biologist. Please note the title is meant to be humourous The question itself is slightly flawed. If the purpose of the question is to justify it then murder and killing is also according to psychologists human nature so can murder be justified by a person who claims that Allah made him that way?

I would humbly claim that fasting on a regular basis and a rigid program will solve the issue, mate. I cannot think fasting in this fashion will be more demanding than feeling doomed to committing homosexuality. Fast three days a week, two of which are fixed ones; say Thursday and Saturday. Fast the third day on a day of each week when fasting will be most ego-challenging i.

Bind yourself to choosing the most difficult day in every week to fast on the third day. Bill That's not really analogous. In your example the sin murder is an action whilst what you were born with is a trait being murderous. You could live with the trait whilst never carrying out the action, and therefore not sin.

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Imam's opinion aside, the OP was born with a trait homosexuality and is concerned with that trait being a sin. The murderous person can overcome and control what he was born with. But if the trait itself is a sin, then he's been doomed from birth. Bach Mar 21 '17 at Please do not give up brother, I wish the best for you. Mohammad Sakib Arifin 3, 2 11 Truth Truth 2 10 Its a nice analogy, but I don't think it quite works. It remains legitimate for you to marry a woman. Some of them will be blessed with marriage in this life and others will be rewarded in the next life for their patience.

I am a Christian and we think exactly the same on so many levels like in your answer and therefore I just don't understand why we often not always can't live peacefully next to each other. Bach Apr 9 '17 at Why do you think it is the truth that you are born gay? Even if you think so, that is not a proof. I think the best you could do is: But let us assume you are gay by birth and Allah forbids homosexuality, that would mean it is a trial for you and Allah tells us: Irfan 1 7 I hope you will not understand my answer as offensive or aggressive, I am trying to help, and as Joseph --peace be upon him-- said no one is safe and I am not an exception: That God has given you this disease since you have born --if it be true-- then He has certainly given you the power to overcome it: In between, what can help you much is asking for help from Allah, for He is the one who hears and can help you and indeed will help you but not necessarily in the way you like but in the way He knows to be better: Say, "What would my Lord care for you if not for your supplication?

Salam Brother Curious, I understand what you are going through. Love and prayers, anon. I wrote this with the assumption that you feel it is beyond you to marry a woman. However, homosexuality can be successfully treated so that you can be attracted towards women. I don't know how it is with you, but I know of someone who was a homosexual man but who forced himself to love his wife, and he was successful in doing so, and he managed to really be in love with her and have a child and a normal family.

Allah mentions that He forgives all sins except idolatry. Think about that too. S Karami S Karami 1 Islamic Answer Being homosexual is not a sin but committing an homosexual act is a sin. It can be most likely regarded as Having lustful eyes for other men having sexual contact with other men A heterosexual having 'gay type acts' with his wife is also a sin What I have heard is God rewards you for your intentions.

Modern Answer Homosexuals are totally normal people. If you look at the above verse, you see a problem right away.. Qur'an says no one ever did such a sin before you. This is questionable in itself. Compromise Most people do not know that it is the act of penetration that is punishable by death not just touching or fondling. By answering this I by no means encourage or discourage you from any homosexual sin. There is a specific verse in the Qur'an that seems to deal directly with homosexuality, to wit: Yusuf Ali commentates towards the end of this verse: This is reinforced in 'The latent faculties in man are enough to teach him the distinction between good and evil, to warn him of the dangers that beset his life.

Al-A'Raf, Aya , translation by Yusuf Ali, note I suggest that the 'still small voice' is within in you and 'acknowledges the truth'. Mozibur Ullah Mozibur Ullah 1, 3 20 Seek Knowledge, even in China is not athentic and farbicated hadith. But We saved him and his family except his wife: Al-Araf, ayat If homosexuality is a natural thing, Allah wouldn't punish them such punishment: Al-Hijr, ayat for something beyond their control.

Why is dating haram in Islam?

Asalaamu alaikum, The likelihood that you will read my answer is slim, but perhaps someone else will read it and benefit inshaAllah. Meeting up with someone does not mean you are having sex with them. The Christians I know date and don't do pre-martial sex and their marriages last a lifetime too. I can't say what is Haram or not, because I would need loads of years of studying about Islam, but as far as I know there is a phrase in Qur'an that allows engaged couples to meet, but they must not meet in private.

I would say that this is fair, because feelings and being attracted to someone do overwhelm us sometimes regardless how we gain control on ourselves.

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You do not know what he is having in mind, or you two may decide not to have sex, but you may do things that may lead to it! I think media plays an important role in portraying cultures that are OK-ing it and that makes you think: Dating is the most stupid thing ive ever seen so u telling me that u have to "try out" a person to get "to know them better" must u go out with a person for a full year or two..

An what if u date for a while Getting to know someone is different in islam. U dnt have to kiss them and sleep with them to realise if u love them or not.

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With the women wearing hijab U can get to know eachother in a halal way and u are allowed to judge eachother with a critical eye.. NOT a lustful eye. And arrange marriages last longer How many people do u know that have been dating for like 3 years All u have to do is look at western civilisation: The ideal family hardly excists anymore IN islam its not like u see someone.. Asking Questions that have no right or wrong answers which make u realise what kind of a person they are.

It just takes a little planning thats all. And yea God gave us free choice to pick our spouse.. Yes but you never know, a guy and a girl aloen together Dating is haraam to kepp us SAFE!