Hook up autometer tach

Auto Meter tachs have always provided us with rock-steady rev readings, and been able to take a beating in a variety of cars…. You must remember to hook up the white dash light wire for this to operate.

Technical Details

Auto Meter also includes a small selection of colored filters that slip over the small serviceable bulb inside the gauge; these allow you to change the color of the light to match your needs. Moreover, Auto Meter tach faces are available in a variety of materials, colors, fonts, and rpm ranges. You can also get an add-on or built-in adjustable shift-lite, peak recall, playback, and even data-logging—essentially anything you want.

And for the ultimate in custom gauges, you can special order exactly the tach you want for a small price premium from the Auto Meter Custom Shop ampcustomshop.

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No matter which Auto Meter electronic tach you choose, they will all connect the same way for every car. There are four small wires that come out of the gauge; on tachs with a steel cup, this will be through a small hole protected by a flexible rubber grommet. The black wire is connected to a good ground, the red wire goes to switched volt power, the green wire is a tach signal feed, which goes either to the negative side of the ignition coil or to the tach terminal on your ignition box, and the aforementioned white wire goes to the instrument panel lighting circuit.

Once everything checks out, the wires can be shortened and terminated appropriately—by that we mean using proper electrical terminals, and protecting connections against short circuit with heat-shrink tubing, electrical tape, or protective crimp terminals.

2016 Coyote Autometer Tachometer hookup

And one final tip: We rotated the gauge in the cup clamp such that the needle will aim straight up at our designated shift point of 6, rpm. This will be very easy to see, even when not staring directly at the gauge. Looking for a great all-around muscle car speed shop to work on your Mopar, or any muscle car for that matter? RRC owner Bill Richman and his capable crew have been building ground-pounding street machines, competitive race cars, and show-winning hot rods for decades, and our tach installation was a slam dunk for them.

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Here, Bill and his trusty electrical expert Marty Keown show you how to drop your own Auto Meter mini tach in any Mopar muscle machine! Auto Meter Sport Comp tachs feature U. With the engine compartment side coil connected the length of the dashboard side of the wiring harness was ready to cut to length. The plug end of the tachometer wiring harness was spliced into the Painless wires with butt connectors.

Although installing the Auto Meter tach was a temporary measure the wiring we installed is a permanent solution that will stay in place. It breathes through a bone-stock exhaust system. The starting line at Auto Club Dragway had teeth. We powerbraked it slightly, mashed the throttle and let the do its thing. The TCI trans shifted hard at 5, rpm.

Horsepower has gone up since our last dyno test. When we tested the car on our old DynoJet in Tampa, it made rwhp. On the Superflow unit at Westech Performance with an additional 1, miles on the engine, we were now up to rwhp and hp. The Gearstar Level 4 R4 transmission can handle big-block grunt, and be more efficient in the process.

This Chevelle wiped the floor and corners with a lot of capable cars and proved that an affordable, traditional muscle car has a place on any autocross track.

We replace the original rubber body mounts off a Chevelle with new urethane mounts from Prothane Motion Control for better handling performance. Vintage road test on big-block powered Chevrolet Chevelles and El Camino.

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How to Wire an Electronic Tachometer as Easy as 1-2-3

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