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If you're standing up, try to touch her face. If she touches yours, or adjusts your hair or picks lint off your jacket, those are good signs. Only go forward if she seems open to your advances so far.

Dating/first kiss protocol.

If she seems standoffish or tries to make a lot of jokes, looks around the room, or seems distracted, back off. Try touching her hair. Tell her you like her hair or the way she's styled it. Touch her jewelry and tell her you like them.

Gay Dating Tips: 7 Things to Avoid on a First Date

This is a sneaky way to get closer to her. Gently graze her arm or shoulder. Keep making physical contact as you're talking. Lean closer to her. If you're lying down, move your body closer to her as you speak. Put her at ease, and try to make her feel safe. She may want to kiss you, but she could also be scared about it at the same time. Talk to her and act casual, but not too casual. Make sure she has a hint that you like her as more than a friend. Here are some things that you can say to put her at ease: If she resists at all, calm her nerves by saying, "Are you scared?

If she says, "A little," ask, "Of me? Nuzzle into her a little bit, but if she backs off, tries to move away, or squirms, stop immediately. If she nuzzles into you or returns any kind of affection, look at her. If she is gazing back at you, look at her mouth. If you notice that she's looking at your mouth, she is definitely ready.

If her eyes are closed or half closed, reach under her chin and gently tip her face up so that you can look at her. Have an unforgettable first kiss. Don't shove your tongue down her throat, and don't make it a marathon. Kiss her gently at first.

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If she responds warmly, by kissing you back, you can kiss her again, and let the kiss deepen as the moment grows. But for a first kiss, try to use some restraint and make it really romantic and wonderful. That doesn't mean you make it a chaste, boring kiss either - part your lips slightly, making sure they're kissable and soft by licking them slightly. When you kiss her, hold her and make it romantic and sweet. If this is your first kiss of many with this girl, you'll both have very fond memories of this moment, so make it count.

If your kiss starts getting more intense, you can let your hands wander if you are exploring each other's bodies.

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If the girl is shyer, she may be waiting for you to make more of the moves. Making "the" move is the most detrimental part of getting her to kiss you. Do you need to be sure that if this has a potential to ruin your friendship, do you really want to go through with it? After you kiss her smile don't look awkward and uninterested, you can also give her a hug and snuggle together.

Put your hands on either side of her face.

Tips About Gay Kissing

Hold the sides of her hips. If it's more heated and you have some privacy you could pick her up and put her on a counter or something similar so you're closer in height. Not Helpful 17 Helpful You could also eat mints or chew gum. Not Helpful 16 Helpful It depends on how close you are.

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If you two stay very close and hold hands sometimes, then that's a good sign. If you make her smile a lot and laugh, that's also a good sign. Hang out with her more often and if she starts getting closer, then you can ask her how she feels about you. Not Helpful 30 Helpful What if she's shy and I am nervous?

What if I misread the signals because she's too nice? Just try not to be nervous because if she really is your friend then she will care and like you no matter what. Not Helpful 18 Helpful Not Helpful 11 Helpful If you know that she won't mind this, then you could but be mindful of your other sleepover friends, as this might weird them out. If you wouldn't do it with a potential boyfriend, why would you do it with a potential girlfriend? It's no different, so be considerate of others who might find this taking it all too far. Not Helpful 41 Helpful Then give up -- if she's not feeling it, then she's made it clear how she feels and you should desist.

Not Helpful 51 Helpful When you want to kiss her, give her a friendly kiss on the head first. If she reacts positively, get closer and maybe tease her a bit by getting closer to her lips. Make sure you are in a private area so if she feels comfortable and secure, you can try kissing her. Not Helpful 32 Helpful Not Helpful 12 Helpful You might be bi or you might be curious. You're a lesbian if you're only attracted to girls.

If you're attracted to both boys and girls, you would be bisexual. In my experience, the first kiss comes naturally and at the perfect time. Until it does, just do your best to help create that perfect time. The anticipation build up can only help, too. May 02, 6: Don't worry about playing Monday morning quarterback. You didn't kiss him, so don't stress out about what you could have or should have done. If you like the guy, then go ahead and make a move on him.

We're not all about hook ups.

If you want to know if a guy is interested in you, check out his body language. He keeps eye contact. His body is open towards yours. He might mimic your behavior. He could lean towards you. Learning to read body language is an important skill. May 02, There is no protocol I hate when someone expect me to act this or that way It totally depend on situation.

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  • Maybe we'll fuck on the first date, but maybe we wont even kiss. I think you did a great job! It sounds like you were able to secure a second date, which is really great. I think you will be just fine! May 02, 1: Get off your knees, you already blew it. May 02, 9: I always thought the first kiss was all about the eyes haha, So when you look into eachothers eyes you can kinda just tell when it should happen. Take Tyra's advice and smize!