Freshman and senior dating in high school

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If she's so intellectually fascinating that you just want to enjoy her company on a purely platonic basis, go right ahead. Lay a finger on her and you're just asking for trouble. Girls that age just can't keep panties on; they literally catch fire and burn right off. Don't get burned, you WILL regret it. And I'm talking about 20 years ago. Dubai Vol , Feb 17, Mar 25, Messages: I dated a freshman just about my whole senior year. We had a great relationship on almost every level.

It has the potential to be problematic, but it's not. Merkinball , Feb 17, Jul 11, Messages: That depends if freshmen are from ninth or tenth grade in your school.

High school relationships - seniors with freshmen

Also its fine if she was held back a year in the past. Dec 30, Messages: Nope, I have no problem with it, because I dated a freshman when I was a senior too. I was 17 she was 15, it only lasted for 2 months. Chris85 , Feb 17, Apr 18, Messages: Middle of nowhere, israel. Jun 17, Messages: I say there is something wrong with a high school senior or any upper class men dating a freshman.

They only date underclassmen just to break their fragile hearts. Then again, this is based on my experience when I was a freshman dating a junior.

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GenMarshall , Feb 17, Jul 12, Messages: Girls do mature faster than boys supposedly. And actually, a lot of people I know of who dated when they were a couple years apart in high school worked out. Edited August 28, by zunshynn.

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There's nothing wrong with having a younger friend. I remember being a freshman and liking a guy 3 years older than me.

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He was too old for me. Now, I do have a boyfriend and we are both the same age. I like being the same age because we are going through things together. Like going to prom, graduating, looking at colleges, things like that.

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Before I dated him, I've had guys both younger and older interested in me, some pure, some not. However, I wanted someone I was already close friends with and someone who was my age, because again, we go through the same stuff together and help each other out. Just my humble opinion. Pray about it and ask God if He wants you to date this young lady. Then, see where it leads. The only thing I have to add is this Girls who date older guys like that often get judged and labeled with some not-so-nice terms that I'd rather not repeat, and people who don't know you or this girl very well might jump to false conclusions.

While you would do nothing to ruin her reputation or stain her innocence, some of the gossiping and other junk she might possibly have to endure from others as a result of your relationship might hurt her. Mccollum free public sex. Jan 21, girl s, but besides that share.

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