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We all have our challenges. Still, it was important to Danielle to model self-care for all of the children. One of the first things she did was research Operation Family Caregiver OFC , a program for caregivers that some of her Facebook friends had gone through. Danielle liked that OFC was not a single day or multi-day retreat but a 4- to 6-month-long program that helps military caregivers plan for the long term. Initially disheartened when she found the program was not active in Oregon, she sent an email anyway and was surprised to hear from Meredith, a caregiver coach based in Washington state at the Easterseals Washington OFC site.

But eventually, something shifted. Danielle likes the practical, step-by-step approach of OFC. The worksheets Meredith walks her through remove emotion from the equation and help Danielle think more rationally about how to make more time for herself and take care of her own health.

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Between Meredith and the community Danielle has established online, her network is strong. But more importantly, Danielle is getting stronger. This helper, who has always helped others, has finally found a way to help herself. For years she has taken care of her husband and her family.

Now she's finally taking care of herself. She found the strength to support her husband and her family. I now care for my dad daily and work nights. It is no easy task, very few rewards. But it is what I do because they were able to give soooo much to me in my life. Morals, wisdom, encouragement, hope, knowledge You are doing a great and wonderful thing.

Alzheimer's Caregivers & Dating

Home Hospice can assist you in getting some time away if you have a good one near you. They have provided help a couple days a week in my case which has provided a much needed stress relief. Check into any home health care connected to Provenia. They have been fabulious help to us and provide great care on a caring and professional level. Medicare covered our costs in this.

Do be careful though, unfortunately as in anything, there are some not so caring home health orgs. I wish you the best and offer my spiritual support, as I know how difficult the task can be.

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All of you,I wish to express my most sincere thanks, it's reassuring to experience human compassion. I take care of my bed ridden sister I took care of my husband, dad and then mom as they were all ill and passed. Some of us know all too well about this burn out. Caregiving is exhausting both mentally and physically. It's like you compartmenatlize the situation.

Online Dating 101 for Seniors

If the date doesn't go well no loss you still have love and family, not looking for love or to start a family, but still want understanding and fun. Really a few messages on a site a few texts and a few calls and you know a lot about someone if they are honest. No rush, take your time getting to know someone. My thing with local socials is judgement, if it's a swingers club or Polyamarous living group I think they are inclusive but if you talk about things like this with church folk it's tricky.

Finding Community and Answers Online

The biggest thing is respect for self and the patient, I think it's harder for the patient if it's a neighbor or mailman kind of thing because they have to see them regularly. Maybe you have a favorite couple you want to play with. There are all kinds of situations that the couple should talk about before hand so everyone has a good time.

Events are cool but was think on an indavidual level, the more people the more that could go wrong, then through some booze on it lol. for Alzheimer's Caregivers, Respite Care | Alzheimer's Reading Room

A sober lunch is still an option, not as much fun but an option. Can have wine with lunch. Might want to check meetme or meetup. Must admit I am clueless on the various web dating stuff. The shear thought of it scares the heck out of me. I met my husband the good old fashion way. I joined a bowling league. It was a mixed couples league and they were looking for a female to fill out the team. The single guy on the team would 4. I knew after the first date this guy wasn't going to be just any regular boyfriend. Now we have been together 25 years and married almost 21 of those years.

To call up and ask if they want to double date for a movie. Caregiving is a tricky thing. It is hard enough to get a break from caregiving much less have time to meet up with someone for coffee. Interesting idea the dating piece, but how in the heck would you put something like that together? Meetme is free and just a place to post and meet people. Free time is part of why internet dating is so popular, you don't have to take a lot of time going places.