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For some people, high sensitivity to others may demand protective isolation from hurtful relationships, even family members. Petersen in a deeply ironic tone:.

I should be just like you. Alone in my hermetically sealed condo, watching Discovery on the big screen, working genius-level crossword puzzles. Issues for Gifted Adults , Deirdre V. Feeling comfortable with oneself, having a wide variety of interests, knowing that there are some people who value at least parts of themselves, and viewing lonely times as a chance of further self-care and self-exploration are ways of growing in personal power.

To him, there were only 2 options: Most of the advice was good; however, several of them went askew by warning that they, as scientists with PhDs, would exercise their right to be arrogant know-it-alls. Apparently, some scientists are so immersed in science that they cannot fathom any other way of thinking. How many of you IBs have strong ideas about religion, about the role of government, about whether humans are intended to eat meat or intended to be monogamous?

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The problem is, no matter what you believe, there are others — including other smart people — who disagree. Am I suggesting that you compromise you beliefs?

Relationships for exceptional people | High Ability

Am I suggesting that you hide your knowledge or pretend to agree when your date says something you disagree with? Like I talked about on Day 3 , you must own your unique awesomeness, and that includes your knowledge and beliefs.

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  • Gifted relationships: Sex appeal and smarty-pants | High Ability;
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And part of social skills is knowing how to be smart, even brilliant, without coming off like a condescending ass-munch. Many IBs have no problem with this; but others struggle. Remember, dating is about connecting with someone. To do this, you want to be yourself and show who you are, but you also want to make others feel comfortable and valued in your presence. Have you ever met someone who cared more about being right than hearing your point of view?

Relationships for exceptional people

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