Dating agency cyrano kiss scene

All-round engineer with chic charms, Moojin! The love that Minyoungie expressed and can only be conveyed through sincerity. I got spoiled from Taeyeon's Instagram post. Anyways, thanks guys for the recaps. I'll be watching the last two episodes happily. The writers redeemed themselves with a happy ending.

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So sad and I cannot believe that it finally ended. Looking forward for other good dramas like this. I am so so happy because my freakin' amazing couple got together but at the same time, I'm feeling so sad like I lost a part of me Dating Agency Cyrano, you are a great drama and I'm so thankful to be able to have watched you. This is the first drama of the Flower Boys series that I didn't stop watching or skipping parts. I had a lot of worries at the start of the drama with the bomb and blood I applaud Master for being so good. I said before that you have to be selfish and greedy in love but in Master's case, he has been so good to help these two together.

It is great how everyone participated for their love manipulation. What a great way to end a drama, huh: PI still remember how I joked with myself when I thought that with Byung Hoon being a producer again, Min Young would be a housewife, guess I was right lol. DOh gosh', I really want a season I'm very talkative in real life so it may be an explanation Bravo to all the cast and staff members. Plus the cameo stars of course. All of them were amazing. They created such a magnificient masterpiece xD.

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This drama is definetely a feel good one. It makes me so happy while watching it that I forgot all my worries ;D Why am I writing such a long text whereas I still have to comment on the episode after watching it subbed XD.

Dating agency cyrano kiss scene. Best dating sites london 2012

Thank You jjsweeter for the recaps this whole time and ceecile for helping today. Oh gosh, what am I suppose to do now? I didn't think we'd get a kiss due to their age difference, but I am glad we got one! Thank you tvN and writers for including that, it made it so much better. I'm so bored by dramas nowadays. Everytime, I found something which bothers me because it is so expected or just not interesting at all. I have never thought I would see blood in DAC lol. Nine Times Time Travel not a rom-com, but oh so good.

DThanks for the recommandation! Guys, did you see the article of Dating Agency Cyrano finale on netizenbuzz? I'm so going to kill them one day. They just can't help and richard simmons me off and I know I say it every single time that I shouldn't care and all but I just can't.

Cyrano Agency Couples -- Falling For You ♫

The crowd is going to disperse when Cyrano lashes out at a pesky busybody, then is confronted by Valvert and duels with him while composing a ballade , wounding and possibly killing him as he ends the refrain as promised: Roxane's duenna then arrives, and asks where Roxane may meet Cyrano privately.

Cyrano, now emboldened, vows to take on the entire mob single-handed, and he leads a procession of officers, actors and musicians to the Porte de Nesle. The next morning, at Ragueneau's bake shop, Ragueneau supervises various apprentice cooks in their preparations. Cyrano arrives, anxious about his meeting with Roxane.

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He is followed by a musketeer, a paramour of Ragueneau's domineering wife Lise, then the regular gathering of impoverished poets who take advantage of Ragueneau's hospitality. Cyrano composes a letter to Roxane expressing his deep and unconditional love for her, warns Lise about her indiscretion with the musketeer, and when Roxane arrives he signals Ragueneau to leave them alone.

Roxane and Cyrano talk privately as she bandages his hand injured from the fracas at the Port de Nesle ; she thanks him for defeating Valvert at the theater, and talks about a man with whom she has fallen in love. Cyrano thinks that she is talking about him at first, and is ecstatic, but Roxane describes her beloved as "handsome," and tells him that she is in love with Christian de Neuvillette.

Roxane fears for Christian's safety in the predominantly Gascon company of Cadets, so she asks Cyrano to befriend and protect him. This he agrees to do. After she leaves, Cyrano's captain arrives with the cadets to congratulate him on his victory from the night before.

They are followed by a huge crowd, including de Guiche and his entourage, but Cyrano soon drives them away. Le Bret takes him aside and chastises him for his behavior, but Cyrano responds haughtily. The Cadets press him to tell the story of the fight, teasing the newcomer Christian de Neuvillette. When Cyrano recounts the tale, Christian displays his own form of courage by interjecting several times with references to Cyrano's nose.

Cyrano is angry, but remembering his promise to Roxane, he holds in his temper. Eventually Cyrano explodes, the shop is evacuated, and Cyrano reveals his identity as Roxane's cousin. Christian confesses his love for Roxane but his inability to woo because of his lack of intellect and wit. When Cyrano tells Christian that Roxane expects a letter from him, Christian is despondent, having no eloquence in such matters. Cyrano then offers his services, including his own unsigned letter to Roxane. The Cadets and others return to find the two men embracing, and are flabbergasted.

The musketeer from before, thinking it was safe to do so, teases Cyrano about his nose and receives a slap in the face while the Cadets rejoice. Outside Roxane's house Ragueneau is conversing with Roxane's duenna. When Cyrano arrives, Roxane comes down and they talk about Christian: Roxane says that Christian's letters have been breathtaking—he is more intellectual than even Cyrano, she declares.

She also says that she loves Christian. When de Guiche arrives, Cyrano hides inside Roxane's house. De Guiche tells Roxane that he has come to say farewell. He has been made a colonel of an army regiment that is leaving that night to fight in the war with Spain. He mentions that the regiment includes Cyrano's guards, and he grimly predicts that he and Cyrano will have a reckoning.

Afraid for Christian's safety if he should go to the front, Roxane quickly suggests that the best way for de Guiche to seek revenge on Cyrano would be for him to leave Cyrano and his cadets behind while the rest of the regiment goes on to military glory. After much flirtation from Roxane, de Guiche believes he should stay close by, concealed in a local monastery. When Roxane implies that she would feel more for de Guiche if he went to war, he agrees to march on steadfastly, leaving Cyrano and his cadets behind. He leaves, and Roxane makes the duenna promise she will not tell Cyrano that Roxane has robbed him of a chance to go to war.

Roxane expects Christian to come visit her, and she tells the duenna to make him wait if he does. Cyrano presses Roxane to disclose that instead of questioning Christian on any particular subject, she plans to make Christian improvise about love. Although he tells Christian the details of her plot, when Roxane and her duenna leave, he calls for Christian who has been waiting nearby.

Cyrano tries to prepare Christian for his meeting with Roxane, urging him to remember lines Cyrano has written. Christian however refuses saying he wants to speak to Roxane in his own words. Cyrano bows to this saying, "Speak for yourself, sir. During their meeting Christian makes a fool of himself trying to speak seductively to Roxane.

Roxane storms into her house, confused and angry. Thinking quickly, Cyrano makes Christian stand in front of Roxane's balcony and speak to her while Cyrano stands under the balcony whispering to Christian what to say. Eventually, Cyrano shoves Christian aside and, under cover of darkness, pretends to be Christian, wooing Roxane himself. In the process, he wins a kiss for Christian. Roxane and Christian are secretly married by a Capuchin while Cyrano waits outside to prevent De Guiche from disrupting the impromptu wedding.

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Their happiness is short-lived: De Guiche triumphantly tells Cyrano that the wedding night will have to wait. Under his breath, Cyrano remarks that the news fails to upset him. Roxane, afraid for Christian, urges Cyrano to promise to keep him safe, to keep him out of dangerous situations, to keep him dry and warm, and to keep him faithful. Cyrano says that he will do what he can but that he cannot promise anything. Roxane begs Cyrano to promise to make Christian write to her every day.

Brightening, Cyrano announces confidently that he can promise that. The siege of Arras. The Gascon Cadets are among many French forces now cut off by the Spanish, and they are starving.

Dating agency cyrano kiss scene

Cyrano, meanwhile, has been writing in Christian's name twice a day, smuggling letters across enemy lines. De Guiche, whom the Cadets despise, arrives and chastises them; Cyrano responds with his usual bravura, and de Guiche then signals a spy to tell the Spanish to attack the Cadets, informing them that they must hold the line until relief arrives. Then a coach arrives, and Roxane emerges from it. She tells how she was able to flirt her way through the Spanish lines.

Cyrano tells Christian about the letters, and provides him a farewell letter to give to Roxane if he dies. After de Guiche departs, Roxane provides plenty of food and drink with the assistance of the coach's driver, Ragueneau. De Guiche attempts to convince Roxane to leave the battlefield for a second time. When she refuses, de Guiche says he will not leave a lady behind. This impresses the cadets who offer him their leftovers, which de Guiche declines but ends up catching the cadets' accent which makes him even more popular with the cadets.

Roxane also tells Christian that, because of the letters, she has grown to love him for his soul alone, and would still love him even if he were ugly. Christian tells this to Cyrano, and then persuades Cyrano to tell Roxane the truth about the letters, saying he has to be loved for "the fool that he is" to be truly loved at all.

Cyrano disbelieves what Christian claims Roxane has said, until she tells him so as well. But, before Cyrano can tell her the truth, Christian is brought back to the camp, having been fatally shot. Cyrano realizes that, in order to preserve Roxane's image of an eloquent Christian, he cannot tell her the truth. The battle ensues, a distraught Roxane collapses and is carried off by de Guiche and Ragueneau, and Cyrano rallies the Cadets to hold back the Spanish until relief arrives.

Fifteen years later, at a convent outside Paris. Roxane now resides here, eternally mourning her beloved Christian. On this day, however, he has been mortally wounded by someone who dropped a huge log on his head from a tall building. Upon arriving to deliver his "gazette" to Roxane, knowing it will be his last, he asks Roxane if he can read "Christian's" farewell letter.

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