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People who love to party and stay out late are not usually attracted to people who like to stay home and read books. People who are tall are not usually instantly attracted to people who are much shorter.

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Again, there are always exceptions, but birds of the same feather usually flock together, so to speak. So if you want to be with a good Christian woman, you need to be a good Christian man. Natural attraction will take place when you become like her in certain ways. If you love God and seek to obey him in your life, women who are doing the same thing will usually be attracted to that about you. They will sense it if you are not authentic. If you want a Christian girl to like you, you must become a godly man.

What Christian girls want guys to know

All men want respect, but only a real man wants responsibility. The defining difference between boys and men is responsibility. Responsibility is prerequisite for leadership. If a husband has six-pack abs, great looking hair, makes lots of money, drives a great car, but never plays with the kids, never pays attention to the emotions of his wife, and barely thinks about his responsibilities to his family, his wife will not be attracted to him.

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In my opinion, a fear of responsibility is one of the main issues plaguing millennial men. We want to grow our beards out and where manly clothes, but so few men nowadays are drawn to true responsibility. And so many of us live small, non-influential lives. We play video games and know where all the best taco restaurants are at in town when in reality we are the age where we should be ready to take responsibility for leading a family for Christ. A Proverbs 31 woman is the go to description for what a godly woman looks like. If her husband is found among the elders, it means he is a man of responsibility.

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No woman finds a man attractive who demands respect. Rather, Christian men are attractive to Christian women when they welcome and embrace responsibility. In other words, Christian girls are attracted to men who are validated as Christian men.

She may not be able to articulate the difference she feels between one guy and the other. She wants to be with a man who is constantly expressing his manhood in Christ-like ways. This is why men are so infatuated with beautiful women. We believe that the best way to feel like a strong man is to win a pretty girl. Ironically, when we go to a woman to get this question answered, eventually we end up pushing her away with the pressure we are placing on her.

No matter how hard we try to get a woman to fill the void within us, she can never truly validate our masculinity. A man must be validated by other men, by his father, and most importantly by God. Only masculinity can bestow masculinity. Therefore a man must not go to woman to find his strength. Rather, he must go to a woman to offer his strength. Another trait of the modern man is a lack of direction and purpose in life. We go to college and change our majors three times, we move from job to job constantly, or we volunteer at church only to vanish after a few weeks of serving.

None of us know exactly how we are going to live life. Much of the time God reveals his plan for our lives through trial and error. But there is a difference between trying things out compared to being directionless in life. A drifter is not the type of man a godly woman is attracted to. Most men assume that the woman is the adventure. They think their purpose in life is to love and be loved by a beautiful Christian woman.

But a mature Christian woman knows enough about herself to know she is not that interesting. She knows there is more to life than herself. A Christian woman does not want to be the adventure for her man. She does, however, want to join her man on an important adventure. We all have a desire to live a life of importance and leave a legacy of service behind us. We all want to be remembered for something more than cuddling on the couch and watching full seasons of Netflix together.

You thought he was the one, he seemed to tick all the boxes.

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It was like a dream come true until you woke up to a far from perfect reality. You suddenly realised he was never what he seemed. That he took advantage of your love and goodness. But they never did. You dove straight into the nightmare and you are only just getting your life back together. Have you been hurt by past relationships and are now weary and tired of dating? You are not alone in this.

I have been there and was in my own cycle of pain for far too long. He was there even while you were hurting and will be there through your healing. We need to let go and trust God.

Christian Dating Advice You Need To Know

A big part of moving on would mean being able to date again. I know after your past relationship, you were probably a hermit, always at home and only venturing out, on rare occasions, to church and family gatherings. You need to live, to make your life count, again.

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