Christian anderson dating expert

As a woman who has both a broad educational background and successful careers in healing, training, and in the arts, Tessa Alburn brings the riches of her many life experiences with her as she creates safe spaces where individuals may come to gain insight and undergo long-lasting transformations. She incorporates her own intuition, her capacity for inspiration, and her knowledge of shamanic systems as she helps others along the path in their own quests for self-discovery. Tessa is a facilitator-trainer with one of the world's top organizations in personal development; she has guided more than one hundred individuals to a place of greater awareness, inner healing, and enhanced leadership abilities.

Her own journey has included struggles with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. As she has come out the other side of those struggles she knows how to guide others through the same metamorphosis, into a sense of self-appreciation and recognition of the real possibilities that lie waiting in the world. Tessa applies her knowledge of ritual and sacred ceremony to all of her work. Her clients come away with enlightened perspectives on their own lives, enhanced understanding of the world around them, and a deep sense of renewed creativity and hope.

Christian anderson dating expert

As she begins her third decade as a trainer, spiritual mentor, and healer, Tessa is now taking her entrepreneurial pursuit to an even deeper dimension: My year since the retreat has been incredible. I turned 60 and had five major things on my bucket list.

I fulfilled them ALL - including meeting and having a relationship with an incredible man. This man came in a package that I never would have been open to without the insights I gained from the retreat, but I opened my heart and the most beautiful relationship has unfolded. I truly feel blessed and grateful for having invested as this experience has changed my life forever. I have seen tremendous changes in my life compared with a year earlier.

I started off with a list of goals, and I have seen each one come to be a part of my life.

The Ignite Your Life Retreat with Marni Battista

I have secured a job that allows me to work three days a week, giving me time to focus on my business and the ability to fund it. I have a relationship with a man who showed me how to love and be loved, and I've learned to communicate my needs, speak up when I have an issue, and be in the present moment. I'm very thankful for Marni and her coaching. She helped me see the things I was blind to, and now my behaviors, my thoughts, and my words are all aligned.

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Enjoy this powerful 3-hour Home Study audio program, created by Marni Battista to help you design your clear life plan and kick start your future - the future YOU designed. This is the same visioning process Marni uses to kickstart her year with supreme focus and determination! It's challenging to put a price tag on what will ultimately be a life-changing experience for you She saved my life in every way it could have been saved.

I stopped blaming other people, started taking control of my life, and began creating a life I love. I would not have been able to do this without my life coach. I love you Marni! Thank you for teaching me how to get my life back! The investment is higher and the work is even deeper. Please fill out each of the fields below.

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  6. The math question helps us block unwanted spam. For the smart, sophisticated, sexy woman who has been successful in all areas of her life Break free from your negative patterns, including the ones that are buried so deep you aren't even aware that they are keeping you chronically single, so you're no longer controlled by the devastating failures and disappointments of your past.

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    Change the way you walk, move and live in the world to become confident and sensual to skyrocket your odds of meeting the right man for you. Master the skills necessary to create appropriate boundaries, plus create the confidence you need to claim these expectations and get your needs met, without ever having to resort to being bossy, bitchy, or controlling.

    Meet Christian Anderson

    Learn what it means to live each day as the confident, empowered, direct woman you were always meant to be - the woman who knows what she wants, knows what she deserves, and isn't afraid of getting hurt or being vulnerable. Press Play, Live Inspired Special Early Bird Pricing! Tessa Alburn Coach, Founder of Radical Freedom As a woman who has both a broad educational background and successful careers in healing, training, and in the arts, Tessa Alburn brings the riches of her many life experiences with her as she creates safe spaces where individuals may come to gain insight and undergo long-lasting transformations.

    She helped me see the things I was blind to Deep, private, one-on-one sessions and interaction with Marni Battista throughout the weekend to guide you through your own personal breakthroughs and challenges that will forever change how you think about yourself, love, and your future. Loving support and guidance through all of your specific challenges that come up for you during the weekend, or any pre-existing situations that you were dealing with before attending the retreat so that you are free and clear from your past, once and for all and for the LAST TIME.

    Each day takes you through a proven process and system designed to reveal the deep unconscious fears and beliefs that have kept you stuck and single, release the pain and hurts from your past in a way that is deeper and more profound than any previous workshop, book or class, and rejuvenate your heart and soul to be truly open and ready for the best relationship of your life. Live, Intimate Small Group Coaching and Community with Other Women Enjoy a strong, intimate community with the other like minded successful women participating in the Retreat.

    Give and receive support, accountability, and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Laser-focused small group coaching from Marni throughout the weekend. Topics include learning tools to master the negative voice inside your head forever, forgiving yourself and others to finally free your heart so you can receive and give love effortlessly, identifying and claiming your authentic self, concrete tools, strategies, scripts, and techniques to improve communication, build sustainable relationships, create new levels of self esteem and confidence, and a deep sense of lasting self-love.

    Luxurious Accommodations and Gourmet Meals for the Entire 3-Day Weekend Beautiful accommodations are provided in an indulgent, luxurious mansion nestled in the hills of Malibu, California. Each private suite includes a bedroom and bathroom and is elegantly decorated. The menu is healthy comfort food, and coffee, tea, fruit and snacks are available throughout the day.

    The Relationship Readiness Rejuvenation Toolkit A one-of-a-kind, plus page workbook that you will use throughout the three-day weekend and beyond to fully implement the life changes you will create during this retreat. Your site in the first page our contact information as well as people.

    Should A Woman Pursue A Man? With Christian Anderson The Dating Den podcast

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