2k14 matchmaking not working


To make things even worse MyPlayers have been stripped of everything that had been equipped on them. NBA 2K14 has stumbled ever since what at first was perceived to be a strong launch. For those still having serious trouble with the game it might be time to start pursuing refunds and leaving complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Continue on for the full details of the patch, a significant update that deals with a huge number of things, and leave thoughts and personal observations after playing in the comments! Fixed an issue in The Park where matches were not starting appropriately, in addition to a large number of optimizations for this experience.

NBA 2K17 Play Now Online- Matchmaking Issues?- Cavs Gameplay[1080p 60fps]

Addressed a number of issues that were known to cause disconnects during head-to-head and Team-Up gameplay. Fixed a number of issues that should result in a much more stable experience for users playing in Leagues. Addressed an issue where the user would encounter a lengthy blank black screen during the initial launch sequence in certain conditions.

Fixed a case where the user would experience a loss of controller functionality despite having a controller turned on XB1. Fixed a case where the user would enter into an unresponsive state after a second user signed in and then subsequently signed out XB1. Fixed an issue where the title did not send game invites to all Xbox Party members when a user enters a joinable online matchmaking session XB1.

The title will now receive game invites if the user is already in an Xbox Party with the host XB1. Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes stay on the scorer after a made shoot, often resulting in a 5-second inbound violation.

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Passes are now more accurate along the sideline, on fast breaks, and when passed to receivers who are in the middle of coming to a stop. Shortened the distance receivers are led down court when passing during regular transition non-fast break offense. Tuned shot blocking logic such that defenders are more aware of attempting blocks when the ball is still rising, and less likely to target the ball on its way down when goaltending will be called.

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Tuned down the likelihood that poorly rated blockers will get their blocking hand in perfect position in front of the ball. Players who successfully block a shot are now more aware and will have a greater chance of recovering the loose ball if it falls nears them. Addressed a very rare case where a defender would snap up from the ground right after getting knocked down. Pump Fakes have been tuned to correct an issue where some players would twitch when performing the fake.

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Second Next-Gen NBA 2K14 Patch Arrives; Problems Continue for Troubled Game

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