Things to know before dating a korean girl

Do some homework If you want your date with a Korean girl to get off on the right note, spend some time beforehand getting to know the country and the culture. Instead read up on Korean arts, cuisine and technology so that you can not only reveal your interest in your Korean girlfriend but more importantly will have something to talk about on your date.

Korean women and how to date them | International Love

For instance few people know that taekwondo is originally a Korean martial art, even though most realize that it is Asian in essence. Then again when you are out on a date with her, be open to trying out Korean dishes like kimchee soup and bulgogi, kimchi, bibimbap and so on.

Make an effort to dress well Young Korean women love fashion and one of their favorite things is shopping.

They are quite cued into what trends are ruling the fashion capitals of the world and rarely think twice before splurging on premium brands and labels — indeed in mainstream dating culture, Korean women have acquired the reputation of being rather high-maintenance. So if you are keen to impress your Korean girlfriend, make you dress well for a date.

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And if you can discuss fashion and trends, she will love you the more for it since Korean guys are not really into this sort of thing. And yet for all their love of fashion not all Korean women have the same preferences in male appearance - some Korean women might be into the Korean boy band look and some will be into the more Westernized style.

Conversation is key Most Korean women are very inquisitive about new men who come into their lives. They love to chat with them and find out more about them, especially if their dates happen to be foreign men. And yet women here can quickly get distracted.

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If your date is asking all the questions and she sees that you having trouble opening up, she could lose interest and move on to the next guy who seems more animated. So if you are the strong and silent type, you may have to learn to loosen up when dating Korean women.

5 Things You Can Expect from Dating a Korean Girl

Have a few things ready to say about yourself so that they can have a quick idea about the kind of person they are dating. For instance, take three interesting things you know about yourself and use it in conversations. Maybe you are dreaming of skydiving one day. Or perhaps you are a guitar player or an artist.

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It is best to choose certain aspects of personality to highlight not only to make conversations easy but also to help them figure you out fast. Indulge her imagination One of the biggest influences in Korean popular culture is the Korean drama; these are actually TV dramas telecast in a miniseries format. While dating she might check your phone so better handle it without any comment.

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Due to Korean culture all girls are forced to serve guys and their families after marriage. In modern Korea most of woman are rebel about this and are more willing to marry a foreigner now then in past 20 years. They pay big attention and respect for older family members.

A brief history:

Koreans are living with their families until marriage day. Take her family seriously, be nice and try to learn few Korean words as well. While dating Korean woman you will be koreanized for sure.

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  5. Korea is one of the richest countries in Asia. Money pays a big deal here. Sadly but true Korean girl will look into your wallet a lot. They will force you to spend money on them so be sure to take your lady for shopping and to the fancy restaurant at least once a week. Everywhere you go with your date, everything you will buy for her will be updated on her social networks along with picture so be sure you are prepared for this and remember all important holidays for couples.

    Korean women

    Korean woman are well educated. If you are thinking of dating Korean lady be sure to learn Korean language for better communication with your match. Most of girls after marriage stop working. Korean girl after getting married will become full time housewife and mother. Korean girls are crazy about social network and using smartphones. One of the golden rules of dating is never miss her call or text message and reply right after.