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Don't ignore your child's stress. In some cases, stressors may be affecting the whole family, such as a move to another state or a divorce. Try to be understanding and empathetic to your children even if you, too, are having a hard time.

Teenage Love Problems & Relationships

Think of stress like a backpack with a few bricks inside. You attempt to walk up a big hill carrying the backpack. Even though the weight of the backpack doesn't change, the load becomes harder to bear over time. Stress works the same way. Researchers have linked stress to increased anxiety, hypertension, headaches, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

Empathize with your daughter.

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As you aim to help your child cope with stress, go all the way back to how you felt at her age. Although you may not have dealt with the same life experiences, it can still be helpful if you try to remember what it's like to be in her shoes. If you'd like, you may even approach the topic by sharing an anecdote about a difficult experience that you got through at her age.

Point out her strengths. Teens are faced with incredible social pressures. The internet, TV, social networks, all cause teens to compare themselves to one another. Your teen may be overwhelmed because she has not yet discovered her natural strengths and abilities. If you helped her uncover these characteristics, she might feel more capable of managing in everyday life.

Remind your child of something she's good at. For instance, if she's a musician, you might tell her how amazed you are at her discipline and patience to learn a piece. If she does community service you can highlight her giving and compassionate nature. Talk with her, not at her. Parents often make the mistake of lecturing to their kids when they make mistakes or experience setbacks. Remember that although you may be disappointed, your child probably is, too. Offer support rather than nagging or guilt-trips. Your teen will appreciate this tactic, and maybe even open up more to you.

Starting such a conversation should begin with a statement that opens your daughter up to talking, rather than a question that often intimidates teens. Try to use phrases that your teen would use or be receptive to. Say something like, "Soccer practice seems to be really kicking your butt" or "Your math study guide makes me think the test will be really hard". Then, stay silent to see if you daughter is willing to open up to you about what's stressing her.

Coping Skills For Teens: A Parent’s Guide To Stressed Teenagers

On occasion, you might have caught yourself distracted or not really paying attention when your child is talking. Many teens clam up and avoid sharing with their parents. If your daughter does this, it may be because she does not feel heard. Tips for actively listening to your teen include: Save important discussions for a time when you will not be interrupted. Put away your phone and turn off the TV. Sometimes, adolescents are intimidated by face-to-face conversations. Aim to hold conversations while you both are cooking, cleaning, or performing other activities to ease any intimidation.

If your child is sad, your face should exhibit concern. If she is happy, your face should be filled with joy or excitement. Try to match your expressions with her emotional presentation. Be mindful of your body language. Just as face-to-face contact can be intimidating, so can a parent with crossed arms and a sneer. Again, what to cope and can overcome your obstacles and.

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