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She takes a back seat in her own career to support her husband more fully and raise children, while he continues his rise to fame.

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I think that is what happened here. Hugh married Deborra when he was a nobody, and she had already been working as an actress for many years. She was the older much older, 13 years older , wiser woman who would be his rock. He said in his recent Golden Globe acceptance speech for Best Actor Les Miserables, ugh, I hate that musical that his wife was an amazing person, and she probably is. But in celeb status and photo print, Hugh takes the prize.

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You have one leg, there are several prominent foreign businessmen who claim they were a client of yours when you were a professional escort, and besides them no one really knows who you are, and BOOM! You marry a Beatle! And not Ringo, either. Yes, she was also a model for a bit, but come on, not a super model. Some of that modeling is purported to have been nude or pornographic, even though she says it was for a German Sex Education manual.

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I know he is older and you can argue she is more attractive in that Brits are attractive kind of way, however, the real ringer for this outkicked entry is the approximate 48 million dollar divorce settlement. That is eight million a year. She is so hot you are starting to sweat just thinking about her in those bikini photos.

Did you know she has a twin sister? Keep your pants on please. Tiger has had his fall from grace recently, but when he married Elin he was one of the the most famous and adored p eople on the planet. And she was a nanny for another golfer. When we start acting like less than a man it causes frustration and confusion in our homes. We should be a better man because of our wives, the same way they should be better because of us.


We understand that God created us equal, but not the same. We need each other- if you found a good wife, the bar has been raised for you as a man. If you married up, and I think if we are honest we would all agree that we have, treat her that way. Listen, lead and love her in a way that shows you do value her.

Outkicking Your Coverage

There are a ton of benefits to being married to someone that you know is a blessing to you, make sure you are reciprocating our wives with the strength and security that they deserve. Your email address will not be published. It's just office banter. People who say that kind of shit I tend to stay away from, which is why I've never had a management or a sales job, I'm sure.

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But not "of course". My hetero but folksy female officemate will tell me [hetero male] that I have overachieved correctly and I will say the same to her. My first thought was that you have more than two kids and therefore you can't do "man to man" defense anymore. But I could be wrong. This is fairly benign, but sports metaphors and jokey putdowns are essential tools of alpha-dog posturing. So if the comment left you feeling It definitely means you did better than you should have.

Your colleague may have picked this up because of the coach of Florida Gulf Coast University who has been in the news recently because of their improbable success in this year's NCAA basketball tournament. It has been noted that the average looking coach married a swimsuit model and in interviews the coach has been using the "out kicked my coverage" line listen approximately It's an underhanded compliment.

There, I said it in two words. I personally love this type of humor, but it usually only works or "is safe" with people that already know you. What distinguishes it from regular compliments is that you can't be sure what exactly the person is trying to say, and this can be really off-putting to people who focus on the underhandedness. I don't mean to psychoanalyze but generally I find people that employ this type of humor aren't coming from a bad place, but they don't have the best boundaries.

It's slightly inappropriate for a superior to talk to you this way. I think it's up to you spin this in a good direction or a bad direction. If it continues and bothers you, and since this is your job we're talking about here, it's best to check them in the most polite way possible. Talk to them like an adult. It will help diffuse the situation. Another favorite of these kinds of guys is: I can understand why some might think it's a creepy comment, but it's FAR less creepier than if he meant "you ejaculated so much sperm it overwhelmed your choice of birth control and impregnated your wife unexpectedly.

Nobody picked that answer? Plus, I'm a lot hotter than my wife, which is perhaps why I was so confused. I am not offended. I take it as a compliment to my wife's attractiveness, which is perhaps not appropriate for a workplace relationship, but as far as mainstream society goes damn the patriarchy at all , commenting on a male or female spouse's appearance positively is generally acceptable.

My boss and I are familiar enough that it doesn't offend me.

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Cultural differences and all. I might still be confused! Regardless, I think the two choices are: The latter only makes sense to me with more kids.

Two is a handful and more than enough for me, but it's not overpunting my coverage. Your colleague may have picked this up because of the coach of Florida Gulf Coast University The comment was before they beat Georgetown so I don't think that's where he got it, but I think it definitely strengthens the case for the most obvious interpretation.

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I appreciated the well-thought-out comments about possible meanings and whether or not the comment was inappropriate. To me, fwiw, it was perhaps inappropriate but not offensive to me. It did not make me uncomfortable at all, and I don't think it would appropriate to report it to HR or anything like that. It was an offhand joke that was left alone when finished. I find people that employ this type of humor aren't coming from a bad place, but they don't have the best boundaries. If I were worried about his behavior in any other way, I would confront it.