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Libra men feel a lot more attached to women who know who they are, and who can share their easy-going attitude. There is no better thing to do in a relationship with a Libra than to tell him how much you care for them. Take a chance and let him know how you feel. If you are dating, let him know how much you care about him. Libra men are known to be quite charming. They readily make friends with almost anyone they meet. Not even a little. It is in their nature to have a need to be liked and loved. This can be a great advantage to start a conversation that will get him to open up.

Let him tell you about his friends — male and female. Listen to what he has to say about them. More likely than not, you will learn more about him than about his friends in the conversation. He will feel more comfortable opening up when speaking about things that he cares about. A Libra man sees good in everyone he meets. To your guy, there is no such thing as a flaw, just something unique to your particular personality.

In their mind, you are perfect, inside and out. This unique Libra trait gives you the chance to nurture your self-confidence. Self-confidence is something that your Libra finds intoxicatingly attractive. Like definitely attracts like. Your man is a true romantic! A Libra man is the modern-day equivalent of a medieval prince charming. They love to romanticize and are prone to feeling like a knight in shining armor. They have an innate desire to make you feel like a queen. His goal is to please you and make you happy.

When he succeeds, tell him!

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Let him know that his actions are in fact pleasing you and making you happy. Show him that you are enjoying his company and would not trade him for anyone. Being grateful and recognizing positive behaviors will give him the incentive to keep doing all the things you like. Having a Libra man as your partner can be an incredibly rewarding experience. They are calm and emotional beings that love to make you feel good.

They feed off of your positive energy and try to maintain a sense of balance in all areas of their life. These ideal traits make it a lot easier to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. Use your understanding of his particular personality traits to your advantage by showing him that you too look for the best in everything and everyone. Let him know that you are also looking for a calm and trusting relationship.

Find out right now how you can make him commit and become yours forever. Falling in love with the romantic Libran can be easy enough without the stars lining up and giving them that extra glow of confidence and charisma. Today, you will learn what is so attracting about a Libra man, and how understanding their inner romantic can help you seduce him fast.

Of all the Libra traits, this one is one of my favourite. How could you not fall head over heels for someone that seems to have stepped out of a time machine from the past and constantly sweeps you off of your feet?

Librans are known for their grand romantic gestures, their seduction and their very sweet and tender nature. What does this mean for you? The stars are in perfect alignment for the every romantic Libra, to fall in love that much more quickly! This past weekend was full of romantic surprises and lavish gifts for your Libra- he was full of romantic energy, and just needs someone to share it with. In the upcoming weeks, from mid-February until the end of the first week or so of March, your Libra will continue to exude this romantic energy. He will be dripping with charm, and everything he does will seem just that much sexier.

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He will also be looking to re-invent himself. Possibly a new haircut, or shopping for a new outfit are on the agenda. Your dream guy is a Romantic. Being a Romantic can be a double-edged sword. Being in love with love can have downfalls. Libra men are constantly falling head-over-heels in love, over and over and over again. Yes, this does sound ridiculous, but it is also genuine! They are truly, in their hearts, bodies and minds, falling in love every single time. Your guy is just that in love with love. The best way to do this is to recognize his Libran traits.

He wants you to recognize that he is a romantic. He wants you to know that he does try to go that extra mile to woo the woman in his life. If you see him going out of his way to be sweet, tell him it caught your attention. A Libra man will also always want to please. This is in his optimist nature. He wants everyone to happy, always. The star sign Libra is often associated with the scale. The best thing you can do in these situations is help your guy find that balance. This can be in any part of his life as Libra men are happiest when they have perfect work-relationship balance.

When their work environment is balanced, they work better. When their home life is balanced, they are able to love more fully. When they are also achieving a successful personal life and private life balance, they are better able to focus on their relationships. A Libra mans need to make sure everyone is happy and everything is balanced can be helped, with your support.

If you see him struggling with pleasing every party and he just seems overwhelmed or stressed, he could be suffering from not seeing the big picture. Instead of trying to show him the big picture, instead, show him that, every party, is in fact happy. The same can be done in all realms of his life. Sometimes the Libra guy just needs a sit down and to be reminded that he already solved the problem and did the work. He is often so busy trying to please everyone he gets distracted from the task at hand.

This can mean so many incredible things for your future. This surprisingly easy method is so fast and simple, but it is also extremely effective. If you know that your Libra is ready to start the next chapter in his life with you, you need to act fast. Watch this video , and start living your happily ever after now. It all happens so fast! You could be anywhere, and all of a sudden, you see them, and you know.

Tips for Dating a Libra Man

You know deep down inside that there is something about that one specific person thats different. You start obsessing about everything. What happens next is harder. You have to wait until you see them again. You want nothing more than for him to remember you. Not just to notice you, but to be interested.

So how do you get there? In every article I talk about understanding your Libra man, about compatibility and his personality. Each article will focus on a specific Libra personality trait. That trait will be unwrapped and you will learn how Libras act, how to use that specific trait to your advantage and how to decipher those tricky mixed signals. Each article will break down each of these traits in categories, the Pursuing the Libra Crush, the Libra while dating, and Living with a Libra for those already in a relationship with a Libra who need extra support decrypting those unique Libra behaviours.

Each article will be time specific , and will also include an analysis of what is happening in the stars at that time, and how this relates to this personality trait, how this personality trait may be affected and how to proceed to unlock his emotional core and really get the results you seek with your Libra partner. Being hesitant can be seen as a sign of weakness. In the case of the Libra however, this is not fully accurate. There are many reasons a Libra may be hesitant, but most commonly you will find it is built into their internal make-up.

A Libra has an intrinsic need to be fair and just. They are also constantly fearful of making the wrong decision, and very sensitive to the consequences of their actions. This means that when they do have to make decisions, a fear of failure immediately takes over. When a Libra is seemingly hesitant, they may be spending extra time weighing their options, and taking great care to make the best choice. One way you will witness this first hand , that you have probably already experienced, is the eternal dilemma of how to decide where to go to eat for a meal.

In their mind, they are trying to figure out which of those restaurants you listed you MOST want to go to, which restaurant they actually might be interested and finding a fair way to find a choice in the middle. So what would seem like an easy decision for most, can leave your Libra feeling paralyzed and caught looking like a deer in the headlights.

Here are a few suggestions: These tools will help you in any stage of your relationship with your Libra partner. Are you in the early stages of your relationship? Keep this trait in mind. Patience here is key. He will respond, just give him the necessary breathing room to process your message. Again, he may be stuck trying to think of all possible outcomes.

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This is a sure fire way to push your guy away for good. He needs a partner who understands his traits, not one who puts pressure on him.

Instead, sit down and talk it out, or write it out. Ask him if there is anything in particular that is holding him back from making this particular decision. You might be surprised by what you hear! Sometimes it can be as simple as being under a lot of pressure at work, and just genuinely not having the time they would like to dedicate to the relationship. It could be that they are anxious because a previous partner left them stranded and they have walls up around commitment and need to take things slowly, but are still fully committed to the relationship.

Let him share, and work together to meet your goals. Living with a Libra who deals with indecisiveness can be a daily struggle.

You may have been making the problem worse without even knowing it! These are trademark signs of a relationship imbalance. Your partner might not be expressing what they need, because they may not be sure how to express what they need. They also might not think anything is wrong. If you feel tired of making all of the choices, divide the decision making fairly. Use a system, like the coin-flip, or if you want him to make the entire choice alone, give him time to make the choice, give him notice, and tell you would like him to make the call.

A mini-intro to the upcoming Seducing Your Libra: Keep checking back for more.

How to Attract a Libra Man

As you can see, this series will show you how you can thoroughly understand and interpret libra male characteristics. You will have access to all of these methods and more as the series continues. Remember, this is only the first part of the journey. If you need more support, and are looking for that one guide that will change your life, this is the only place you need to go.

You will be blown away by the fast results. You have the power of attracting a Libra man and making him yours. Click here and change your life today. If you have your eyes on a Libra , this guide will help you understand your guy better. All it takes is reading this guide and following these steps very carefully and he will hold you in his heart and treasure you the way you know he can.

What Does a Libra Man Seek in His Date?

Libra love compatibility can be tricky. They can be very finicky, but these rules will help you get right to his heart fast and help you have a stronger relationship with your special guy. If you really love being trendy and high fashion, you should tone it down to seduce a Libra man. Try to meet him in social group settings and not traditional one-on-one dates. Your man is a naturally social creature and will feel most comfortable surrounded by people and in a room where he has a chance to float between conversations and come and go as he pleases.

Avoid going to the movies, on a dinner date or anything else really intimate and private on your first few outings. Really intimate date settings will make him feel uncomfortable. He will also open up more in a party surrounded by friends he knows. He will love to flirt, but you will win him over if you keep his attention the longest.

Just make sure that you have his attention more than any of those other women. Catch his eye and then make sure he has the most fun of the evening with you. Take the relationship slowly. The best way to seduce a Libra man is to become his friend first, and his girlfriend later. You want to get so close that he makes that move and asks you to be his girlfriend. Libras like to stand back and watch situations play out before getting involved. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for someone who wants Libra to take action and Libra remains seemingly detached.

It can be hard to break up with them. Once they commit they truly commit so they often stay in unhealthy or non-working relationships for months or even years past when it should have ended. Libras are all about fairplay and justice. Any sense of dishonesty or unfairness from a potential significant other is the easiest way to lose his interest. They always weighs both sides before making any decisions. They have a deep appreciation for creativity, natural beauty, and the arts. The great thing about Libra men is that they can tend to be extremely romantic and creative.

You might find out that during highschool or college he played in a band or took classes in sculpture or you might discover he has a knack for writing hilarious short stories. They seek out balance and elegance of form. Libras truly dislike anything that is too overwhelming or smothering. They are the opposite of an all or nothing personality — they never go to extremes.

They can be very self-indulgent. Because they have such expensive taste and because they truly do love being surrounded by beautiful things this can lead to problems.