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Aleksandar mitrovic rescues a http: I would not recommend working there. Short breaks, long hours, everyone else kept getting massive raises but management. Inexperienced store leader doesn't know how to manage, hire, order products at a timely manner. Some coworkers has mental disabilities you have to work with and you are blamed for their work performance. Forced to say "thank you, see you next time" to every customer like a robot or you are written up.

They have creepy "secret shoppers" to judge employee performance. They basically want you to give each customer the lie or tease that you have interest in them so they keep coming back. I call it emotional prostitution. The workers don't actually like you, customer. If you are 16 - 18 year old, then maybe for experience until you find something better.

The rest are lifers.

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Growing a bit too fast. Kwik Trip in my opinion is an excellent company but the last few years has been growing a bit too fast as new stores are trying to get employees hired and older stores are struggling to keep employees for two reasons Kwik Trip is short on coworkers which is creating havoc at the workplace. Hence, coworkers are leaving and the hiring process now is a lengthy process which only makes matters worse.

The process of hiring new management has been sped up and it shows.

Many of the new people in management today are not ready to adequately do the job upon arrival at the store they are to manage. Great place to work, excellent pay and benefits.

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I had been at 3 different stores. The managers at the first two were fantastic, the last one led to my resignation. The pay, benefits and advancement is above par for this line of work. They are open every holiday but tries to accommodate by doing short shifts.


At Kwik Trip every guest's needs are met through the family friendly service provided and proudly known by the company. My duties to do so included: No matter what time of day, no exceptions. On a typical day at work things were always fast-paced, there was always things to be done. We stand at the counter and smile and be as friendly and understanding as possible with each guest, if there was an issue we would try to make it right as soon as possible.

Communication is a must and people are all around the store getting task done. I enjoyed my Waite Parke experience better than my Austin experience. I am unable to keep up with living expenses without someone to share them with on the wage offered by kwik trip, but the environment here is awesome. I like working with the other employees, but management doesn't do well with communication. They like to pass on important information to other workers and expect them to relay the messages. This does not work well when some of the people don't see each often.

Also, the person doing the scheduling is very inconsistent. There are times when I'll work up to 28 hours a week, then the next it will be hours. If you are part time, you are scheduled every weekend.

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This kind of work environment is not at all Kwik Trips, just the one I'm at. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Ratings from women 3. Questions about Kwik Trip How are the working hours?

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