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So let's open the AndroidManifest. Copy the additional permission lines from the Payload's AndroidManifest to the original app's one. But be careful that there should not be any duplicate. Now th hard parts are all done! We just have to recompile the backdoored app into an installable apk.

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Run the following command —. But, we're still not done yet. This is also a very important step, as in most of the cases, an unsigned apk cannot be installed.

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Android requires that all apps be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed. Android uses this certificate to identify the author of an app, and the certificate does not need to be signed by a certificate authority. Android apps often use self-signed certificates. The app developer holds the certificate's private key. In this case we are going to sign the apk using the default android debug key. Just run the following command —.


Now if you can get the victim to install and run this very legit-looking app in his phone, you can get a working meterpreter session on his phone! For generating the keystore: Great tutorial , i wana know that if we want the payload to be WAN i. Apktool has changed lot now.

It looks totally different from the screen I see. So I went to the link and download the apktool. So copy and past apktool d -f -o etc and got this below. Get the newer version of Apktool from http: Don't try to get the upgrade from the Terminal with apt-get, it doesn't get the newer 2. You've to do it yourself. Don't open apktool by clicking its icon or by typing apktool Directly issue the commands to terminal It will do as desired. Probably Playstore updates won't work, because it's not signed using the original key.

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And the backdoor won't remain if you uninstall the app. Hei guys how to fix this jarsigner error: Alright I've signed it. The only problem is now, it doesn't work on phone's data network over WAN. You should explain in this thread how you got the jarsigner working as there are other people who are also having the same problem.

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And for the second problem you are having, several other persons have also reported that. I'm also facing it only recently. It maybe due to metasploit update, but 'm not sure. I will look into it. Exception in thread "main" brut. Could not decode arsc file at brut. Is there any way to make this persistent? Create a bash script that every x seconds runs the application of which we have embedded the payload. This way we keep a session even though the user has not runned the application in a long long time. Here is what I mean: I got an error in the very last part where i wanted to sign the apk.

I figured out that there is no keystore , so we have to make one. I searched through Internet and i found this site that helped me: Package 'lib32ncurses5' has no installation candidate E: Failed to fetch http: Hi why when i finally want to install the app on my android device my android device shows this error: Since it would have full cmos access. Or the splash screen on startup, like the TracFone alcatel logo, that starts right at boot.

Just tossing out a random thought. A lot of the stuff I get intuitively actually works, I think on a 5 to 1 ratio.

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Managed to get through it and its working with the popular app called "Color Switch": I followed the instructions and made a poisoned apk. However, I tried on different android phones and although the original app works, the payload does not work and a meterpreter session cannot be opened. I tried a lot of different combinations and permutations and i could not work. Can anyone offer a solution to this problem. I would appreciate it. Could not decode attr value, using undecoded value instead: Checking whether sources has changed Smaling smali folder into classes.

Could not smali file: I was able to get the meterpreter to work , but the original application shows blank screen. The code is displaying error: Using this method, the original code will not be aware of the change of the data processing flow. But more processing code has been appended to the original function func1. Developers can use this technique to add patches to the function at runtime. Compared to inline redirection, symbol table redirection is more complicated.

The relevant hooking code has to parse the entire symbol table, handle all possible cases, search and replace the relocation function addresses one by one. The symbol table in the DLL Dynamic Link Library will be very different, depending on what compiler parameters are used as well as how developers call the external function.

To study all the cases regarding the symbol table, a test project was created that includes two dynamic libraries compiled with different compiler parameters:.

Pure, the hookup app

Software working flow of the test project. The function printf is used for hooking. It is the most used function for printing information to the console. It is defined in stdio. The code of libtest1. The code of libtest2 , the same as libtest1. The output of the test program. A standard DLL object file is composed of multiple sections. Each section has its own role and definition. In the relocation section.

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Each entry in the dynamic relocation section includes the following types:. The Figure 13 shows the generated assembly code of function libtest1. The entry addresses of printf marked with red color are specified in the relocation section. Disassemble code of libtest1 , compiled in non-PIC format.

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Working flow of 'printf "libtest1: As shown in Figures , when the linker loads the dynamic library to memory, it first finds the name of relocated symbol printf, then it writes the real address of the printf to the corresponding addresses offset 0x4b5, 0x4c2,0x4cf and 0xc. These corresponding addresses are defined in the relocation section.

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