Guide to dating a drug dealer

Why not look down upon him, he's doing something illegal that destroys communities and families. Pros- He may be able to take you out to nice restaurant pay your rent while you SAVE what you would be paying for rent..

Could you date a drug-dealer?

Be able to travel if he using his money right Buy you a new car.. Cons- He gets locked up he's gone for years If the car or house is in his name the state will take it You can never relax he thinks every body is OUT to kill him Your mostly likely to be ALONE alot while he run the streets Every chick in the city knows about him an wants him He either ends up dead or in jail I mean if you wanna some one who is always ducking for the law , and ducking out from people who he think trying to kill him I wish u the best.

Who does that anymore? Shiit, I can't talk. My uncles and cousins used to deal a little somethin somethin and I love them all unconditionally. I would neva knowingly. He knowingly makes you an accessory. You call him 2AM cuz you had a bad dream, and he's "working" and can't talk right now. He switches phones more often than not. You have to monitor what you say on the phone. Chances are, he has a gun. If someone ever tries to get revenge on him, they may come after you He has a lil bit of money?

That's it, a lil bit. He's not rolling in the big bucks unless he's been in the game for years, and this is his full time job. Its no Pros in my book. I went out with a Drug Dealer, he wasnt the right dude for me. We only talked for a couple of months though. He had drama with the lifestyle and the girlfriend. I met him at a Community College where me and him was attending, he also worked at the school.

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He quit going to class and than he got fired. Because he wanted to hang out on the block all day long, than go to clubs at night. I was like I can do better than this, plus he was spitefu, mean, inconsiderate, jealous, no good bastard. You don't want no broke man JJ , betta get ur dope boy. On the real, you lost as hell for even considering this. Women like you become statistics.

10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer

Let me share a story with you. There was once a beautiful young girl who was the neighborhood dime piece. Naturally, everyone wanted to date her so it ultimately came down to the guy with the most swagger. The winner in this case was the local dope man.

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The guy was nice- he bought her all manners of things and took her out all the time to the city's trendiest spots. One night they were in the limo going to a party. Next thing you know they are being pulled over by the DEA and she catches an accessory case. Mind you, she really had no clue about the dude's operations and the dope man even said as much in court. The judge was not trying to hear it and sentenced her to 2 years in the pen.

This was a girl who had never even been to detention or got an ass whoopin EVER.

Very much an innocent girl who got caught up. She just looked at me like a natural fool. Yall are stupid with this.

Her Story: Inside the Life of A Drug Dealer’s Girlfriend | Desi Today Magazine

And he was "Big time". I also just kicked one out of my rentals.

How Silly You Look Dating A Drug Dealer 💉

They claimed financial duress. They also had a weed habit that could have been intent to sell. These guys have no real lasting money unless they exist outside of America. The so called "money" will be debt. I'd still use in moderation if it weren't so imperative that my guy stay clean. I'm trying to be supportive, haha. Aaaand that was a tangent. I don't support drugs so I couldn't deal with someone selling them regardless of how nice he may be.

True Life: I'm Dating A Drug Dealer

I probably could, if I was oblivious to the fact. However depends on what drugs, weeds all good. I hope I didn't loose it Thank goodness I haven't lossed my mind yet. People will never understand. Dating a drug dealer will put me a high risk of death and prison and him too The money will be nice for a little while. But the after effects will have me in a coffin or prison or straight jacket.

He won't leave his crack nor his ho's! Come with me instead. Late to the party but I'm not entirely sure. There are benefits that come along with it but way too many risks. There's still cheating and having to watch your back, along with the risk of being arrested. I know a family friend that is dating one, has two kids with him. He bought her a mercedes not newer but not too old , he paid for her plastic surgery, he moved her into the suburbs far out, he has security cameras set up in their townhouse. The gifts and the money for college would draw me in but not for long. I wouldn't be able to trust that I wouldn't be cheated on or being watched or in danger.

Absolutely not, idgaf if he has a bomb personality, I'm sure's there's plenty of others with good personalities that aren't drug dealers. Smoking is enough of a turn off for me so thinking about dating a drug dealer is just lol worthy. Could you date a drug-dealer? Obviously directed at girls, but could you or would you date a drug dealer? Not a dude or a drug dealer lol but just looking for opinions on the matter: Too scared to go on date because im chubby? What red flags do you look out for when you start dating someone? Is it rude to ask a person how many people they have dated?

What are some good things to do on a first date? What Guys Said Next question keep date him when he is in jail or dead?