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And how does such disproportionate variation of representation skew perspectives of minority groups? Dr Kehinde Andrews, a professor of black studies at Birmingham City University, said research suggested young people who did not see themselves reflected back in literature and other media suffered a blow to their self-esteem, with consequences such as black children preferring white dolls and idolising white superheroes.

She said she had done so in part to give her year-old daughter a role model.

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Every child needs to be able to pick up a book and feel they are reflected and see themselves in the characters. Last year almost one in five schoolchildren from Gypsy or Irish Traveller backgrounds were suspended from school and about one in were expelled, according to government figures. Only about one in 20 white British pupils were suspended in the same period, and one in 1, expelled, and the figures were similar for black pupils. As part of the Guardian's Bias in Britain series we want to hear from readers and find out more about your experiences and perspectives.

MacAttram cited studies that found racist diagnostic methods were behind a higher incidence of psychosis reported among black people.

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There were also problems with overmedication, coercive treatment and use of violent methods of restraint against black patients, she said. Data published last December showed that black people in contact with mental health services were three times more likely to be restrained than white people.

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Black people are also more than four times more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and more than eight times more likely to be subject to community treatment orders, separate figures published last month show. Black and Asian teachers in Britain have complained of being saddled with stereotypical roles in schools. In a poll by the Runnymede Trust, they said they were often given behaviour responsibilities rather than more challenging teaching or leadership roles.

They called for more support from senior staff in handling incidents of racism. Meanwhile, the vast majority of headteachers in England Home ownership fell among all ethnic groups between and , but more so among black people by 10 percentage points than white people four points. This is both a symptom and a cause of poverty in the black community. In the UK, home ownership is one of the prime ways for families to accrue wealth, and wealth breeds opportunity, says Kevin Gulliver, the director of the Human City Institute, a research charity.

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While the introduction of right to buy boosted ownership among white working-class families, rules on council housing in the s and 80s — such as length of tenure — often shut out those from minority ethnic backgrounds, Gulliver said. Almost half of black families are concentrated in what little council housing the country has left, while about one in five are in private rented accommodation, which includes some of the least habitable homes in the country.

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