Dating someone with no goals

You may feel like you overpower conversations, just because you are yourself.

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  • "Help! I'm way more driven than my boyfriend. Are we doomed?"!

You will probably start to talk to somebody else about your goals and dreams—you have to let it out somewhere! Something on date night will spark your thought process about your career. You make an effort not to think or talk about your goals on date night. But then you end up dreading and resenting date night because it just feels like some penalty box keeping you from your goals.

Ask Erin: Should I Leave My Boyfriend Who Has No Ambition?

Date night feels more like a punishment than a pleasure. We evolved because our ancestors who had a gene that made them want more like better shelter and fire outlived the others. Whatever those unresolved issues are, your partner is going to have to face them eventually.

He may be in no position to be in a relationship when that intensive therapy begins. There is no denying the math; if you are ambitious and your partner is not then you will end up drastically more successful than he is. I've spent the past year building a life with one man and I can't imagine going back to the stressful life I had with my husband, but at the same time, I miss him regardless.

It's one of those childish "You want what you can't have" things and I'm afraid that when I "get it" I suddenly won't want it anymore. I'm being incredibly selfish I know. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Sorry you are dealing with this marriage.

The Trouble With Dating Someone Less Ambitious Than Yourself

And that soon you will take steps towards improving your life. First off BOTH you and your husbands are addicts. For instance you say that Husband has done not one single thing to improve his life My dear, you are worth so much more than these relationship crumbs You need to find out who really are and discover what is is like to have a high level of self-esteem.

Finally you also beautifully answered your own question about staying with Husband When we met I was 21 yrs old. He's holding on to his 20s.

How do you date someone with no ambition? - Tiny Buddha

Darling you are now 28yrs old time to be a grown up And your whole post is you do not like it and that is wonderful. Time to move on, end marriage and affair. Good luck to you and take care. Last edited by Mystery2Me; 5th March at I think you are past the point where you can choose.

How do you date someone with no ambition?

He has 2 kids, is a former addict [he says], he did not hit rock bottom even when he lost his home, and relied on you, but when he ended up with a woman who potentially had bigger problems than him. Otoh, this man does not need you to be his mommy. Right now [since 1yr has passed and you mourned your last relationship], you are in the middle of a new relationship -discounting the way it started-, and you have to make a decision on weather or not you cheat on your present relationship or not.

What you should do is find a way to make sure you don't see what you did 1yr ago as 'right', or find any way to rationalize it as good in the end, because you don't want to end up in a situation where you always end a relationship by cheating Bugs is who we want to be, Daffy is who we are. A shortcut that everyone knows about is an absolute oxymoron. Complicated situation Mercy, Despite how it started, you are in what sounds like a good and healthy relationship From your post, I can tell you have more then a passing interest in giving it another shot, and people do have the capacity to change.

Between the increased taxes, the daycare, the extra gas and oil changes, the nights you order pizza cause both parents are too tired to cook. You end up with the same amount of money, more stress, and kids that are raised by strangers. We'd have to REALLY connect on every other level, and even then I'd expect her to get and keep some lame job in order to pay for her share of the essentials.

We all pursue relationships with the hope of making it long term and having a future with our partner right?

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So what if we date someone who is almost everything we want and treats us very well but they don't know where they are headed in life? Like not being in school, not having a job or having a low paying job with no intention to move up, no career goals, no ambition and no vision for their future? These things are important when thinking about the future right? Because it's hard to grow when you're around other people who aren't, let alone the person you're dating.