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Computer aided teaching aim to integrate technical and educational means and instruments to student learning. The trend then shifted to video communication, as a result of which Houston University decided to hold telecast classes to their students for approximately hours a week.

Learning management system

The history of the application of computers to education is filled with broadly descriptive terms such as computer-managed instruction CMI , and integrated learning systems ILS , computer-based instruction CBI , computer-assisted instruction CAI , and computer-assisted learning CAL. These terms describe drill-and-practice programs, more sophisticated tutorials, and more individualized instruction, respectively. Most modern LMSs are web-based. LMSs were originally designed to be locally hosted on-premise, where the organization purchases a license to a version of the software, and installs it on their own servers and network.

Through LMS, teachers may create and integrate course materials, articulate learning goals, align content and assessments, track studying progress, and create customized test for students. LMS allows the communication of learning objectives, and organize learning timelines.

LMS leverage is that it delivers learning content and tools straight to learners, and it can also reach marginalized groups through special settings. Such systems have built in customizable features including assessment and tracking. Thus, learners can see in real time their progress and instructors can monitor and communicate the effectiveness of learning.

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Such systems, besides facilitating online learning, tracking learning progress, providing digital learning tools, manage communication, and maybe selling content, may be used to provide different communication features. The LMS may be used to create professional structured course content.

The teacher can add, text, images, tables, links and text formatting, interactive tests, slideshows etc. Moreover, you can create different types of users, such as teachers, students, parents, visitors and editors hierarchies.

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It helps control which content a student can access, track studying progress and engage student with contact tools. Teachers can manage courses and modules, enroll students or set up self-enrollment, see reports on students and import students to their online classes. LMS can enable teachers to create customized tests for students, accessible and submitted online. Platforms allow different multiple question types such as: Some LMSs also allow for attendance management and integration with classroom training wherein administrators can view attendance and records of whether a learner attended, arrived late, or missed classes and events.

Students' exchange of feedback both with teachers and their peers is possible through LMS.

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Teachers may create discussion groups to allow students feedback and increase the interaction in course. Students' feedback is an instrument which help teachers to improve their work, identify what to add or remove from their courses, where students feel more comfortable, what makes them be more included.

In many cases LMSs include a primitive authoring tool for basic content manipulation. Evaluation of LMSs is a complex task and significant research supports different forms of evaluation, including iterative processes where students' experiences and approaches to learning are evaluated. There are six major advantages of LMS: Although there are many advantages of LMS, authors have identified some disadvantages of using this system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From Management to Learning".

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