Bo2 dlc matchmaking

For all eternity its always just NOW.

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What exactly took a hit? I see no difference really. Lobbies used to fill for me in no time, now can take up.

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Its a timed trial for a week or something, but has there ever been a cod DLC for free?? Now about deleting the DLC Nothing more irritating than being a solitary noob like me and being matched against pro clans all day. I have been playing for all of 3 weeks too, unreal.

Kill Confirmed is a great way to prestige though, I am already at 6 prestige, but my KDR is a horrible 1. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device.

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Forgot your username or password? I consider it to be one of the best Halo DLC's to date.

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It's a great deal for all the content that it comes with. The maps are fun, the armors look fantastic, the stances are awesome, and the weapon skins look sharp. I love it the new gametype is addicting the weapon skins are pretty neat compared to other weapon skins out there and the armors are awesome like this prefect helmet i am wearing , so i would say it is worth it but it's up to you if you wan't to buy it or not. You should buy the Champions Bundle.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Matchmaking Explained

Its an excellent deal. You get stances, weapon skins, two maps Lots of great stuff, indeed. Anyways, I had a great time playing Ricochet last night. Tied with 30 seconds remaining.

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Such an intense match. I took two guys with me and let my teammate finally score to win with a few seconds left of the game! Buy it, and have a lot of fun. The Pit is easily now the best map in Halo 4. Vertigo is pretty awesome too.


And I much prefer the art style of the four new armors. They look a lot more conventional and less bizarre, like in previous Halo games. Ricochet will be free in two weeks, so don't let that affect your decision. Together, they're only a dollar over your budget ;P.

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You should get it, Best halo dlc to date. If you're primarily a SPARTAN Ops player like me, it might not be really worth it, since none of the new armor sets and skins or weapon skins work outside of War Games, but hopefully that issue will be fixed in a future update. I would say though that the new content is of high quality and that a lot of work went into it all, so I totally vouch for it and think ten Dollars is a good deal if you're into War Games. Ricochet is good and all but the gametype will be released for free in a few weeks as well as 2 of the armor abbilities, so really you would only get early access to play Ricochet, 2 maps wich we might never see in rotation thansk to how dlc is implemented and of course skins and stances, skins wont work outside of matchmaking and stances well they are just that.