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GO dev team took into consideration. Add a gap of minimum rating to avoid huge MMR gap differences for abusing and you're solved the matchmaking, Valve. Why doesn't Dota 2 have this?

Pimp Expresses Concern About the Future of CS:GO as Development Continues to Disappoint

A high MMR player with not that many reports received should be given the privilege to filter out weak players in high MMR games. Valve's shitty miserable toxic suicidal solo matchmaking will become slightly better. GO, you set your max ping and it picks out the best server for you, basically you don't get to choose. This will prevent Peruvians from playing in Europe.

Last edited by jesuschrist01; at You can set max ping in CS: All times are GMT Although entry fragging can be one of the hardest roles to play, it will help you a lot regarding aim, positioning, and knowledge of the map.

So what are the ranks?

Once you get used to that role, getting the first one or two frags will eventually get easier and, as I said before, the team who gets the first frags in a round of Matchmaking will most likely win the round. Even if you die, you will probably have a teammate right behind you that can trade the frag and still gain some bombsite control. Getting frustrated and complaining to your teammates can have a big negative impact in the match.

First of all, insults have no place in a fun environment such as a match of CS: In fact, insults have no place anywhere.

How do I get a rank?

No one likes to be insulted, no matter the situation. But, as sad as it can be, it happens a lot in online games. If someone makes a mistake, the person is probably aware of it.

Instead of complaining or insulting, be supportive. Try to make yourself as useful as possible to your teammates while still doing your job.

How to Succeed in Solo-Queue Matchmaking - Articles - Dignitas

Not every game will go the way you want. Despite the score — you could be losing or even — always cheer your team up. Having confidence is important to win rounds. Make them remember that a game is not lost until the very end. Even a tie Matchmaking does not support overtime is better than a loss.

You will not win every game — it is as simple as that. Losing games can make you frustrated and even make you lose your will to play.

What is important to understand is that losing is part of the game. But at the same time, it is not wasted time. You can learn a lot from your lost games and mistakes.

How to Succeed in Solo-Queue Matchmaking

The more you play, the more you improve. Although you may have some goals regarding match wins and ranks, you should always make improving your top priority. You may have lost for different reasons — maybe it was for several misplayed rounds in your part or simply by not having teammates to the same level as you. By committing mistakes, you can learn from them.

CS:GO - Such A Tense Game! - MatchMaking Solo Q Adventures

You can even take it to the next level and analyse your own demos, to understand how you could have played a certain situation better while also having knowledge on where your opponents were playing and how they adjusted to potential information you might have given them. I have published an article focusing solely on demo analysing — you can check it out here. You will eventually get matched up with players that are not pleasant to play with.